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"Tech law GEEK" - 5 new articles

  1. Honoring Veterans
  2. Irresponsibility
  3. Potentially Destructive Pursuits
  4. Has it already been a year?
  5. I blog because I can
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Honoring Veterans

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No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood.--

Potentially Destructive Pursuits

I couldn't help notice Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's comments during Bill Gates' testimony before the House Committee on Science and Technology.the other huge challenge we face is the challenge of getting more of our best and brightest into careers as science, math and engineering. Increasingly as I talk to audiences and ask our kids what degrees they're going to pursue - they're pursuing what I

Has it already been a year?

It's hard to believe almost a year has gone by since I've had the chance to blog, but life has a way of reprioritizing what you do with your free time, whether you want it to or not. An update may be in order.I've been spending most of this year in Florida, making up for some lost time with family and geeking out on some really cool technical projects. I managed to squeeze in enough study

I blog because I can

A career-limiting move? I'm thrilled I can moveTech Central Station has an update today on an Egyptian blogger (and former law student) jailed in Alexandria for speaking his mind.Kareem Amer was remanded to over a month in prison for allegedly "defaming the President of Egypt" and "highlighting inappropriate aspects that harm the reputation of Egypt." Where did Amer commit these supposed

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