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Free trials are both fully-functional and fully supported by FeedBlitz. There are no limits to the number of mailings you can send during your evaluation, and you can have up to 5,000 active subscribers in your account during the trial. If you need more than 5,000 subscribers we'll simply move you directly to the paid service.

We're committed to your success, and so in return we require a credit / debit card to start your free evaluation. After we validate it, your card will NOT be billed until your free trial completes.

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Setting up a premium account (called "Newsletter Plus") lets you set up branded, automated email, IM and Twitter subscriptions for visitors to your site, blog or RSS feed (including subscriber import from other services); removes ads that Feedblitz is currently adding (if any); and also enables FeedBlitz's premium RSS services.

No Hassle Monthly Pricing

After any initial trial period, your card will be automatically charged the applicable fee. Pricing is based on the monthly average number of unique subscribers across all your active email newsletters and lists, so if a reader subscribes to multiple publications (e.g. a daily update, a weekly newsletter and a funnel), that subscriber only counts as one (not three) for pricing purposes. The fee is the same no matter how much or how little you email; it only varies with the number of unique email subscribers.

If you have zero subscribers (e.g. you use FeedBlitz for RSS management only) then you will be charged the minimum fee, currently only $1.49 per month. RSS subscribers do not count towards the fees charged, only email subscribers are included. So if you have 93 email subscribers and 430 RSS subscribers, you will be charged at the 93 subscriber level.

Easy To Manage

You may change payment information or cancel any services at any time via the My Account tab. If you cancel, or we are unable to successfully collect a payment, your services will continue but will revert to our ad-funded version for a grace period lasting up to 30-days depending on your account history. Premium RSS feeds will automatically migrate readers back to your source RSS feed. You must reactivate the upgrade within the specified grace period, or mailings and RSS functionality will be suspended.

As well as email receipts, your payment history is available online 24x7 to simplify expense claims and financial reporting.

Free Trial / Grace Periods

Depending on eligibility, there is a usually up to 30 days of FREE EVALUATION which will begin once you complete this simple upgrade process. Allowed grace periods may be reduced based on prior account history with FeedBlitz, if any. There may also be no trial or grace period allowed if you have previously used a paid service within the last 6 months, or you have been informed that your upgrade is mandatory due to the number of subscribers in your list, in your import, or to fulfill an account transfer request.

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