Theology is literally a 'word' (logos) about 'God' (Theos). Some scattered bits of experience, mine and others, over the last few weeks have reminded me that various positions, discussions, debates and statements that would be labelled 'theological' can ...

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"fruitful faith" - 5 new articles

  1. god’s theology
  2. narcissism and image
  3. grace at christmas
  4. lament with thanksgiving
  5. possibility and surrender
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god’s theology

Theology is literally a ‘word’ (logos) about ‘God’ (Theos).


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narcissism and image

All Humans Are Narcissists

I want to suggest that all humans, like Narcissus, look at their...

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grace at christmas

Christianity is about Grace, and the language of Grace is the language of gifting; giving and...

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lament with thanksgiving

Lament and thanksgiving are two entirely valid modes of prayer.

Both are biblical and practical. ...

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possibility and surrender

I met a friendly man today who, learning of my religiosity, asked me about my views on science and...

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