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Daily Deals for March 22

Happy Friday! The Adidas promo code is still working!  Be sure and shop the sale section.


$114 down from $180 with the code LPS18ADP

The extra 15% off coupon code LPS18ADP is still working over on the Adidas website!  There are major steals in the sale section. Free shipping and free returns!! You guys are demolishing this sale.


$25.50 down from $60 with the code LPS18ADP

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Kids Adilette Shower Slides
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Pura Vida 
Site wide 30% off sale
Grab bracelets and rings for your old daughter's Easter Basket.
$33.59 down from $41.99
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30% off sitewide with the code BBDFAM30
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Shop the sale section.

Lucky Brand

Ikat Dot Bedding Collection

30% off with the code VIP
This would be cute for a college kid! It comes in an XL TWIN.
Rayna Bowl
The price drops to $7.50 with free shipping!
Anthropologie regular priced items are 20% off! Sale items are an additional 25% off. Everything ships FREE except those items with surcharges.
No promo code is needed.
TOMS Lenny Sneakers
$15.73 down from $44.95

Betsy Johnson Kids Swimsuits
$15.99 down from $38

Fiddle and Fern 3 Gal. Dispenser with Galvanized Base

$48.21 down from $55

Continuum Games Checkers, One Size

$5.61 down from $8.65
Easter Basket Idea

Twenty Shakespeare Children's Stories - The Complete 20 Books Boxed Collection: The Winters Take, Macbeth, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo ... and More (A Shakespeare Children's Story)

$29.99 down from $139
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette
$24.50 down from $49
Momi Boutique 
10% off sitewide sale!
Easter dress shown.

Momi Boutique
Girls Watermelon outfit!
$20.70 down from $23


20% off Chunky Necklaces 
Pastel Easter Necklace Shown

Under Armour Kids Prototype Shorts

$12.59 down from $17.99

Free shipping

$25 down from $50
Use the code LPS18ADP  for an extra 15% off your purchase.
Free shipping and free returns.
Thanks Karey for the code!


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Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands Travel Guide

Yay! Traveling! It is what I love most. This year we took our entire family of six to Ecuador! People are generally surprised this country was our destination of choice, but I would pick this vacation all over again if I could. Ecuador is magical!

Also we met a couple from Ecuador while living in Las Vegas.  We have been solid friends for the last 10 years. About a year and a half ago they decided to return to their home county.  They day they told us they were moving I nailed down dates to visit!
One of the most amazing things about Ecuador is that they use the US DOLLAR!!!  Yep, no need to exchange money. 

We flew into Quito, Ecuador. Our friends live in the suburbs of this pretty city. We stayed with them, so I have no advice on hotels. I do have advice on car rentals! Every rental company I looked at gave you a mileage allowance when renting cars with a hefty charge if you went over miles. I knew we planned on visiting the jungle and I am so used to unlimited mileage this was a bit frustrating.  I finally let my husband research out the car rental situation. He found that if you book through RENTALCARS.COM you will get unlimited miles. We did just that, but you MUST book through their site.  Our rental vehicle through this online service ended up being from AVIS.  We did get unlimited miles.  There was a couple turning in a car at the same time as us at the end of our trip. They went 150 km over there allowance and had a hefty charge!  Rentalcars.com for the win!

These mountain top swings are popular in Ecuador! This one is in Quito at the top of the TelefériQo (cable car).  Adult non resident tickets to ride the tram were $8 each.  Once you get up to this pretty view point the swing is free.
We found this llama at the top of the TelefériQo. There was an Ecuadorian women with her small kids with three llamas at the top of the mountain. It cost $1 to snap this shot, but look how dang cute this photo turned out.

At the top of the TelefériQo we were able to take a 45 minute horse ride up in the Andes with great views of Quito.  I highly recommend this excursion. The cost was only $10 a person. Cash only. My entire family only cost $60!

While in Quito you will also want to visit the Middle of the World Monument known as the Mitad del Mundo. The cost is $5 per person. Visit the equator is EPIC mostly just to say you have done it. This can't be missed.

Downtown Quito is gorgeous! It reminds me a Europe with fountains, cathedrals and renowned architecture!  I especially found this city fascinating as our friend kept pointing to gorgeous colonial buildings and letting us know they were once owned by his grandpa.  I mean his GRANDPA! That was not too long ago.  All these years and I had no idea our best friends are from early Ecuadorian nobility.  The things you learn when you travel!
After Quito our friends took us to Baños, Ecuador! This was probably my favorite part of the tip. This part of Ecuador is gorgeous and adventurous! The photo above is a picture from a famous waterfall in the area called The Pailon Del diablo. Be prepared to get wet. I had all my kids and myself wear rain boots or Natives and a rain jacket. There are lots of mists of water along the trail. You are able to view the back of the waterfall as well which if you aren't careful you will get drenched. This is an easy hike! 
The waterfall is in the background and you can tell we are damp!
There are a few suspension bridges along the path as well.  

Zip lining in Baños is EVERYWHERE!!  The cost is anywhere from $10 to $20 a person. There is no age limit on anything as far as I could tell, so my adventurous six year old was having a blast! Make sure you barter in Ecuador.  Luckily I had natives with me, so they did a lot of the work for me.  My husband speaks fluent Spanish which is also a plus.  

Yes! More swinging! This time in Baños at the world famous La Casa del Arbol ! As you can tell we hit a cloudy day, but look up pictures of when the sun in shining. The views are breathtaking!  This swing is on top of a large mountain. On a sunny day it looks like you are flying over a large mountain range. The cost was $1 to get into the Las Casa del Arbol and $50 for kids.  There were 4 different swings and you could go as many times as you wanted.  There are workers that push you on the swing. They like to twist you around and make you fly high. We loved this place and it cost me a whole $4 for the entire family! 
As far as accomodations go in Banos we stayed at the La Casa Verde- Eco Guest House. It is right outside of Banos on a gorgeous property with a massive flowing river in the back. Breakfast was available for free every morning and was delicious. If you book online you may be able to use a credit card, but we booked the property when we got there. No credit cards were accepted. Cash only. In fact, almost everywhere in Banos only cash was accepted including restaurants, zipling, ice cream shops, etc. Definitely have cash with you.

This is a pretty familiar view while driving in Ecuador. The country is beautiful and green.

You will also find a lot of local delicacies like GUINEA PIG! No, we did not try this!

After Baños we headed back to Quito and then flew over to The Galapagos Islands! I know this is the part of the trip most people are searching for information! You do not need a guide to visit the Galapagos. I also thought you need to be on a tour or a cruise ship, but NOPE! Just buy a plane ticket and go.
Flights to the Galapagos only go from either Quito or Guayaquil, Ecuador. There are no international flights that go directly to the Galapagos, so you must head to mainland Ecuador first.  Tickets from Quito are around $300 round trip.  Once you get to the airport you need to buy a $20 immigration card at the airport per person. CASH ONLY!

Once your plane is close to landing the flight attendants spray the cabin with disinfectant spray. After you exit the plane you will get your passport stamped and pay a $100 per person National Park Entrance Fee. The kids entrance fee is $50! Again, CASH ONLY!
From the airport no matter what your destination is you need to make it to the island of Santa Cruz. The airport is on Baltra Island which is a small desert island. The only thing on the island is the airport. You will take a small bus ride to a ferry. Then a short ferry ride to the Island of Santa Cruz. From there we grabbed a taxi which took us to our hotel in the town of Puerto Ayora . It was about a 40 minutes drive and all three modes of transportation together cost my family of 6 around $50. On the way to our hotel our driver suggested we stop by and see the giant turtles as it was on the way and it would be a hefty taxi ride back.  The cost was $25 for my family of six to visit a large area of land where large turtles are just hanging out. You are not allowed to touch any animals in the Galapagos.

If you are heading to another island make it to Puerto Ayora and then take a ferry to your destination.

We spent 4 nights at the HOTEL FIESTA and loved it!  It is HOT in the Galapagos, so my kids spend hours in this pool each day.  Each morning a complimentary breakfast was served. First you would be given a plate of fresh fruit, yogurt and granola. This was followed by toast, scrambled eggs and another bakery item which changed each day.  It was excellent and filling. 

We booked two rooms at this location. Each room has a king size bed and then two twins. The rooms were spacious. Traveling with four kids sometimes means booking two hotels rooms.

We spent two days in Santa Cruz scuba diving! Most of the action is underwater.  Hammerhead sharks, sea lions, Galapagos sharks, manta rays can all be found in a single dive here. I highly recommend NOT booking your dives early. The rates are much higher online than if you wait and book your dives when you get to the island.  Online the rates were around $245 for two dives. We paid $160 for two dives the first day and $150 for two dives the second day with Galapagos Travellers. There shop is right in the heart of Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz. You can't miss it.

My 11 and 13 year old are Padi certified divers. You must be 10 years old to get certified. Luckily the company allowed my 9 and 6 year old to join our dive session FREE OF CHARGE! They snorkeled with their own guide while we were scuba diving. I don't think this is always offered, but again! Barter!

Again! Bring cash!! If you use a credit card this establishment charges you an extra 22%!  Highway robbery, so be prepared.

The sea lions are playful in the water. They mostly come up to land to take a nap! We happen to catch these two coming out of the water when we were getting on a taxi boat.
Every afternoon the boat comes in with the catch of the day for the restaurants! This is fascinating as pelicans, sea lions and other animals swarm up around these men in the hopes of getting some food! An hour or so later you can walk down what the locals call KIOSK STREET and restaurants galore are cooking up today's catch. I am not a seafood eater, but there is a great Italian restaurant at the end of the street that was delicious for those of us not wanting the local catch.  The owner grew up in Italy. There are also quite a few establishments set up for the tourists with chicken fingers, hamburgers and fries. You won't go hungry.
Tortuga Bay is worth checking out if you find yourself on the island of Santa Cruz. This is a gorgeous beach. The waves are quite strong, but if you head up to the right (follow the locals) you will find a cove great for swimming. We were able to see baby sharks and manta rays while swimming. Yes, even these black iguanas are swimming in the water. They are pretty chill even though they look like tiny dinosaurs.

Since we spent time on the mainland we did not go island hopping in the Galapagos. You need a good two weeks to be able to see everything. If you are going to the other islands it is a $25-$35 ferry trip to Isabela or San Cristobal.  From what I hear the majority of the sea lions are on San Cristobal. Flamingos and penguins along with volcano craters are on Isabela.  

There Galapagos Islands were more populated than I expected. There is virtually no crime there, so it is an extremely safe place to travel! Best of luck if you decide to plan a trip!


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Daily Deals for March 21

Happy Thursday!!  Tons of furniture deals today and you guys are buying up adidas products like crazy!  Luckily reader, Karey, gave us an additional 15% off coupon she found for the site and it is working on SALE! Everything ships free and returns are free, so it is go time for sure.

This post contains affiliate links.
Select 40% off one furniture item at Target TODAY ONLY!
Select an any item through this link. The price will drop in your cart.

Vince Camuto Breshan Ankle Sandals
30% off price match
$69.30 down from $98
Three colors available.

This sandal was a HOT SELLER yesterday!



$32 down from $65
Free shipping and free returns

***Save an additional 15% off with the code  LPS18ADP
True Religion Super Skinny Distressed Jeans
$48.98 down from $229
True Religion Topstitched Jeans
$48.98 down from $229
Kids Adidas Baseline Shoes
$25 down from $50
Use the code LPS18ADP  for an extra 15% off your purchase.
Free shipping and free returns.
Thanks Karey for the code!
Patio Deal of the Day
Free shipping and Easy Returns to The Home Depot
Safavieh Raina Dresser
$304.99 down from $450
Free shipping
Marc Fisher LTD
Vixen Cutout Suede Block Heels
$89.99 down from $170

$15.84 at Walmart!
Buy this top! It is hideous online, but very cute in person!  The stripe one is especially good. Easy returns, so it is worth taking a chance on.

V-Neck Pocket Tee


$18.38 down from $25

Free shipping and free returns.

Nordstrom price match!


$23.98 down from $48

Free shipping and free returns at Nordstrom.

Target's March Beauty Box
$7 with free shipping
This item can be used towards the spend $20 and get a $5 Target gift card promotion.

29.62" Salk Modern Quilted Barstool Black Faux Leather & Black Base - Project 62™

40% off one Target furniture item today!!  These are included in the promotion.

Manila Accent Table Copper Drum - Project 62™

$42 down from $69.99
Today only score one furniture item at 40% off!

Playskool Mr. Potato Head

$5.00 off clickable coupon on amazon
Easter Basket idea!

Round Decorative Wall Mirror Brass - Project 62™

There are over 50 pages of buy one, get one 25% off items at Target. This mirror is included.
Shop the sale.

Art In The Forest Cachepot - Scallop

$11.91 down from $14
Use the code FRIENDS to get the price to drop and score FREE SHIPPING!

Last day for 20% off and free shipping over at West Elm.
Use the code FRIENDS for 20% off and free shipping.
Sale ends today.



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Daily Deals for March 20

Happy Wednesday! Facebook fans are demolishing the adidas sale! This post contains affiliate links.


$32 down from $65
Free shipping and free returns
 Grandma's Cookies Variety Pack, 30 Count
There is a $3.75 off coupon plus a subscribe and save option.
Sherpa Half Zip Sweatshirt
$34 down from $68

The North Face

Men's Millerton Hooded Rain Jacket

$32.99 down from $110

MACPro Longwear Paint Pot

$11 down from $22!
This is a mega steal. I paid full price for one of these in New York City recently. This deal ends tonight.
 Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Sound Machine with 20 Unique Non-Looping Fan and White Noise Sounds and Sleep Timer
$32.47 down from $49.99

Organic Terry Cotton Bath Robes

The Home Depot Deal of the Day

Company Cotton Bath Collection

The Home Depot Deal of the Day
Paw Patrol Chase Medium Plush Easter Basket
$9.98 down from $11.99
Sun Bum Hair Care!
Double dip promotion going on through tonight.
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$12 down from $24.99

'Slim' Flip Flop


$18.20 down from $26
Nordstrom is price matching another retailer.  30% off!

Children's Books & an Echo Kids Dot! Get a Echo Kids Dot for only $0.99 when you sign up for a Prime Book Box! Follow the steps below. Good luck! The offer expires March 26.

1. Sign up for ANY Prime Book Box subscription (1 month is just $19.99) between March 12, 2019 and March 26, 2019.

2. After your first Prime Book Box order has shipped, please allow up to 48 hours for the promotional discount to be automatically applied to the Amazon account of the Prime Book Box subscription. You will receive a notification through email once your discount is ready to use.

3. Add an Echo Dot Kids Edition to your cart and checkout by 11:59pm PT April 2, 2019. Discount will be automatically applied at checkout and price will reflect $0.99 before tax.
$52.80 down from $88
Nordstrom price match! Free shipping and free returns.
30% off price match
$69.30 down from $98
Three colors available.

Melissa Button 2 Knee High Boot

45% off at NORDSTROM
Free shipping and free returns
Hope & Henry dresses have been restocked on AMAZON just in time for Easter!  Apparently this brand is ran by a former Janie & Jack CEO. 
$24.99 down from $42.99



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Spring Styles in Ecuador and The Galapagos with Walmart

I a huge believer in making memories with my family! We don't like to let grass grow under our feet for too long.  Once a year we take a large trip as a family and this year the destination was Ecuador!  Last week my family of six jetted off to Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands for spring break.  I teamed up with Walmart to outfit my kids for these adventure.  Spring has sprung in Galapagos, so fresh new clothes were in order. This post is sponsored by Walmart and contains affiliate links.  It is a win, win! I get to show you new quality clothes and you get shop amazing price points!!
Wonder Nation Asymmetric Ruffle Dress // Fashion Solid Knit V-Neck Tee (Little Boys & Big Boys)// 3/4 Bell Sleeve Top (Little Girls, Big Girls, & Plus) // Fashion Solid Knit V-Neck Tee (Little Boys & Big Boys)

Walmart has released a We Dress America Campaign!  In this case Walmart dresses Americans visiting Ecuador!!  Those cute kiddos are all wearing items from Wonder Nation sold exclusively at Walmart.  Walmart definitely has upped their game in the fashion department.  My kids have been dressed to the nines since they were born. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Wonder Nation brand. Sizes range from newborn to size 18! These clothes featured have been packed, unpacked, packed and unpacked again. They have survived being washed in Ecuador and they have been washed again since we have been home. I want clothes that will survive the craziness of children.  In order to be a win in my book my kids must outgrow clothing before the clothing gets worn out. Wonder Nation has proven to be a solid brand that is also affordable.
Fashion Solid Knit V-Neck Tee (Little Boys & Big Boys) // 3/4 Bell Sleeve Top (Little Girls, Big Girls, & Plus)

Yes, that is the equator my friends!! Just 40 minutes from the Quito, Ecuador airport sits this beautiful monument marking the equator.  Never have two kids been more divided!!  My favorite piece of this entire collection is my son's solid shirt!! It is so soft and edgy.  If you son has swagger or likes to think he does, this piece is for you and it will only set you back $6!! 

3/4 Bell Sleeve Top (Little Girls, Big Girls, & Plus)

Wonder Nation Asymmetric Ruffle Dress
Walking the line!
Fashion Solid Knit V-Neck Tee (Little Boys & Big Boys)
Again! I have washed these top several times and it looks amazing. The quality has held up and it is $6. I went back and purchased the blue one for him as well.
Short Sleeve Stretch Button Up Slub Shirt (Little Boys, Big Boys, & Husky)
Short Sleeve Stretch Button Up Slub Shirt (Little Boys, Big Boys, & Husky)

Yep, this photo gives off his personality pretty well. You can understand why I choose Wonder Nation's edgy styles for this boy.

I am always up for shirts that give off a beach vibe and so is my son! 

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.
Wonder Nation nailed the boys line! I mean nailed it. These are all solid looks that my 6 year old and my teenager would wear.

Girls' Zip-Up Hoodie (Little Girls, Big Girls, & Plus)
Ecuador's weather right now is cool in the morning, scorching hot in the late afternoon and cool in the evenings. Layering is key!
Girls' Zip-Up Hoodie (Little Girls, Big Girls, & Plus)
This is a nice lightweight hoodie that will work perfectly for cool spring days.

Short Sleeve Stretch Button Up Printed Shirt
Let's talk church clothes. Wonder Nation has nailed the button up shirt!  Nailed it. Solid colors are offered along with fun prints in both little and big boy sizes.

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

Boys Graphic Swim Trunk (Little Boys & Big Boys)

The Galapagos Islands is a two hour plane ride from mainland Ecuador and it is hot over there!  My kids lived in their swimsuit. Yes, that is a black swimming iguana. They are chill little animals that are all over the island of Santa Cruz.

Boys Graphic Swim Trunk (Little Boys & Big Boys)
Boys Graphic Swim Trunk (Little Boys & Big Boys)

Tell me this isn't the cutest swimsuit. He wore this four days straight on the island with no complaints. I would buy these swim trunks again in a heartbeat.

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

How adorable in the Wonder Nation swimsuit line! I am dying at all the cuteness.
Fashion Solid Knit V-Neck Tee (Little Boys & Big Boys)

Yep, we saw giant tortoises and their shells!  This cutie is wearing the same shirt I was raving about for my older son, but in blue.  Buy this shirt! I am telling you. It is amazing and costs less than going out for lunch.

Sleeveless Play Dress, 2-Pack (Little Girls, Big Girls & Big Girls Plus)

Spring has sprung which means dress season! These play dresses are easy to throw on.  My girls wore them all over the island to dinner and sometimes as a swimsuit cover up.
Sleeveless Play Dress, 2-Pack (Little Girls, Big Girls & Big Girls Plus)
Short Sleeve Play Dress, 2-Pack (Little Girls, Big Girls & Big Girls Plus)

Nothing screams warm weather quite like watermelon. This print is so cute and I noticed the hoodie is now available! It was sold out when I ordered items for the trip.

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.
Today officially kicks off dress season! In case you are looking for Easter dresses or play dress I wanted to make sure I gave you some cute options.

All $35 or more Walmart purchases ship free! You can also select in store pick up. I have been a long time Walmart shopper. Shopping online with easy shipping has been a game changer.


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