Seeing her Sweet face, brings comfort........ My Horoscope this last card on my vision board.... You may be feeling positive about the outcome of your projects, which may put you in an optimistic frame of mind today. The confidence you have in your ...
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving
  2. Words of inspiration and inner knowing.
  3. Marble Marks
  4. My word for 2021 is coming
  5. Spiritual Connections comes in many forms.
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Happy Thanksgiving




Words of inspiration and inner knowing.

 Seeing her Sweet face, brings comfort........


My Horoscope this last card on my vision board....

You may be feeling positive about the outcome of your projects, which may put you in an optimistic frame of mind today. The confidence you have in your abilities could motivate you to put your best effort into your projects. Keeping in mind that it is your thoughts today that contribute to the success of your endeavors can help you remain positive and hopeful about what you can achieve. Should you notice any negative thoughts, perhaps you can just let them pass by, acknowledging that they are there but not listening to what they have to say. You might notice that if you simply let your unconstructive thoughts flow by instead of fighting them it will be easier to focus your attention on the ideas that are the most useful for you.

Cultivating constructive thoughts allows us to bring about success in our lives. If we become open to what possibilities the future can hold for us, we will begin to see how important our outlook is. When we view our potential as unlimited, we realize how much we can achieve, for we not only boost our confidence, but we also send our positive mental energy out into the universe, which is important, for the thoughts we send out often come back to us in one way or another. By focusing on what you can do today, you will send a message of hope into the universe, bringing your dreams closer to becoming a reality.

Personal thoughts this morning, 
I was swaying to the left last night and some this of feeling hopeless, sad and defeated.  Seeking some kind of change with a my husband now going on 6 days of up and down...major aches and pains. Can barely get out of bed.   I have keep my face on "Nurse Nancy"  but it was slipping off.  I had to let down a bit, and release my own sorrow over witnessing some you love being so sick.  

Now after a few cups of coffee and some pages under my belt I was getting intuitive nudges to just be sit still, allow it to flow over. That would be my own emotions.  
I remember sharing the experience of falling apart that it was OK to do that as long as you pick yourself back up and use what is needed and discard the rest.  

I'm on Week 9 of Walking in this World...guess what, it's about discovering a sense of resiliency.  That's one of my better qualities.  Can I say my default...going into the Beginning Again mode.   

Discovering a Sense of Resiliency

This week dismantles the myth of artist

As superhero. No artist is immune to negative

Emotions. The key to surviving such emotions is

Accepting them as necessary, and known and

Expectable part of the creative trails. The readings

And tasks of this week invite a sense of compassion

For the difficulties of our elected creative journey.

As the week focuses on the inner trails faced by

Artists, it assures us that while the dark night of the

Soul comes to all of us, by accepting this we are

Able to move through it. 

My last thoughts before I decided to self express with words here on the blog was areas of traumatic changes in the Nature always comes through and back.  I'm looking for signs, symbols and serenity.  But I still have to do the hard stuff first, I have to show up to life again and again.  I can do this. 

Because I'm going to allow the wind to be the guide and thoughts to flow.  

Marble Marks

Wooden Marbles dipped in India Ink then placed on the watercolor paper and then tilled and rolled around. 
The randomness is awesome. I can get directional marks by moving it one way or another. 



The thought about containing the marbles on the surface came with the use of the tape set on the surface of the watercolor paper. I do like this effect and will try it again.  

Working in Black and White only... but felt a little color would come in soon and this blue purple is a favorite among many. 

Using punches and repetitive shapes always excites me. For not wanting to create I used experimentation as a way to just keep showing up. Grateful for the process to create.  Art Saves Lives is so True. 


My word for 2021 is coming

Kim Mailhot  is sending my Word for the excited. 
Here is her site if your interested in one Queen of Arts Studio 

Spiritual Connections comes in many forms.


Brand New Day, 

6 x 6 

revisited sold piece of artwork. 

I am a spiritual creature, capable of faith, hope, and an appreciation of beauty.  I have an unlimited source of strength and comfort at my disposal. Today I will take the time to cultivate that spiritual connection.  

Many times throughout my life I've witness others in a their powerlessness state.  It's not a fun place to be in, for either being. 

I'm up early because I went to bed way too early but I was tired and sleep is important. With our elder dog-Hank his needs have me up a  few times at night. Grateful he's able to still get up and do it.  Not every night but most nights.  So any time I have an opportunity to sleep I take it. 

My morning pages were raw this morning and there seems to be still more wanting to come out so I've come to the blog. The pain of not be able to fix something, or someone is tough.  What is the hardest to accept is in come cases I'm not suppose think I'm all powerful and can fix.  Though I so want to.  

I reflect on this year...not a pretty sight but a sight of reality, great learning and growth.   And it brings me to an inner strength I've felt my whole life.   A presence between the pine trees out in a large farm pasture I would walk to and hear the winds make a beautiful song. I'm reminded of the back yard swing that was visited often when I was very young. The air flowing around my body and the sounds of the Crows all talking high in the cottonwoods every time I would be there.  

These moments,  I pull from while we wait for an answer to find out if the husband has Covid.   Sounds like I'm making him up likes he's on his death bed. He's not. Though he is sure doing a hell lot of sleeping which is good. I keep checking his temp and that's a low grade one.   With all the media scare and the reality of those elders mostly passing it's got me swaying in my faith just a little. 

I can sway but I don't hate that's for sure,  Mid year I made a choice to keep love flowing through as much as I can naturally and pray for the rest in guidance and awareness.   There is always an opportunity to use what is in front of you to learn and grow with.   Dwelling, isn't a choice. 

How am I using my time daily?  I'm still doing small process steps in moving towards some projects I would like to do. I feel like I should freeze...not fighting or taking flight but yes freezing.  

Am I taking care of myself? good foods, exercise, sleep?  Yes

Am I allowing time for thoughts to drift away in the wind and not allow them to take hold and descend my thoughts? I am...

I fell apart this morning after writing all that was dear to my heart and then some.   That letting go was just where I needed to be.  A place in my heart of openness, vulnerability and gratitude. 

I had to set down the bag of emotions in order to find the clarity.  All my feelings and thoughts are there but they are there to awaken me to new ways not old ways...I've been through this and so has my husband.  He said he's having flashbacks from getting Legionnaire's disease 9 years ago.  And I said me too.  Spiritual connections comes in many forms. 


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