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Last  week ended with TRAFFIC urging the European Union (EU) and its Member States to maximise opportunities to support efforts by African countries to tackle poaching and illegal wildlife trade. The call came during a meeting hosted by the EU Commission’s Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO) to mark the first anniversary of the publication of the European Union Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking.

This week, Biofach, the world’s leading organic trade fair took place in Nuremburg, Germany where a  TRAFFIC  delegation helped promote the FairWild Standard and its sustainability and equitable use principles to customers, suppliers and manufacturers from across the organic sector.

In Malaysia, news of a major blow against wildlife traffickers emerged when authorities announced they had nabbed a gang of seven men they termed the 'most wanted elephant hunters' in Peninsular Malaysia together with the seizure of explosives, guns and parts of tusks.

Finally, in Madagascar, the launch of Timber Island, a major report into the illegal logging of rosewoods and ebony trees in the island over recent years took place. Government representatives attended the launch and highlighted the measures that are now being put in place to restore good governance in the forestry sector - a significant challenge, although Timber Island sets out a number of key recommendations that will help with that process.

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