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        Remove from me this Venomous Tongue | Workbook 

Let's just give this thing a name already!! When we use our words to yell at our husband and kids in a way that tears down rather than builds up...that's a venomous tongue. It's like poison in your home and family relationship.

I just responded to a email from a young lady who found herself crying, on the floor feeling like she has nothing left but God and my book!

I told her that as long as she had God there, she has all she needed. I'm not going to lie, I'm glad she has my ebook too! It's time to come out of the shadows of guilt about the way we use our words with our families in the privacy of our homes. You may be fooling your friends, but you're not fooling your family or God. Why not come clean and finally kick that source of evil out of your life for good?

If you're ready to be more focused and create a daily plan for success, my workbook is for you. The worksheets guide you in the process. 




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