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Trumponomics: causes and consequences
Part II - Issue no. 79  30 March 2017

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Economic policy in the Trump Era          2
Dean Baker          
download pdf

Major miscalculations: globalization, economic pain, social dislocation and the rise of Trump          13
William Neil          download pdf

Trumponomics and the developing world          29
Jayati Ghosh          download pdf

Nature abhors a vacuum: sex, emotion, loyalty and the rise of illiberal economics          35
Julie A. Nelson          download pdf

Is Trump wrong on trade? A partial defense based on production and employment          43
Robert H. Wade          download pdf

President Trump and free-trade          64
Jacques Sapir          download pdf

U.S. private capital accumulation and Trump’s economic program          74
Jim Stanford          download pdf

Trumponomics and the “post-hegemonic” world          91
Barry K Gills and Heikki Patomäki          download pdf

Pussynomics: regression to mean          108
Susan Feiner          download pdf

Trump’s contradictions and the future of the Left          115
Boris Kagarlitsky          download pdf

Trumponomics, firm governance and US prosperity          120
Robert R Locke          download pdf

Donald Trump, American political economy, and the “terrible simplificateurs”          136
Kurt Jacobsen and Alba Alexander          download pdf

Mexico, the weak link in Trump’s campaign promises          142
Alicia Puyana          download pdf

“Unemployment”: misinformation in public discourse          158
Edward Fullbrook          download pdf

Board of Editors, past contributors, submissions and etc.          163          

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