The New York Center announces Board Officers and New Board member. The Staten Island Advance reported this announcement this week. Please take a look at the link.

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  1. NYCID Announces New Board Members
  2. Giving Thanks
  3. After School for children at PS 21
  4. Advantage NYCID After School Program at McKee High School
  5. Olympus Academy Provides an Alternative Path to a Diploma
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NYCID Announces New Board Members

The New York Center announces Board Officers and New Board member.

The Staten Island Advance reported this announcement this week. Please take a look at the link.

Giving Thanks

After School for children at PS 21

[PS 21 after school program] 

NY Center After-School Program @ PS 21 on 168 Hooker Place provides after-school child care serves elementary school ages 5-12.
Our after-care program runs Mon-Fri from 3:00-6:00 pm. 
  • Children will have help doing their home work with PS 21 after-school staff. 
  • In addition staff engages children in a variety of enrichment and recreational activities.

The program provides a low staff/student ratio (1:10) which enables better supervision and an opportunity for each child to form relationships with our professional staff members.

If you would like orientation, the director will provide you an information package, which goes out to all interested and participants. 

For additional information contact:
Ivy Bilotti, After-School Child-Care Director
or Janice Williams

Advantage NYCID After School Program at McKee High School

[McKee After Three]

Students from McKee High School, both male and female, from 14 to 18 years old, like the benefits of the after school program. Students can enhance academic achievements and graduate on-time. Students will be involved with after-school activities that will also enhance their social skills...

“I like the program because you get to do a lot of stuff. The staff helps you to do better and they are fun. The activities are fun and it is a nice way to meet new people.” - an after school student

Benefits of participation
Students may attend numerous after-school programs, such as:
1.      Student leadership team – student representatives from Advantage Program will participate in department academic and guidance meetings and help implement school rules and activities.
2.      Zumba fitness – through a fun–filled fitness program students will learn the benefits of keeping fit and live a healthy life style.
3.      Pregnancy prevention and health awareness – students will be taught by facilitates with DOE curriculum and will help spread awareness with campaign activities throughout the school.
4.      Learning center – academic support is available for all students self-referred,  referred by a parent or teacher for tutoring and test help.
5.      Gym – students will play 3 on 3 basketball 5 days a week from the hours of 3pm to 5pm.

Recruitment and enrollment process and schedule
Students bring their letters home to their families. The school posts flyers around the school, distributes school announcements and word of mouth.

Students and parents complete a survey and consent form-, and discuss their In-take with the staff.

Program name and address
McKee after 3
290 St. Marks Place
Staten Island, NY 10301


Olympus Academy Provides an Alternative Path to a Diploma

Students who have experienced a range of challenges at their current or past high school -- truancy, academic disconnect, peer issues and other problems -- often thrive at Olympus Academy.

Olympus Academy specifically serves NY City students 16-21 who are over-age and under-credited.  It’s a transfer school run by a partnership between the NY Center and the NY City Department of Education.

Our students benefit from extensive academic support as well as strong social emotional skills training that will prepare them for post-secondary life.   

Olympus Academy provides students a small-personalized school setting where students can get individual learning opportunities.  Students learn to work through paid internships and small-individualized advisory groups.
The school provides an accelerated credit model that combines traditional education with on-line curricula.  This blended learning model allows students to earn up to 18 credits a year. 

Students are rewarded for successes like credit accumulation, attendance, and on- the-job good behavior.  Rewards and incentives include tutoring, movie tickets, luncheons, and celebrations.

Olympus Academy operates from 9:15-3:25 pm during the school year.  We provide after-school tutoring, open gym for youth time and computer lab.

Recruitment and enrollment process and schedule

Staff welcomes new students year round.  They assess goals of both students and parents to determine whether there’s a good fit. 

For additional information contact

Dina Molina, Program Director
(718) 272-1926 ext. 1158

755 East 100th Street (entrance located on 101ststreet)
Brooklyn, NY 111236
Phone (718) 272-1926
Fax (718) 257-1700

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