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LIVE CHAT TIMES Schedule (Free 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge )

Here is the line up of LIVE Facebook chats I will be holding during your Free 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge. The objective of the live chats is specifically if you have questions you need addressed as well as some topics I will be chatting about!


These live chats are only in the Facebook group for this challenge. If you can't make it live, they are recorded and remain in the facebook group for you to watch when you are able. They will be found under the announcement section tab.

If you haven't joined the Facebook group you can ask to join here.

January 8th -Friday 11 am eastern. What to Eat During the 5 Day Challenge (portions, carbs, simple recipe ideas, etc)

January 11th- Monday 9 am eastern. How to Overcome Sugar/Carb Cravings

January 12th- Tuesday 11am eastern. Carb Withdrawals & Keto Flu

January 13th- Wednesday 11am eastern. Hunger or Habit?

January 14th- Thursday 11am eastern. How to Recover Quickly after Overindulgence

January 15th- Friday 9am eastern. Sustaining this as a Lifestyle & Where to go from here. Everyone who shows up LIVE on the final day of the challenge will be entered to win a spot in my 7 week Sugar Detox Course starting 1/20/21.

If you are getting this email after one of these dates, you can still view the recording but again, it is only available in the Facebook group.

If you'd like to see some before/after pics and read testimonials of past members who took my 6 Week Sugar Detox Course. Have a great day everyone! See you soon!

Brenda/Sugar Free Mom

A Simple Step to Prepare for the 5 Day Sugar Detox

Good Morning! Here's some things to do this week before we begin on January 11th:


  1. Remove Temptations from your sight! Truly out of sight will help!

  2. Start making a shopping list for this weekend. Only purchase proteins, veggies and fats from the list in the workbook that you enjoy. Do not force yourself to eat something you hate. I will be doing a LIVE in the Facebook group all about what you can eat, if you should track, how many carbs you should have, this Friday at 11am eastern. I'll also leave time for Q & A.  If you haven't yet, Join the private Facebook group here.

  3. Find a BUDDY in the Facebook group or with a friend who wants to do this challenge with you! It's important to be accountable to someone other than yourself. This is the key to a new habit! Ask a friend to join you in this challenge. Last day to sign up is Sunday the 10th. Have them register here. 

  4. Here's a simple step in the right direction if you're feeling ready to begin something this week. Start with eliminating all the packaged, processed foods you may typically eat because that is the detox challenge, real whole food, nothing packaged or processed.

You can and will do this! You can do anything for 5 days! You will see success in just a short time with consistency and diligence, I promise!

I'll see you Friday at 11am eastern in the Facebook group for our LIVE Chat!

Brenda/Sugar Free Mom

Pantry Clean Out

Before we begin our 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge, it's important to do a little cleaning out of your trigger foods.


I know it isn't the most exciting assignment, but once you have some temptations out of sight, you'll be less liking to be tempted. 

I want you to remove, give away or throw away any packaged foods that have sugar listed within the 1st five ingredients. I realize many of you may have family members and children that want all these snacks and you can not realisitically throw them away. Ask your spouse to remove them to another place in the house so you don't have to look at anything that would be tempting to you when you begin the detox. 

I think the biggest thing to replace might be favorite condiments. Primal Kitchen brand is one of the only brands I know of that use healthy avocado oil and no sugar in their products. You can find some Primal Kitchen condiments and dressings at Walmart and you can order online. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Some other products you might like to replace pasta is Shiritaki Noodles, or use zucchini as noodles. You could also try Hearts of Palm. Here is a great low carb, no sugar added marinara sauce, but I also have a quick marinara recipe on my website if you feel like making it at home. 

Basically, you will be eating whole foods during this detox. Focus your food shopping on whole proteins, fresh low carb vegetables or frozen for convenience and healthy fats to cook with, like avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, butter, etc. Canned tuna, salmon, sardines and even canned oysters are great for salads!

You can do this and you will be much better able to detox from sugar when you can't see those packaged carbage snacks!

Here is the pdf of the day 5 Day Sugar Detox workbook.

Brenda/Sugar Free Mom

Keto Low Carb Sweeteners for the 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

Hello Lovely Sugar Detox Challengers,

Can we have sweeteners on the detox? Which ones? During your 5 Day Sugar Detox, some of you are wondering if sweeteners are allowed. 

I'm going to share with you some info and you can decide if using any sweeteners are going to help or hinder you on the 5 day detox.

Low Carb Sweeteners like the ones I use in all my recipes are truly a blessiing when learnign to remove sugar from your life. They help you enjoy desserts so you don't feel deprived and can continue sticking to your food plan.

The following sweeteners I love and use regularly:

None of these sweeteners will spike your blood glucose or insulin, nor shoud they cause cravings. With that being said, some people do in fact feel triggered by the sweet taste, regardless if it's naturally sugar free or not. Some people will even feel hunger due to using low carb sweeteners than if they were to completly avoid them all together.

So the ulimate decision is yours. I would caution those of you, who may feel a trigger from anything sweet to completely steer clear for the 5 days of the detox.

I will also say, that if using low carb sweeteners and having keto desserts will help you better stay away from sugar and refined carbs, then by all means, use them for the end result of not giving into temptations. 

Challenge begin Monday January 11th. I'll be emailing again soon with the times for the  Live sessions I'll be holding so you can be ready to join me!

Brenda/Sugar Free Mom

Getting Ready for the 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

Woot Woot! In about one week, our 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge Begins! I hope you are excited!

Here are just a few things you can do over this week before the challenge begins.

  1. Visit your doctor. If you are currently taking any medications for medical conditions, it is very important to share with your doctor that you are in a 5 Day sugar detox program using a low carb approach. If possiible, get a full blood work-up because wonderful things are about to happen!
  2. Take 'Before' pictures. I know this is something many of you are reluctant to do, but trust me. You can never get this back. This is going to work for you and you need to be able to see in a picture how much of a change your body makes. Fully clothed is best so you can share these photos with the 'after' shot in the same clothes. You will be truly regretful if you skip this step. 
  3. Clean out your kitchen. I know many of you are doing this alone without support from others in your home, but this is important while you are in the beginning stages of detoxing from sugar, it's a fragile time for you. Start by getting all packaged foods and snacks that contain sugar, out of your sight. Remove them from seeing them on a daily basis. If you can't toss them or give them away, ask your family to hide them in a different place. This will help minimize triggers. 
  4. Purchase a Digital Food Scale. This is the one I use. You can also find some at Walmart and Target. Whether you are going to follow the low carb plan or the keto plan, you will need a food scale. 
  5. Food Journaling. Just a basic notebook is helpful to write everythiing you eat so you can access what worked for you and what didn't. 
  6. Bathroom scale. I recommend a digital bathroom scale that also can tell you fat percentage. This is a good one and it can also sync to your smart phone. 
  7. Purchase a Fabric tape measure. The scale is only one piece of the weight loss puzzle and certainly does not tell you everything, like how many inches you are losing, even if the number on the scale has not moved. This is so much more encouraging then the scale number will ever be, I promise you!
  8. Carb Withdrawals can be avoided simply by adding in sea salt each day, to your food and water. I use Redmond Real Salt but any Celtic sea salt or Pink Himalayan sea salt will also work. I use 1-2 teaspoons daily. Carb withdrawals usually occur within 3-4 days of detoxing from sugar, so be ready for it!

Lastly, research shows that doing a weight loss program with a friend or social support increases your odds of success! Recruit friends!!! Let them know the last day to sign up is January 10th, we start January 11th!

You can forward them this email and they can register here for the 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge.

Here is the workbook for the Challenge in pdf form.

I'll be emailing you in a couple days with how to clean out your pantry and what easy swaps you can make for the things you love, like condiments!

Brenda/Sugar Free Mom

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