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Resources for Lent

Lent begins tomorrow. How will you use this season as a time of spiritual refreshing? How will you prepare for the joyous celebration of the Resurrection on Easter? To learn more about the background and meaning of Lent, see my article What is Lent? I have uploaded some handouts on Lent practices for each week […]

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How to Listen to a Sermon

Last time I wrote about The Value of Sunday Worship. An essential part of Sunday worship is the sermon. What is preaching? Why does it matter? Do we still need it? Is preaching still effective? You could argue that preaching has never been that effective. During his three years of public ministry, Jesus preached to […]

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The Value of Sunday Worship

Recently I wrote a two part article on Why You Should not go to Church (Part 1, Part 2). If you look at the title without reading the article, you might think that I am suggesting you stay home on Sunday mornings. Nothing could be further from the truth. Occasionally someone will ask me why […]

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Why You Should not go to Church (Part 2)

In Part 1 we looked at three common ways we talk about “church” that are very different from the way that the church is described in Scripture. The Bible never tells us to “go to church” or to “attend church.” Let’s take a closer look at what the NT tells us about the church. The […]

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Why You Should not go to Church (Part 1)

You might think that the title of this post is heretical. Maybe it sounds like professional suicide for a pastor to say “you should not go to church.” But bear with me. I want to ask you to consider some of the ways that we think and talk about the church and compare that to […]

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