North Battleground, at Horse Pen Creek and Old Battleground, now has a Harris Teeter Gas Station, an O'Reilly Auto Parts Store, and the above Mavis Tires and Brakes. These properties are located in the area that housed Laddie and Duke's Family Grille. ...
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Now on North Battleground at Old Battleground: Mavis Tires and Brakes


North Battleground, at Horse Pen Creek and Old Battleground, now has a Harris Teeter Gas Station, an O'Reilly Auto Parts Store, and the above Mavis Tires and Brakes. These properties are located in the area that housed Laddie and Duke's Family Grille.* Laddie and Duke's was an Irish Pub themed establishment with a lot of atmosphere, right down to a cozy stone fireplace. Laddie and Duke's was open from about 1996- to 2008. In Irish Pub fashion, it was one of those places that seemed like it would be anchored on that corner forever. It is a new day on North Battleground Avenue with many shops offering auto parts and tires. And now, there are many more food choices in town, in Mid-Town, and the east side is showing growth. Friendly Center, and Wendover Avenue remain popular destinations for dining out. 

Do you have a go to restaurant? What do you look for in an eating establishment? Given the above photo, we should also ask, how do you decide where to purchase tires? The above branch of Mavis opened this year. However, the company was founded in 1972 by the Sober family and now has about 1,200 stores throughout the northeast USA.**

Today's post has us thinking of then and now and in the future. We're wondering what another decade will bring to Greensboro. What are your predictions?

Have a great Thursday!

*If you are interested in a little Greensboro nostalgia, read here for a News & Record article about Laddie and Duke's from 1996, about the time they opened. They even mention menu items.

** reference and more information here.


Dogwoods Are a Greensboro Tradition!

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. Greensboro is so pretty in pink and white in March and April. However, the dogwoods have already are now green. The bracts are gone. But, they will be full of color again in the fall. The above photo was taken at the corner of Hobbs and Jefferson Roads. The pink variety of these slow-growing trees are less common than the white. Dogwoods do well in Greensboro. They like a little shade, and need just the right amount of water- not too wet, not too dry. They look especially beautiful when planted around azaleas.

We recently learned that the largest dogwood in the United States- possibly the world- is growing in a small cemetery in Clinton, Samson County, North Carolina. If you ever want to go see it, Clinton is about 150 miles from Greensboro and it takes about 2 1/2 hours to get there. It would be fun to ride down and see it when it is at peak. For now, we'll just keep walking and driving around Greensboro's neighborhoods to see all of the natural beauty we have here.

Happy Wednesday!


Friendswood Park

According to Trust for Public Land, Greensboro has 245 parks and 64% of Greensboro Residents live within a 10 minute walk of a park .* Many of the parks are truly neighborhood parks, often with a playground.  The above park is one such example. It is Friendswood Park, a 1.76 -acre neighborhood park  at 506 Shelby Drive. It is located just east of Guilford College Road and north of Bridford Parkway. Parks like Friendswood is a perfect spot to walk to meet neighbors and get out of the house for a while. There is also a picnic table, which is a great opportunity to build community. 

Just think, you could visit a new park every other day in Greensboro and still not run out of parks. Somehow, we have never driven past this park before. These park-lets are like this, tucked away in neighborhoods. We're headed out to see how many we can find. When we drove by Friendswood yesterday afternoon, it must have been nap time.

Happy Tuesday!


*See this map of areas in Greensboro most in need of parks (northeast & southwest).


Happy Earth Day 2024

Happy Earth Day 2024! Actually, every day should be Earth Day; however, today is a special day that has been celebrated since April 22, 1970- 54 years ago. The goal is to demonstrate support for environmental protection. There are several global events, coordinated by The 2024 theme is "Planet vs. Plastics."  The Earthday website is a wealth of information and is perfect for parents, teachers, students, well, everyone to learn more about current initiatives and what we can do to help the flora and fauna of planet earth. If you live in the city of Greensboro, you recognize the cans above. The green on the left is regular waste, the one in the middle is for recycling, and the new one on the right is for yard waste. The yard waste container will be so much easier to manage as people don't need to manually toss it on the truck. Also, the yard waste inside will be a lot less likely to get wet.

State law in North Carolina requires that yard waste be separated from trash; so, no tossing of clippings and sticks in with garbage or recycling. Yard waste is collected weekly, plus, you can add on by purchasing those paper yard-waste bags. If you want to read more detail about how and why the city changed from allowing people to fill small garbage bins with yard waste, read HERE. The city estimates that the change will save nearly 13 million dollars over the next 15 years and that it will be safer. Many Earth Day events took place this past weekend. However, according to Eventbrite, today from 4-6 pm, Earth Huggers will host a community clean up starting at 602 South Elm Street. If you can't join this organized event, a Google search will yield great ideas!

Happy Monday!


Max Carter and Ivan Saul Cutler

Max Carter and Ivan Cutler are an example of everything that is RIGHT about the world today. Above, they were both at the Jewish Festival at Temple Emanuel a couple of weeks ago. Max is the Retired Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College. He is very involved in the Quaker community. Ivan, dressed at Moses and carrying the 10 Commandmentsl, is a member of Temple Emanuel. When he is not in character at temple, Ivan is out taking photos at Greensboro events. He is a freelance journalist and his work can be found in the Carolina Peacemaker and the Greensboro News & Record. While Mex and Ivan have different religious beliefs, they are both committed to being good humans and model examples of their respective religions.

The Greensboro News & Record describe Ivan as being "engaged, energetic, gregarious, and ubitiquous"* He is joyful and likes to help others succeed. Max has a vision of peace, justice, integrity, and equity for the world.** Individually, the two men are very inspiring. Together, the mood becomes magical. To be sure, they are experts on religious history.   If religion were a Jeopardy category, you would want them on your team. Be it Max's Memorial Day tour of New Garden Friends Cemetery or Ivan's volunteering at Temple Emanuel, you can be sure you will leave an event having learned a lot from these two. If you stumble upon them together, you  have to be prepared for a little playfulness. 

Happy Sunday!


 *Ed Williams, August 21, 2022, see article HERE.

** read about Max in an old edition of Our State Magazine HERE.