In pole dancing as in life there are no shortcuts – so what is the purpose of pole dancing shorts? Why not any shorts? Why do we need to be so specialised? Perhaps pole dancing shorts can be seen as a metaphor for mental fitness – the tighter and ...

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Shorts for Pole Dancing?

In pole dancing as in life there are no shortcuts – so what is the purpose of pole dancing shorts? Why not any shorts? Why do we need to be so specialised?

pole dancing shorts

pole dancing shorts

Perhaps pole dancing shorts can be seen as a metaphor for mental fitness – the tighter and mor flexible the better you’ll be able to dance. Th shorts should be a servant of the body and not the other way around! Just like for optimum mental fitness then it will the mind that is lead by the body and not the other way around – whether you are upside down, in a spin or an invert the shorts or the mind should never come between you and your x-pole. It is only the skin which can grip any fabric that gets on the way will do nothing to serve your aims as a an X-Pole dancer.

To find out more about the shorts the a follow up can be made here

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X-Pole Podiums

There is something about the outdoor lifestyle that encourages mental fitness, however it is not always to place an x-pole exactly where you might want it – so perhaps that is why the x-stage is a useful tool for those that can afford it!

There are also the platinum stages more which also come highly recomended – it is to some extent just a matter of choice which one you’d prefer to have.

So what are the advantages of a podium over a portable and expendable pole?

Well, the answer to that would have to be that with an x-stage then the sky is the limit – literally!! By this I men that you do not need a roof in order to brace the upper fixings of the pole – so for pole fitness in the outdoors then you can find a beautiful spot and simply pop-up the pole exactly where you need it.

outdoor podium

outdoor podium

Using the pole for a dance of fresh air can be a really special, unique and cleansing experience – but it comes at a price – these poles can cost over £500 – so perhaps not for beginers, who might just have to make do with the x-pole sport and an indoors experience.

For couples that have certain fantasies to live out – they will need the x-stage in order to place the pole in a sufficiently isolated location to carry out the dance without onlookers – and the it comes down to access – although these podiums are portable – they are not light so expect to be hoisting around 40kg with you wherever you take it to. This hasn’t stopped dancers from using them in some very isolated locations though – like how about the top of Ben Nevis for an example! more

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X-Pole Xpert

For those of you that think you might be going one stage further than the x-pole sport then the x-pole xpert is the next level up.

x-pole xpert

x-pole xpert

So what is an X-Pole Xpert and why do I need one?

That is a good question – well it is the spinning dance pole made by x-pole which effectively means that you could take your pole dancing to an entirely new level, it does have the advantage that it can be used to simply grasp onto and then rotate upon the axis of the pole – however for many people this can be a very disconcerting experience – it can be a bit dizzying to stay still whilst watching the world go past…

So it is very unlikely that a beginner dancer is going to gain very much from using an x-pole xpert (or any brand of spinning pole) however there is a reason to get one – notably the fact that it can be used as a static pole, by simply switching off its “spinning” aspect by locking the bearings – this is pretty simple and can be done in a matter of seconds.

What an xpert can offer you is it’ll give you something to aim for – so as well as trying to perfect harder and harder routines you’ll also be able to loo forward to the day when you can confidentially let go and spin away!!!

When locked in position then it is very much identical to the x-pole sport – which (as per the previous post) is out top-tip for fitness.

To reitierate the reaosn why you’ll find it great to have a pole dance routine as prt of your mental fitness programme…

It is All ABOUT Confidence!!

Doing something that you think is “not you” will allow you to get out of your character and into some one elses – this allows you to play at being someone else and also to look back and into your own persona – so to take a character as outlandish as a stripper – will put most people so outside of themselves that looking back from a distance will become easier and easier.

The skills and the lessons that you’ll need to master the poledance are there to truly help you to get into a different character – think about the true method actors – don’t just PLY the part … BECOME THE PART!

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X-Pole Sport

Gaining mental fitness is as much about confidence and body fitness as it is about your mind. We follow the ideas for a fitness routine from because they seek to harness the physical and the emotional via a course of pole dancing routines.

Some people would associate pole dancing more with the seedy underworld than they would with fitness – but you only need to look at events such as the World Pole Dance Championship to see that is so much more than simply stripping!

world pole dance championship

world pole dance championship

But it is the association with the historic use of pole dancing for titivation that makes it such a useful tool – the physical improvement of the pole dancing can come hand-in-hand with the empowerment that you get from really putting yourself out of your comfort zone.

Many people still question the idea that pole dancing is more than just a strippers tool – see the article about it being banned here – and that is at a university where they are “enlightened”!! But not everyone is as closed minded are they?

Just think – all that time practising a routine and then getting to perform it in a public place in front of an audience – what a buzz and a confidence boost that will be!

We don’t suggest you go it alone – you’ll want to select a pole dancing class to start your lessons at – but in a safe informal environment with a trained instructor you’ll quickly pick up the routines that will give you both an inner an outer strength. The pole that you choose is important to how this’ll work out for you – so you want a quality portable pole that you rely upon – this may well be the X-Poe SPort as a good standard for beginners.

You might be asking “why do I need a pole”? Well, that is a very good question and one that is worthy of a bit of an explanation…

The answer is two-fold, the first part is perhaps obvious Practice Will Make Perfect – and this is about aiming for perfection. The second part is perhaps not so obvious – remember the association between pole dancing and stripping? Well don’t ignore it, it can be useful … so when you have the basics of a routine nailed – then bring it back into the realm of the stripper – this is an amazing way to rebuild confidence in a relationship – so if you have an x-pole sport then you can quite quickly and easily erect it in the bedroom to show what you have learned!

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Pole Fitness

The search for the x-pole and it’s alignment can lead to superb pole-fitness, it can also hamper the development.

The pole fitness blog is just one resource other ideas for pole fitness could be found at sites such as pole fitness which offers courses and even has dancers for hire should you wish to promote an event or opening.

The portable poles (x-pole) or the podiums will be needed too.

It is by watching and studying how a dancer masters and even conquers gravity you can learn a lot about how you can line-up the two axis of your internal x-pole.

Miss Pole Dance

Miss Pole Dance

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