The good news: my subscription provider, FeedBlitz, has confirmed that all my blog subscriptions were obtained through double opt-in. This constitutes permission to add your email to the mailing list and send email “newsletters.” This means I will ...


Housekeeping 2 — Subscriptions and Privacy/Cookies Policies

The good news: my subscription provider, FeedBlitz, has confirmed that all my blog subscriptions were obtained through double opt-in. This constitutes permission to add your email to the mailing list and send email “newsletters.” This means I will NOT have to delete all subscriptions and start again. You can relax and just continue to receive my blog posts as you always have. This is good for us all.

You still can unsubscribe at any time. There is always an “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of any “newsletter” email you receive from my blog.

I have updated my privacy policy and added a cookies policy to comply with GDPR regulations. You can view them at any time by clicking the pertinent button in the footer on my website.

I am working on having a banner across the top of my site to indicate that the site uses cookies. At the moment, I have a stand-in banner at the bottom of the footer. That will be replaced soon.

Bottom line? You can just relax, and continue to read my blog posts through your subscription if you so choose, or unsubscribe if you so choose. (My feelings will not be hurt if you unsubscribe. There are only so many blog post reading hours in a day.)

Thank you for your patience. I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives. (This post will be repeated on my other sites, as well.)


Note: You’ll soon be seeing changes to my website. I’ve decided to simplify the appearance of my site. You’ll still receive the same sort of blog content in the same way.


Housekeeping – Privacy Policy, Cookies, and other such goodies

Thank you in advance for reading this post. It is necessary for me to give you this information.

You may or may not be aware that updates to the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are going into effect on May 25, 2018. These regulations affect any website or business that interacts with people in the EU.

To ensure that I am complying with these regulations on my websites, I am updating my privacy and cookie policy, adding a banner to let visitors to my sites know that cookies are used to make the website visit helpful to them, and ensuring that all these things are as clear and transparent as possible.

If you have subscribed to my blog via email, RSS feed, or Networked Blogs, please continue reading:

Note that emails are only sent if you have signed up for an email subscription to my site. This is done through FeedBlitz, which has a double opt-in feature as a key element in its subscription process. The link to access this subscription feature is in the blog sidebar on my website. You may unsubscribe at any time. There is a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of every email newsletter I send (when I send a new blog post, for example.) You may see FeedBlitz’s privacy policy here.

Since I am not able to tell which subscribers are from the EU, I regret to say I will have to delete all email subscriptions, so that we can all start over on the same footing with the double opt-in process through FeedBlitz. I apologize for this, but think that it’s necessary to ensure full compliance. I will be deleting the subscriptions as of 1:00 p.m. EDT (Eastern Daylight Time), Wednesday, May 23, 2018 by which time all the GDPR compliancy information will be live on my websites.

I no longer use Networked Blogs, and I am disabling the RSS feed for my blog, as well. This will ensure that all subscriptions go through the double opt-in process that FeedBlitz provides.

If you currently subscribe to this blog via email, and you wish to continue to receive my blog posts, please resubscribe any time AFTER 3 p.m. EDT, May 23, 2018 using the email subscription form in the sidebar of this blog on the website.

If you previously subscribed to my blog through RSS feed or through Networked Blogs, and you wish to continue to receive my blog posts, please resubscribe any time AFTER 3 p.m. EDT, May 23, 2018 through the email subscription link in the blog’s sidebar.

Thank you. I apologize for the extra steps this requires you to take, but it is necessary.


A note about the comments feature on my blog posts – I will no longer ask for your email information when you post a comment, but I will be adding comment moderation.


On Flubs2Fixes today: SLEUTH by Gail Bowen

Recently, I read the excellent writing craft book SLEUTH: GAIL BOWEN ON WRITING MYSTERIES, by acclaimed Canadian mystery novelist Gail Bowen. I’ve posted about it today on my Flubs2Fixes blog.

Although the title would indicate that it’s about mysteries, the book itself has a great deal of information and guidance about writing in general, that we can all benefit from.

I hope you’ll check it out! Here’s the link.



I’m having trouble with my Flubs2Fixes website at the moment, but rest assured I’m working on it, AND I am open for business in copy editing and proofreading! If anyone is looking for copy editing or proofreading, please contact me at elizabethannewrites (at) gmail (dot) com  (do the necessary replacements of symbols for words in the address, deleting the spaces.)

The intended Flubs2Fixes blogging will resume when I’ve ironed out the problems with the website. Thanks for your anticipated patience. Technology is a wonderful thing — when it works. 😉


Time For Something a Little Different

Thank you for sticking with me through this year’s version of alphabetical posts! While it did give me a bit of a focus for each week, rest assured that next blogging year, I will find some other way to focus my posts. I will leave the alphabet to experts like Kermit and Joey. (I just love those two!)

I do have other books and resources I want to share during this blogging year, but I also want to share them on my Flubs2Fixes editing blog, which has been sadly neglected in recent months. What I plan to do through May and possibly June is to post there and put links and a short precis here. That way, if you’re interested in the post, you can click through and read it, but there won’t be a long post on By Word of Beth.

One resource I want to mention before next Monday when I set up camp over at Flubs2Fixes is Emma Walton Hamilton and Julie Foster Hedlund‘s COMPLETE PICTURE BOOK SUBMISSION SYSTEM. They only offer this once or twice a year, and it’s currently available for purchase — but only until May 7th. I can vouch for them both as being extremely knowledgeable in the field of picture books.

Having taken their webinar “Get The Picture Book Hook” which features a small portion of this extensive resource, I can confidently predict that the full Submission System will be incredibly helpful to anyone who is in the process of submitting to agents or editors. If you write other types of children’s books, I suspect you’d find it helpful, too. You can learn more at this link: THE COMPLETE PICTURE BOOK SUBMISSION SYSTEM. Remember — the window of opportunity for this time around will be closing on May 7th. Side note: I just love their logo for this — an airplane with wings that are a book, and a propeller that’s made of a pen, a pencil, and a paintbrush.

That’s all for this week. Watch for my links to book and resource posts on Flubs2Fixes beginning next week. Now, go click on Kermit and Joey again. You know you want to.