Our second day....repeat picture... but still great to see the papers. Becky deciding if the next step will be a stencil. Eileen working the smaller details. Julie's Gem...she just love the red frog punch. Mary caught in thinking ...

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  1. Recap 3-Day Abstract Collage and Design-Amber's Art Place
  2. Demo Pieces-Game Day today!!!
  3. Papers are made....exercises now
  4. We were hopping Day 1
  5. So You got yourself a re-purposed book falling apart?
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Recap 3-Day Abstract Collage and Design-Amber's Art Place

 Our second day....repeat picture... but still great to see the papers.

 Becky deciding if the next step will be a stencil.

 Eileen working the smaller details.

 Julie's Gem...she just love the red frog punch.

 Mary caught in thinking mode....what next?

 The Tack Iron station and the Scrap bin.. Ally, Beth and in the back there is Lois

 Pam bring in some  drawing mediums.

 Eileen's larger piece which is working out nicely I think.

 We Explored the outside edge different on a few...allowing it to be included instead of cut off..."Floating Collage Technique" but only a taste of it.

 Mary working on her Abstract landscape piece.

 Becky was so busy work away she produced some great pieces.

 Beth was having a ball!

 Mary's work, still needing to finish a few...time oh of we could have another day right?

 Ally our Helper and creative spirit took to this like a fish to water.

 Eileen's pieces,  Just love how everyone personality shines.

 Lois our shy bird was busy creating some wonderful pieces don't you think?

 Julie's was having a great time she brought in some of her bead works on the two blue ones.  Loving it.

And Pam's really enjoying this...love the color palette too.

Amber's Art Place was a great place for this workshops.  All our needs were taken care of...great clean up room, hair dryers going with tack irons and all on one floor..we love that with the stuff we have to bring to collage and mix media our creative souls with.  Compositional layout was discussed with use of the elements..and principles.  Never enough time with that...and that's why I told them it's a life time study, because they're so many ways to create a composition not sure if there is time in our life time for it all but I think some of us, including me are going to try.

Great time Ladies so enjoyed the laughter and our company.

Demo Pieces-Game Day today!!!

Working with about 5-7 pieces of paper is the norm for me...how I use them and home many pieces a different story. My favorite piece of paper yesterday was the workstation piece of paper from the Lithuanian newspaper that I had under my collage paper making area.  The muck up sheets...extra paint extra. I finish mucking up on them and coat them too. In the workshop I try to show how to use different papers.  So you not just using one thickness through out.  We have tissue paper stained which allow us to put book pages or found paper behind and see through.  Drawing paper painted with solid color which provides us with some open space to stamp and stencil on.  Kraft papers painted with gesso...And some gestural make making with our paint brush ends or skewer. 

 The scraps that are left over can offer an opportunity to create a nice little abstract landscapes.  This is on a 6 x 12 piece of watercolor paper with a 1" on either side when you cut the tape off. 

We will begin today using all the papers that they made...enough exercising...Game Day for collaging!


Papers are made....exercises now

 I gave assignments, 1 has to be a mini collage with image transfer.

 One started with a polymer resist then add color and polymer before collaging.

Quick peek at some of the exercise pieces everyone is working...

We were hopping Day 1

 This is awesome for art supplies and it rolls!!! Get it at Menards...Becky shared.
Winding down for the day....most papers were done and drying a floor of color....Eileen said it reminded her of Candy Land....isn't that cool because I was trying to get everyone to the playful stage of creating where the critic takes a hike.

So You got yourself a re-purposed book falling apart?

Using a book from the library in the section that for sale or resale shop is a great way to re purpose recycle and bring new life to the book.  And for mixed media artist is can be a wonderful experiment platform and sketchbook. 

I personally like to find a book that feels good in the hands.  Some day's it's the chunkiest one and other days it's small emough to fit in our pocket.  As you can see with the monster chunky one I've not even finish the foundation pages.  Might be a really long time. 

 What can happen with books that get uses and abuse in the act of creating like this is the spine takes the brunt of it.  It's what holds it together and when one adds to it...stress and puckering happens. So you can see on the few of my spreads I have a coated wire that I had to attach all page together with.  I got my drill and put three hold in and then the drill bit wasn't able to go all the way through the book. Just not long enough...Eyeballed it and drilled from the back side...With a book like this being perfect is out the door...the wabi sabi it is the better it looks.

Distortion happens...isn't it cool? 

Added some ribbons and such to cover the wire.  I had leather but that wasn't going to do it...pulled apart.  The wire I use for the back of picture frames...twisted it silly under the ribbons. 

Another wonky picture of re purpose book journal. 

Hope this helps out Cheryl Holz


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