Newsletter #8 October 2, 2014 (Trouble viewing it? click here.) ________________________________________________________ Our holiday issue is coming out on November 20. This is the perfect time to tell the world what you've got while you take ...



Newsletter #8 October 2, 2014
(Trouble viewing it? click here.)

Our holiday issue is coming out on November 20. This is the perfect time to tell the world what you've got while you take advantage of the following:

Free offer
20% off

1) a 20% discount for a one-time ad, or
2) a free ad when you commit to four or more insertions.

Offered through October 12th to all new or returning advertisers. Contact us. See our rates.


A very special offer to all those
admirable, indispensable

Nonprofits are vital in our world, balancing out ubiquitous and dominant for-profits. Instead of the endless pursuit of profits, their motivations revolve about such areas as culture, environment, traditions, education, justice, philanthropy or charity. What a breath of fresh air! Thank you, nonprofits!

In appreciation for the irreplaceable and often life-saving services provided by their dedicated staffs or volunteers, Hinduism Today would like to offer them reduced ad rates, similar to those listed above but on an ongoing basis. For a given nonprofit, for example, the 20% discount could extend for the duration of their run. We will keep this offer alive now through 2015.

For more details, shoot us an email or give a call: 1-888-464-1008.


Ad tip of the month:
Observe. Observe. Observe.

Scriptures teach us that endless knowledge resides deep within each of us, and that one good way to read that great book of knowing is to develop our sense of observation. There's no end to what we can learn from observing, it seems.

What does that have to do with ads? Plenty.

We suggest that the best way to discover how to easily create great ads for yourself, the kind that will yield the good results you are looking for, is to begin observing how you, yourself respond to ads. There's a wealth of knowledge there. More...

help button

And remember:
we're here to help anytime with your ad's concept, wording and design.
Don't hesitate to ask us.

How science came to agree:
the spiritual world-view
is correct

The two people recently met at an airport in the USA (picture) just by chance, but their meeting—and the picture—are symbolic of a major world-development.

On the left of the picture is Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, publisher of Hinduism Today and a renowned religious leader and mystic. On the right is Prof. Rudolph Tanzi of Harvard Medical School, a top scientist and expert on the human brain and Alzheimer's disease.

Mystic and scientist. Their respective world views should be a strident mismatch, right? Well, not at all. In fact, they turn out to be blissfully harmonious, and augur most happily for the world. How can that be? More...

Advertisers of the month:
Ads from the heart


Vel and Valli Alahan have been advertising in Hinduism Today for nearly 20 years—an admirable run, but small change compared to the dedicated spiritual life they have lived together since their marriage nearly 50 years ago. And their advertising, like all other aspects of their lives, has been thoroughly imbued with that spirituality.

We asked them if they felt their ad had been successful. "Yes, enough," answered Valli. "We've gotten a few good, happy customers from it and that was our goal. We didn't set out to make a big splash, or make money, we set out to make nice." More...

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