Can a Small Business Have a Brand? Executive Roundtable Recap

At the April 12, 2017, installment of Webolutions’ Executive Roundtable series, 26 private enterprise and nonprofit executives gathered to discuss the topic Creating a Successful Brand. The group was split into two small groups, selected to maximize diversity of perspective. One question at which both groups arrived organically was, Can a small or medium-sized business have a “brand?” Moderators John Vachalek, Webolutions Founder and CEO, and John Brackney, Webolutions Director of Public Policy and Community Engagement, defined a brand as a memory bank of associations. A successful brand, then, is... Read More

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5 Ways Using WordPress Can Grow Your Business

When researching website platforms, you probably need to look no further than WordPress. Nearly 2 million new pages of content are created using WordPress every day. The people and companies generating this content have each discovered how WordPress can grow their business and you can too! Here are 5 ways you can use WordPress to grow your business… 1. WordPress is no longer just for bloggers. Today, more than 1 in 4 websites are using WordPress (including nearly one third of the world’s top 1 million websites). These include the New York Post, Spotify,... Read More

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Aprils Guest Menu is all about Fancy Coffee Drinks

If you have never come in to see us at Webolutions, please consider visiting us in April. You can have a Latte or French Press Coffee or a Chai Tea and sit in the massage chairs.   Guest Menu for the First Half of April Delicious Coffee Cake served with a Hot Italian Espresso         Toasted Bruschetta served with a Cappuccino     Guest Menu for the Last Half of April   Raspberry Scones served with a Caramel Macchiato     Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies served with... Read More

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Business Address Change Impact to Local SEO

I Changed My Business Address, Why are my Local Rankings Falling? If your business address is changing, read on to learn about how to ensure your Google local pack rankings don’t plummet. Moved to a New Address? Things You Need to Know for Local SEO Rankings. If you are a business owner or representing a business and don’t know what NAP means, you need the help of Webolutions SEO experts. What is NAP?  Why is it important? NAP stands for Name Address Phone.  It is important to have a consistent... Read More

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Marketing Automation: 6 Campaigns to Automate

Marketing automation is no longer trendy. It is no longer a fad that only upstart niche players are doing. Sorry all you trend setters, it is time to find a new shiny object. The fact is, marketing automation is mainstream. Recent data shows that 49% of companies are using marketing automation. Specifically, more than half of all B2B companies (55%) have adopted the technology. So, why the rapid adoption? And, what sort of things are marketers automating? Marketing Automation 101 To understand why the rapid adoption, you must understand what... Read More

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