Yesterday, I had the chance to be outside my son was able to turn the earth over a week and a half ago and that was a blessing after winter...gets a bit packed down. And yesterday I took the three prong rack/hoe and broke up the earth clods and made it ...
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  1. In the works and coming soon
  2. Sweet Compassion Little Girl
  3. Turning towards creativity
  4. Sharing this image....
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In the works and coming soon


Sweet Compassion Little Girl

 Yesterday, I had the chance to be outside my son was able to turn the earth over a week and a half ago and that was a blessing after winter...gets a bit packed down.  And yesterday I took the three prong rack/hoe and broke up the earth clods and made it a bit finer before the rains come in tonight and tomorrow...we don't have anything planned but peas by the fence but soon..The comfort of working the earth is so healing...everyone so do it...


At this time of the Shelter in Place, Virus Pandemic this was sent to me....thought I would share.

My Word this year is Transform...if you don't know what to transform my questions.  So I asked one of my Sage Women and she asked me what did you use to self protect yourself when you were little.  Those things that we used to not feel the pain, and when your really little how do you really know what to do and we are humans and full of many emotions and feelings at a time when one feels hurt, not know you or I could reach for the wrong thing but it fills something that you feel is a void...rambling but this is what came to me this morning...some personal stuff but I know have such compassion for my younger self....

Been thinking about the past, Good girl my journal writing this morning I remember hearing that I was so quiet that something should be done because it's like she' not even here...First, Second and Third grades....I was asked if I wanted a job to pick up the attendance card from the lower level classes and turn it into the school office. 
I knew when I was young I was different with learning and comprehending. You sense those things about yourself early....I never raised my hand to be called on to read...To do a book report in front of the class was murder..., I would read and nothing sunk I wrote sentences from the books like they were my forward to third grade, playing the clarinet I went from beginner to advance in a few short was all repetitive learning. Couldn't read a note now if my life depended on it..    The difference with the learning difficulties I had in my own mind outcasted me from what I saw on the outside of everyone else...I think it created my own self protections as of jealousy envy, and comparisons... and the long need for a Sense of belonging too...not fitting in.  What can a small good girl do with her feelings at this age?  Sweet compassion is all I have for the little girl in me....


Turning towards creativity

Watched a You Tube,  Found a blog with picture and instructions....and pulled out the scrap material I had left from making Amulets.  I used a thicker elastic and cut it in half...


Then I cut the same size out...silly ones bigger than the other.  Why is one has double layer of coffee filters in it and the other single layer.  

I had this multi colored material that I really liked and cut out two with the pattern I made and well they were a bit larger and seems to fit better and extended the elastic a bit more...I worked on this from about 11:30 till about 3:30 totally focused on cutting, pressing with my tack iron and sewing. Showing pictures on Facebook and Instagram...I was feeling pretty useful as of using what I can and making something of it. Whether we use them or not I will still be grateful I spent the time to try.  I'm not use to wearing a mask...So while I was making the last one Orange, I ware the Blue Mask... just to see what it felt like. 

This is our Kitchen table...lap top under the morning page journal and my other inspirational reading materials. Husband brought in the paper with the dogs, than the Cat, Sophie lays on top of the papers. She loves to roll around on them. 

Morning nap time. 

 Inner Compass Cards, I selected this morning is Grateful...I have a think...yes an obsessive thing. Some years back a friend gave me a gratitude list sheet and I took that as a gift and had a rubber stamp made so I could use my scrap piece of paper and make new Gratitude list that I could care with me and be reminded of throughout the day. 
So this morning I pick the Gratitude card...the intuitive reinforcements are out, as of to help one keep their thinking grounded and coming from the heart.  


Sharing this image....

Earth, Teach Me
Earth teach me quiet ~ as the grasses are still with new light.
Earth teach me suffering ~ as old stones suffer with memory.
Earth teach me humility ~ as blossoms are humble with beginning.
Earth teach me caring ~ as mothers nurture their young.
Earth teach me courage ~ as the tree that stands alone.
Earth teach me limitation ~ as the ant that crawls on the ground.
Earth teach me freedom ~ as the eagle that soars in the sky.
Earth teach me acceptance ~ as the leaves that die each fall.
Earth teach me renewal ~ as the seed that rises in the spring.
Earth teach me to forget myself ~ as melted snow forgets its life.
Earth teach me to remember kindness ~ as dry fields weep with rain.
— American Indian Ute Prayer passed down from White Buffalo Calf Woman

This is from my second vision board hanging my studio now....the images I was draw to when I do this vision board I don't always understand. They are my guidance and strength in grounding.. 

Today our sacred space is different and ever change....

I'm going to share a combination of spiritual of the Medicine Wheel and 12 steps...

Teaching of the Medicine Wheel

Four Direction-East, South, West and North

East-Red, Emotional, Birth/childhood, Morning, Spirit, Spring, Generosity
Great Spirit, grant me peace and serenity
South-Yellow, Mental, Noontime, Soul, Summer, Adolescence, Fortitude
To accept the things I cannot change
West- Black, Physical, Evening, Body, Autumn, Adulthood, Bravery
            The courage to change the things I can
North-White, Spiritual, Night, Mind, Winter, Old Age, Wisdom
            And the Wisdom to know the difference

Working the Medicine Wheel in your Life/Situations
·       Bring it to the Eastfirst, Emotional state, identify your personal emotions, and allow the heart to speak.  Bring it up and out to your Higher Spirit/Power. Face your emotions, by being honesty and open, be generous and humble.
We are only as sick as our Secrets.
Generosity-The quality of being kind, being generous, plentiful, large and unselfish.
·       Next bring it to the South, this is a place to start to see and accept your powerlessness over any situation you might be going through. This is not easy and can be painful, but through our pain we do grow. Facing Reality. Looking into our souls. 
Fortitude-The resilience, strength of mind to really see truth for what is yours and what is not yours.
·       Continuing on to the West we stand up and take responsibility for the changes that need to be made in our life. This is where we begin to grow up. We move our body into action on behalf of our own well-being which in truth affects our whole community.
Bravery-We bring into our lives courageous behavior and good character, we become fearless. We begin to see the quality that allows us to do things that might be frightening. Ex: like asking for help.
·       To complete the Medicine wheel we come to the North where we spiritually complete the acceptance of life and or the situation we are dealing with. We see our part, our responsibility, what to hang on to and what to let go of.  We realize and have new understanding in our heart the wisdom and experience of those before us. We use this experience in our life and begin to depend on it as we walk the Red Road.
Wisdom-The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement.

 Make your own  handheld 

Medicine Wheel / Serenity Prayer PDF

Why I'm sharing this is our Earth and her people are in Trauma....Living Trauma....what can we do differently from all our experience of our past to help us all walk a better way.  With Good Orderly Direction...I'm fighting hard to be of a Greater Spirit in my life. 
I may be at home but my heart is sending out the drum beats....

this is March April from my vision board....
pulling strength here the bison roam and the sandhill migrate..nature is guiding us. 

The circles above will be a being process of a handheld serenity prayer and medicine wheel...small but workable. staying ground, centered, humble and turning over all things out of my control is the directions I personal need to stay on.. I can't stay in my mind...need to bring it to the heart, the heart of courage and change.. off to create a Handheld medicine wheel...I'll share if this all works...


A New Series has begun

This piece on a wood panel is Greater She-Bear.  Created much like the Snow Owl below 

"Snow Owl” 30 x 30 collage art on wood panel with 2” cradle sides.

Materials Used: Geological Survey maps, gesso, sewing machine stitching, Gloss medium, acrylic painted drawing paper, book page, old journal page, acrylic stained tissue paper, waxed book thread, India Ink on drawing paper, Never dull on magazines-flowers, printing on acrylic drawing paper, glazing with acrylic, wax pastel crayons, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: This piece was started back in November of 2019, after a visit in October to see my parents in Wisconsin. I had finished the bear and wanted to make an owl and being we were merging into the winter season how fitting to create an owl. Hooting season is November and December time. I’ve collaged a Great Horned Owl before but this time I would make a Snow Owl.  I found out the females have more black speckles the than the males.  With this information I look upon it as female. I had a stall of creating energy because I had heard my fathers was ailing and it might be soon that he would leave this planet earth. Owls have been in some Native American cultures’ as a symbol of death.  We have many Great Horned Owls stopping by in the wee hours of the night hooting. The meaning of the owl is about silent wisdom, nocturnal vision, magical healing powers. I also have the meadow mice at the bottom of the piece. There to remind us not to get so stuck in details and to step back and see the bigger picture. The Owls also means new beginnings, and to move forward. There is symbolism added in black stitches on the right side of the owl; Listen, Inner Peace and Acceptance.   The symbols with Green Moon mean Autonomy, the triangle shapes stand for Inspiration and the last one means Beyond.  My father passed on his birthday March 5th, the meaning of this means he’s made a natural cycle of his life and lived a good life for 78 years.  I finished this piece a day before he died.   The process of creating was a comforting for my hurt heart as I know the day was coming.  This piece will be filled with memories of him and his wisdom shared with me.


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