As an essential part of your team, donors deserve meaningful thank yous. All nonprofits know the importance of saying thank you, but often this acknowledgment is limited to a letter or email sent at the time a gift is received. Then the contact stops ...

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10 Creative Donor Thank You Ideas and more...

10 Creative Donor Thank You Ideas

As an essential part of your team, donors deserve meaningful thank yous. All nonprofits know the importance of saying thank you, but often this acknowledgment is limited to a letter or email sent at the time a gift is received. Then the contact stops until the next appeal. But periodic expressions of your gratitude can do so much to build the relationship between your organization and your donors; especially when they’re thoughtful and unexpected. Use these ten ideas to spark your creativity and generate new ways to say thank you to your donors.

1) A Welcome Packet

A welcome packet is a wonderful way to greet new donors. Along with your thank you letter, you can include photos of your team, projects, or the community you serve. Share an impact story that illustrates the good the donor’s gift will create. Or even add a small token of appreciation. Welcome packets say thank you in a memorable way and simultaneously provide more information about your work and mission.

2) Birthday Cards

Everyone enjoys receiving birthday cards. People like to be remembered, and birthday cards communicate that someone cared enough to send a cheerful note. Sending well-wishes for the upcoming...

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Enter to Win the Twelve Days of Giving Sweepstakes

Do you like to win free things? Well, we’ve got a contest for you.

This giving season, Network for Good is sharing our love of nonprofits. You give your heart and soul to your cause year-round. Now it’s our chance to give back to the nonprofits we serve.

We’re thrilled to announce our Twelve Days of Giving Sweepstakes. Now through December 31, enter to win prizes ranging from an Amazon gift card to a free session with one of our Personal Fundraising Coaches. Kick off 2019 with a fundraising plan tailored just for your organization.

In addition, all nonprofits may apply for a grant of $5,000. The grant program is dedicated to promoting fundraising activities and capacity building for eligible 501(c)(3) organizations, leading to stronger financial sustainability.

Grant FAQs

What do I need to be eligible for the grant?

You will need some basic information about your organization and its fundraising activities and history, submitted via the form on this page. Proof of 501(c)(3) status or fiscal sponsorship will be required before a grant is awarded.

What funds are available?

A $5,000 grant is available.

Are there specific guidelines for submitting grant...

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7 Year-End Appeal Strategies for Better Results

We’re well into the giving season and the clock is ticking to put together a successful year-end appeal. But there’s still time to make your message stand out. Focus on the essential elements of a year-end appeal to catch your donors’ attention during this season. A strong year-end appeal increases the odds that your supporters will pay attention and respond. Use these strategies to build a better year-end appeal in a condensed timeframe.

1) Brand Your Year-End Campaign Consistently, from Start to Finish

Potential supporters are much more likely to take your nonprofit seriously if your branding is consistent. When crafting your year-end campaign, make sure each piece adheres to the same color, font, and graphic style. Consistency between your direct mail, social media posts, and your donation page creates a cohesive message and reinforces your donor’s choice to give.

2) Broaden Your Appeal By Using Multiple Channels

Your donors access multiple communication channels throughout the course of any given day. If your year-end appeal only comes through one channel, you’re limiting your outreach. Effective campaigns use a variety of ways to engage their supporters. Email...

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Ditch Your Spreadsheets for Better Fundraising Results

It’s every fundraiser’s nightmare.

You have a big campaign ready to launch to your loyal supporters. You’ve planned an integrated campaign featuring direct mail, email, and online giving. You have a moving story, great imagery, and a strong call to action. Your donors are going to love this appeal!

But you’re stuck in the weeds trying to get your appeal out the door. Your donor information is stored in several different locations. There are multiple spreadsheets tracking contact info and donation history. Not to mention your email program and your event software. You know what that means. You have to merge all these lists together, dedupe them, and then segment them again into the different groups you want to contact so that every donor receives a personalized message. This is going to take all week.

And once you actually do send your appeal and start seeing donations come in, your tracking system is such a mess that you can’t trust your data, quickly thank donors, or accurately report to your board. You’re sure you’re losing donors at this rate. The stress is just too much.

Relax. There’s a better way to fundraise.

Network for...

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Streamline Your Year-End To-Do List with Technology

The end of the year brings a torrent of to-dos for nonprofits. You have multiple items on your agenda, holidays to contend with, and only a few weeks left to meet your annual fundraising goal. Your budget is riding on the success of your year-end campaign. With so much that has to be done, you could definitely use a little help.

Technology is an effective and affordable way to add an extra set of hands to tackle your workload, streamline it, and speed it up. In this post, we’re looking at six ways to use technology to make your year-end to-do list a little more manageable.

Integrate All Elements of Your Fundraising Campaign

With so many moving pieces, fundraising campaigns can get unwieldy. Direct mail pieces, emails, social media posts…the list goes on and on. If you’re using multiple tools and systems to implement each of these elements, execution and post-campaign analysis will take a lot of time. Using a robust donor management system (DMS) will allow you to run everything from a central location. Keeping everything in one place offers two benefits—it allows you to move quicker, and it improves your tracking and measurement, so you have greater insight into campaign...

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