Ramadan is the holiest holiday for Muslims. Ramadan literally means "the hot month", a month of worship, prayer, studying the Quran, and fasting. Practicing Musilims get up before sunrise, eat breakfast, pray, and abstain from from food and liquids all ...
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Ramadan Mubarak at Nazareth Bread

Ramadan is the holiest holiday for Muslims. Ramadan literally means "the hot month", a month of worship, prayer, studying the Quran, and fasting. Practicing Musilims get up before sunrise, eat breakfast, pray, and abstain from from food and liquids all day until after a final prayer at sunset. Once the sun sets, they break the fast and eat a meal. The above photo is the evening buffet at Nazareth Bread, located at 4507 West Market Street.  Due to demand, this Middle Eastern eatery offers this buffet during Ramadan. after a day of praying, reflecting and abstaining, people are ready to enjoy a meal together. This delicious buffet, which appears to extend forever, is $21.00.

Based on the People Groups website, There are over 10,000 people in Greensboro whose religion is Islam, and this number continues to grow. If you have Muslim friends you can help them by being mindful that they aren't able to eat or drink during the day. They may not want to be around while you are eating a meal or having your coffee break. If you want a great meal, stop by Nazareth Bread tonight and partake in this buffet. People of all faith groups are are welcome.

Happy Saturday!


Meet Dr. Diya Abdo

If there is anything you want to know about migration, internationally, nationally, or right here in Greensboro, Dr. Diya Abdo is the person to ask. She is a Lincoln Financial Professor of English at Guilford College. Dr. Abdo is a second-generation Palestinian refugee born and raised in Jordan. While much of her research focuses on Arab women writers and feminism, she is perhaps best known for an initiative she started at Guilford College in 2015, Every Campus a Refuge, or ECAR. The mission of ECAR is for every U.S. college and university to serve as a resettlement campus to help local resettlement agencies by hosting refugee families. The central challenge for refugee families is to find housing. Once their sponsorship benefits (a small stipend and temporary housing) expire, it is really hard for refugee families to find housing. In spite of all of the documentation that cleared their entry into the United States, they don't have social security numbers or a credit history, so it can be hard to convince landlords to rent to them. Under the ECAR program, college campuses provide housing for families. As an example, Guilford College has a refugee family living in a faculty house. To date, Guilford College and Wake Forest are the two participating North Carolina campuses. According to this website, Guiford has hosted 32 refugees, 18 of them children.  Trained volunteers help with their daily needs in the resettlement process.

Dr. Abdo travels around the country sharing her expertise. She has given TED Talks and has lectured widely on the topic of ECAR and migration. Currently, she is at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, giving a presentation. Fortunately, she made time in her busy schedule to meet with us and chat over coffee at the Green Bean. Greensboro is lucky she and her family have settled here, and we hope they stay for a very long time. Also, hats off to Guilford College  whose 7 core values- community, diversity, equality, excellence, integrity, justice, and stewardship- fit seamlessly with the ECAR initiative and with the mindset of Dr. Abdo. 

Happy Friday! Hurry home, Dr. Abdo!


Spring Has Spring on Oak Street

Yesterday, we were out along Oak Street in the Glenwood neighborhood of Greensboro. We noticed the bulbs planned at the house on the corner of Oak and McCormick. The flowers are healthy, having  weathered the recent cold weather. Blooming flowers are such a part of Greensboro landscapes in spring. 

The house in the background is a 2 bedroom 1 bath house built in 1915. This 108 year old house on the corner lot has so much yesteryear charm. The porch is inviting, the windows look like the original, and the bulbs are a simple row that look like they could have been there since the beginning. Remember if you get any pots of bulbs you can plant them and keep enjoying their beauty, year after year. This cooler weather we have had in Greensboro is actually good for bulbs. According to Dutch Grown, tulips will last for 1-2 weeks if the weather is between 45-55 degrees. However, if the weather is warmer, they will only last for a few days. We'll stop back and have a look after Friday, when the temperature is expected to be in the 80s. In the meantime, if you want to see them at peak, head over today!

Happy Thursday!


901 Spring Garden Street: High on a Hill in College Hill

901 Spring Garden Street looked absolutely spectacular on Sunday afternoon when the air was cold but the sunshine was glorious. If you have been around for a while, you likely remember the days in the early 1990s when Mary Garvey had her shop here (The Clothesline). Mary had a talent for finding clothing for college students and faculty. You never knew what you would find there, or who you would find shopping there. Next, Adelaide's Vintage was there- with more emphasis on home goods.

Fast forward to now and Vanderveen Photographers have a studio there.  As they say on their website, "Becky and Bert Vanderveen have been together in life and photography since 1999, capturing art, beautiful moments and dynamic events along the way." Both have degrees from UNCG and their studio is only a block from the Weatherspoon Art Gallery. It seems like 901 Spring Garden would be perfect for a studio: good lighting, conveniently located, and off street parking. We hope to get to interview them sometime and to get a peek inside and see exactly how they have transformed the space. Just look at how well appointed that corner view is and how that white brick and fence sparkle of spring's sunshine. Does anyone know the original use of this building, built in 1961?

Happy Wednesday!


Temptations "Ain't Too Proud" Show at Tanger Center for the Performing Arts

Today's photo features a truck at the Tanger Center this past weekend, one of two used for loading in the "Ain't Too Proud" show about the Temptations and the Four Tops. Just as we stepped back to take a photo, a group of theatre-goers walked by. We took several more photos, but this one was the best; an action shot, showing movement in front of the "Classic 5" lineup of the Temptations:  Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, David Ruffin, Melvin Franklin, and Otis Williams. The people in the foreground are a little Abbey Road-esque. The music and show about the Temptations were fabulous. The Tanger is a fabulous venue, too. 

The weather in Greensboro has been sunny, but cold over the last few days. The lows have been in the 20s and the highs somewhere in the 50s. It is officially spring now. We hope you have a happy Tuesday and, if you haven't been to the Tanger yet, we hope you have an opportunity to get there soon.