Hurricane Hill8x8 Oil on Canvas Salt Creek8x8 Oil on Canvas Last month I had the pleasure of visiting the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with a group of friends. We ventured from the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Hurricane Ridge and hiked along the ...

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  2. Encaustic Journey
  3. Paint and Paper
  4. Wild Grass
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Mountains and Coast

Hurricane Hill
8x8 Oil on Canvas

Salt Creek
8x8 Oil on Canvas

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with a group of friends. We ventured from the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Hurricane Ridge and hiked along the sea and in the mountains all within one day. I arrived home with lots of inspiration for painting the lovely landscapes of the area. A series of 8x8 square format landscapes emerged after the trek. The two paintings above are my favorites. The rest can be viewed here in my portfolio. As the paint dries I will be selling the originals in my Etsy Shop and perhaps doing some larger versions to submit to my Ugallery portfolio

Encaustic Journey

Red and Black 1
6x6 Encaustic

Always eager to experiment with new art mediums, encaustic painting is a method with which I had no experience until recently. The ethereal sense that the process produces has long intrigued me, so I finally did some research, bought some supplies, and jumped in. Encaustic is a classic form of art that uses bee's wax and heat to produce a design.  Above is one of my first paintings using the process. I am delighted to report that it was fun and not nearly as difficult as I imagined. I'm sure I will continue to play with the process. Below are two more compositions from my exploration. I hope you like them.

Red and Black 2
6x6 Encaustic

Red and Black 3
6x6 Encaustic

Paint and Paper

6x6 Mixed Media on Paper
Original For Sale

This past week I've been playing with some mixed media, acrylic paint, ink, and pencils. My surface is usually canvas, but I worked on paper this time, namely a 246 lb. archival acrylic paper. The focus was on making different kinds of marks, layering texture, and composition. You can view the entire series here.

After I was finished, it was fun to play with adding different types of matting and framing. My vision is a wall of these little abstract designs. Now, I just need a big blank wall. 

6x6 Mixed Media on Paper

6x6 Mixed Media on Paper


Wild Grass

Last week I returned from a road trip along the West Coast from Washington State to Southern California and back again. It was a beautiful time to travel by car. Springtime was showing its face everywhere. The paintings above were inspired by the beautiful grasses that emerged on the landscape in Northern California and Southern Oregon. From the window of my car, the wild grasses provided color and abstraction that entertained me for miles. As soon as I got home I began working on this series based on those beautiful patches of wild grass. The paintings are abstract in both color and design, but I feel like they effectively capture the atmosphere provided by those lovely wild grasses. You can see more of this series here.

Bloedel Reserve

Near the Sheep Shed
4x6 Oil on Canvas

Through the Birch Garden
4x6 Oil on Canvas

Last week I had the pleasure of an invitation to visit Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. What a treat! I took hundreds of photos and enjoyed every beautiful moment of the adventure. Above are a couple of little oil studies I completed after returning home. I created several others, but the paint is still wet and difficult to photograph. These studies will serve well as notes for creating some larger paintings in the future. Can't wait! I better order some more canvases.


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