There's a lot to like here. The caramelized sweetness of sweet potatoes and onions. The salty and tangy creaminess of feta. And the knowing that you're doing something decent for yourself without it tasting like penance.

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Roasted Sweet Potato and Feta Salad

This roasted sweet potato and feta salad is an easy, healthy jumble of roasted sweet potatoes and onions, tangy feta cheese, spinach, and a simple red wine and Dijon vinaigrette. So not one of those boring New Year’s resolutions you have to force yourself to eat.

A serving of roasted sweet potato and feta salad on a green plate with a fork resting on the plate.

There’s ample to like about this roasted sweet potato and...

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Braised Beef with Carrots

This braised beef with carrots is a comforting one-pot meal made with slowly braised beef chuck, carrots, and raisins, and onions, in a red wine and chicken broth sauce.

Two white plates of braised beef with carrots on top of mashed potatoes.

This simple one-pot braised beef with carrots delivers a Sunday supper sorta meal that’s French-inspired. It’s made with a cheap cut of beef—chuck roast—...

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Campari Citrus Marmalade

This Campari citrus marmalade, made with oranges, grapefruit, lemon, sugar, and Campari, is a little sweeter (and a lot more vibrant) than traditional English marmalade thanks to the notable presence and complexity of the classic Italian apéritif. Here’s how to make it.

Two loaves of artisan bread and a jar of Campari citrus marmalade, with a slice of bread smeared with the marmalade on a wooden cutting board.

If you’ve always been a little uncertain about trying the classic bitter English......

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Seafood Gumbo

This seafood gumbo loaded with shrimp, as in this classic Southern Cajun recipe, screams for a cold beer and a lazy weekend afternoon dedicated to nothing but cooking.

A two-handle bowl of seafood gumbo on a piece of wood.

This seafood gumbo recipe was originally titled Super Bowl Seafood Gumbo, as the author makes this Cajun specialty each year for the occasion, just as his mother did before him. And we gotta say, we can...

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Lamb Barbacoa

This lamb barbacoa is made with lamb marinated in spices, mustard, mezcal, and fresh habanero and then cooked low and slow until fall-apart tender. Excellent for tucking into tacos or piling atop rice.

A deep roasting pan filled with shredded lamb barbacoa.

This slowly cooked lamb barbacao, thanks to the welcome heat of both mezcal and habanero, is so tender and flavorful, you may get a little lost choosing how...

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