If you're not aware of the employee engagement crisis facing the nation, it’s time to start paying attention. According to research from Gallup, only 31 percent of employees in the U.S. and Canada say they're very much invested in their jobs and ...


How To Successfully Foster Employee Engagement And Retention and more...

How To Successfully Foster Employee Engagement And Retention

If you’re not aware of the employee engagement crisis facing the nation, it’s time to start paying attention. According to research from Gallup, only 31 percent of employees in the U.S. and Canada say they’re very much invested in their jobs and their employers. Granted, this figure is well above the worldwide average, which sits at 15 percent. Yet the fact that more than two-thirds of the country are not engaged or loyal to their company is troubling news indeed.

Given these statistics, it’s highly probable that a significant number of your employees and co-workers are disengaged. Some may even be actively so, meaning they’re working against the organization’s best interests. Clearly, something must be done, but what?

Successfully fostering employee engagement

The subject of solving employee engagement is not new; business advisors have been providing suggestions for years, writing books, articles and op-eds about how to make team members more involved in and satisfied with their work. However, most of these recommendations are limited in scope, providing only a single approach or series of steps to fix a widespread, complicated problem. 

To significantly increase employee engagement long term, you need a comprehensive approach that incorporates multiple strategies – one of which involves increasing employee recognition.

Using credentials to recognize employee accomplishments fosters engagement.
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According to a joint survey from the Society for Human Resource Management and Globoforce, companies that create employee recognition programs tend to report better engagement, retention and employee happiness. This statement is also true of employee development – in an article for Forbes, ADP noted that many workers feel it’s the responsibility of their employer to provide learning opportunities.

Now, what if there was a way to combine the concepts of development and recognition into one strategy as part of your multifaceted employee engagement improvement efforts?

Using credentials to boost both development and engagement

Everyone understands the importance of credentials in education. They’re a sign that a student successfully completed a course or understands a particular concept. However, the full potential of credentials is so much greater. When used in the workplace, credentials can engage your workforce by encouraging team members to participate in development or training programs and share the fruits of their efforts with others. You can also use them to acknowledge  

How does it work? Your business creates development, training or review programs designed to improve or assess employees’ talents and skills. Then, with Parchment Award’s digital credential capabilities, you issue certified proof of their accomplishments. Employees not only feel engaged after having gone through the training program, they also feel recognized after receiving their digital certificate or badge. Furthermore, they can share their achievements on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, showing off their accomplishment to the world. This then makes them feel even better about their talents, their work, and their employer.

Furthermore, you can use these badges and certificates to acknowledge employees for their of service. Gift your team members with digital awards for achieving milestones like five or 10 years tenure with the company.

Solving the issue of low employee engagement is an extensive process, but Parchment can help. With our cutting-edge digital credential tools, your business can better train and recognize the performance of each and every team member. 

Read here to learn more about how partnering with Parchment benefits employers!

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Your 2018 Digital Strategy – Things To Consider

If you’re like most people, you probably can’t remember what the beginning of 2017 was like. So much happened last year, with 2018 already upon us bringing a “Bomb Cyclone” across the nation. As schools and businesses put the final touches on their digital strategies for the next 12 months, let’s take some time to look at how credentials can come into play. You may not realize it just yet, but digital credentials can be a driving force in achieving your goals this year:

Sending and receiving: How digital credentials play into a modern strategy

Think about how much of our lives are tied to the internet these days – you can order groceries, pay bills, send money to friends and find the nearest car wash all from your smartphone. In school settings, students are taking courses and earning degrees completely online, both at the high school and college levels. Businesses no longer post “Help wanted” ads in newspapers; now, they list open positions on job websites and accept resumes through digital applicant tracking systems. 

Yet for all this innovation, one thing that could be easily digitized has remained stubbornly in the paper past: credentials. Much to learners’ chagrin, many administrative offices don’t support digital credentials. This means, for example, students who want to access their high school diplomas online are unable to do so. Instead, they must complete the cumbersome, time-consuming process of getting their paper records. Similarly, college students are unable to order transcripts online and send them instantly to other schools or potential employers. The time delay associated with paper record delivery could be the difference between a college graduate getting the job of his or her dreams or being underemployed.

In many ways, digital credentials can improve learners’ success. Students can immediately access and send verified PDF copies of their transcripts, diplomas and other credentials to a large network of destinations, reducing the uncertainty and eliminating delivery delay.

What’s more, digital credentials are good for schools and businesses. They help high schools, colleges and universities expand their digital marketing reach, allowing students to share their successes on social media and putting the institutions in front of countless eyes. Meanwhile, they make businesses more competitive by making it easy for applicants to send proof of their education. With 40 percent of companies fighting against a shortage of talent, according to research from Manpower Group, businesses need every trick in the book to attract the most qualified candidates.

No matter what field you work in – education, recruiting, marketing or other – it’s important to understand that digital credentials can play a huge role in shaping 2018.

Want to learn how digital credentials make your job easier? Contact Parchment today.


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3 New Year’s Eve Resolutions For Registrars’ Offices

2017 is quickly coming to a close, and 2018 preparations are well under way. As your office gets ready for a new semester and a new year, it’s good to set some concrete rules for how you’ll operate going forward. We always make New Year’s resolutions to improve our personal lives, so why not our professional lives as well? After all, don’t we all deserve to breathe a little easier in the office next year? Here are three resolutions to help you do just that:

1. ‘I will escape the trap of paper-only systems.’

Working in a registrar’s office, your weekdays are filled with request after request from students. With the class of 2018 spending the semester looking at post-graduation options – first-time jobs, graduate school, etc. – many of these requests will involve transcripts and diplomas. In a paper-only setting, your office can easily become overwhelmed by all the documents you need to send and receive, making it highly likely that someone’s request will fall through the cracks. 

Switching to a digital system alleviates a lot of that strain. No longer do you have to search through cabinets full of files and mail things by hand. Instead, the system does everything for you, automatically pulling student records and sending them to their destinations in an instant. Convenient, no?

2. ‘I will ensure my office puts learners first.’

Have you noticed that the standard process of sending transcripts makes students very nervous? There’s rarely any delivery tracking, so students anxiously await news from the recipient that their credentials made it to their destination. Since mail takes anywhere from a few days to a week or more, your students are left in the dark leading to more questions for your office.

With digital credentials, that worried feeling completely disappears. Their transcripts are immediately sent wherever they need to go, regardless of whether the recipient is within the school’s destination network or not.

In fact, it helps to have a third-party service with a large network of academic and professional institutions within reach, thereby completely relieving you of the burden of credentials. That said, be sure to choose a provider that also sends physical records with USPS or FedEx tracking, just in case students send their credentials to destinations that only want paper.

3. ‘I will make sure our transcripts are accurate and protect the authenticity of the school.’

Digital credentials like eTranscripts aren’t new, but schools have been very reluctant to adopt them. According to a survey from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, one of the primary reasons for avoiding digital is integrity concerns. Many school officials are afraid that digital transcripts and diplomas can be altered more easily than paper ones.

In actuality, digital credentials are safer than their traditional counterparts. Parchment, for example, sends verified PDFs that alert recipients if and when the information inside has been altered.

Make your office run smoothly in 2018 by offering eTranscripts and other digital credentials. Take a load off your mind and learn how Parchment can successfully work with your school to improve your office and the lives of your students.

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Accio Transcripts: Magic Isn’t Better Than Digital Credentials

Everyone who’s read or watched the “Harry Potter” series asks the same question: Why, in a world where magic is real, do witches and wizards still rely on paper and quills? If people can shape-shift into cats, shouldn’t they be able to draft any document out of thin air? Why does Hogwarts seem determined to stay in the middle ages?

Keep in mind that if you haven’t adopted digital credentials at your institution, students are probably asking the same thing about your school.

In fact, when it comes to student credentials, digital is always the way to go. It beats anything that Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons could ever hope to offer. Here’s how digital credentials give your students the magic of the future without chaining them to the past:

Delivery more secure than owl post

One of the most memorable scenes in the “Harry Potter” movies involves the wizarding world’s famous owl post. Harry’s uncle, Vernon Dursley, keeps intercepting the young wizard’s Hogwarts acceptance letters. At one point, the school is forced to flood the house with letters, sending thousands of them through the fireplace, doors and windows. 

This isn’t the only time in the series that owls are prevented from delivering important letters. With digital credentials, the idea of missed delivery vanishes like a mischievous student under an invisibility cloak. Students can securely send their transcripts to schools or potential employers with a few mouse clicks and can rest easy knowing their credentials will always arrive at their destination. In this case, an electronic transcript exchange is a lot faster than an owl.

If, however, students want to send their transcripts through the mail, a digital credential service can do that for them and offer tracking to ensure no letter is ever missed.


Verification, not transfiguration

Students at Hogwarts learn to transfigure mice into teacups, so who’s to say they can’t change a daisy into a diploma? J.K. Rowling never talked much about magical cheating, but surely some clever students must have found ways to forge their test grades.

No need for you to worry about fraudulent diplomas and transcripts when you’ve got digital credentials. Every document is delivered as a certified PDF and adorned with your school’s logo, so recipients know it’s the real deal. Plus, if your students choose to send paper credentials, the right service will print out their diplomas, transcripts and more on secure paper for extra fraud prevention. 

Records that withstand an attack on Hogwarts

The Reparo spell can fix just about anything – except for damage from Fiendfyre, an inferno created from Dark Magic. Imagine if all of Hogwarts’ records were consumed by this deadly blaze.

A normal fire can do the same to your school’s paper records, which is big trouble for your students and hinders your legal compliance. But digital records are stored in the cloud, meaning you can always access them no matter what sort of disaster hits. Dealing with flood from a hurricane – or perhaps destruction from a raging troll? The paper copies may be damaged, but you’ll still have your digital credentials. 

Better than magic

Your students may not be getting their Hogwarts letters, but their future will be more magical with digital credentials. Their diplomas, transcripts and other documents aren’t just signs of completed courses – they’re gateways to amazing opportunities. By giving students easy access to proof of their experiences, you arm them with the tools necessary to enter their dream school or job.

Want to know more about how digital credentials help your students succeed? Contact Parchment today

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Get Inspired at Parchment Connect National, Then Get to Work

With hundreds of Parchment members from across the country attending Parchment’s user conference, Parchment Connect National, there are many opportunities to get inspired and learn how to make your dreams a reality.

This isn’t just something we say. It is actually happening! As in the case of Loma Linda University.  Their VP for Enrollment Management and Student Services, Dr. Rick Williams attended the conference in 2014 in Denver. As part of the program, Dr. Rodney Parks from Elon University had just finished developed his first iteration of Elon’s Experiences Transcript.


Dr. Parks discussed how Elon went about creating their Experiences Transcript, including how the information is collected, verified, and stored within their SIS. He covered the factors that went into the design of the new transcript as well as their choices on how they would distribute it to their students.  All of these details got Dr. Williams thinking about how they could develop and an experiences, or co-curricular, transcript at Loma Linda.

He went back to campus and immediately started making the connections needed to create a distributed verification workflow across campus. They worked with a developer to create an easy to use interface to manage the process. Then designed their experiences transcript and started distributing to their students.  Within 18 months from hearing about the idea, Loma Linda had a brand new credential type that is helping their students represent a host of service, research, and leadership activities that were previously obscure.


In 2016, Dr. Williams and his team returned to present their work at the Parchment Connect National held in Washington, D.C.  

With so much activity and interest around the innovation of credentials, the opportunity to attend Parchment Connect National is a great way to connect with peers and innovators from across the country. Meet the people who are actually doing the projects that you are interested in. Talk to them about the challenges they’ve faced, and the rewards they’ve reaped.

If you have been doing a project – no matter what stage you are in – share your story! So many people are just getting started and need your insight and expertise as they decide how to improve their office and help their students. The insights you can impart cannot be overstated.

We hope to see you at Parchment Connect 2018! You never know what inspiration you will find.

Early Bird Registration: 50% Off Until 12/31/17. Register today!


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