Ms. New Beauty has decidedly unique preferences in television. She loves Gossip Girl but will only watch episodes that have been recorded on her DVR, never the live broadcast and she can never watch repeats. But with any of the seasons or cities of the ...

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Ms. New Beauty - Living the Beautiful Life - A Beauty Blog - 5 new articles

As Seen on MNB

Ms. New Beauty has decidedly unique preferences in television. She loves Gossip Girl but will only watch episodes that have been recorded on her DVR, never the live broadcast and she can never watch repeats. But with any of the seasons or cities of the Real Housewives, MNB can watch over and over and over again. She also has an equally fickle relationship with some of her favorite Food Network chefs. She can only watch two episodes of Rachel Ray per week before the canned goofy/perkiness starts to wear her out - seriously, who really prefers to call a sandwich a sammie? Who? - but the absolutely divine over-the-top antics of the Neely's never fails to amuse Ms. New Beauty. Quite possibly her strangest tv habit is her love affair with infomercials. Since the time she got a television in her room as a child, MNB has delighted in watching these 30 minute long commercials. Her favorites tend to be any kind of cleaning or cooking products. Ms. New Beauty practically knows the dialogue for...

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Hit The Bricks

Ms. New Beauty has spent the last six months or so anxiously, breathlessly, kid-on-Christmas-Eve-ly, waiting for the arrival of spring. This winter has just been full of gray dreary skies and rainy days and MNB was over it about three hours after it began. But, last week, it seemed that spring had finally sprung. The skies were blue and sunny. The birds in the tree by Ms. New Beauty's front door started chirping and 4 am and kept it going all day long. And, flowers had started to push their way up through the earth and bloom just outside her window. All was right in New Beautyland. Of course, MNB started adjusting both her clothing and cosmetic wardrobes to this welcomed change in climate. She started skipping the socks that had become a mandatory staple, regardless of footwear. Her heavy winter moisturizer was replaced by a heavenly light and refreshing new face lotion (new post on that later). Ms. New Beauty's favorite adjustment was to her bronzing routine. MNB gets helplessly...

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The Battle of the Primers

More than a few times recently, Ms. New Beauty has had ridiculously long days. Most people wake up, go to work, and come back home. In MNB's life, it's been more like wake up, go to work, get dinner, maybe a few cocktails, head out to some social event, stumble in the house way past midnight, do it all over again the next day. With days this long, Ms. New Beauty of course has to rely on makeup that will go on easily in the morning and keep on kicking until it's time to take it off. Pressed powder and cheek stain pretty much keep her complexion in tact. Her mascara is so good, it doesn't come off unless she uses an eye makeup remover. But keeping her eye shadow in tact always proved to be a struggle. The color that looks great in the morning is creased and all but evaporated by evening, unless MNB gets a little help from her friends - her primer friends that is.

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

I first told you about this amazing find a few months back. The paint pot is itself a cream...

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Drive-by Beauty

Yesterday, Ms. New Beauty had the longest day of her life. She left the house at 8 am and didn't make it back until 4 o' clock the next morning. MNB put in a full day at work and then had a full evening scheduled after. The plan was to meet her boyfriend for a quick drink and then head over to Radio City to see the Katt Williams comedy tour. After the drinks and jokes, next up was dinner and then a cab ride downtown to celebrate a friend's birthday at a club. Add in the fact that yesterday in New York was cold, cloudy, rainy day. Obviously, it took a herculean effort for Ms. New Beauty to find the right outfit that would work in the office and then carry her through her whirlwind night all the while keeping her looking chic despite the weather. MNB put together just the right look for the day but as she was leaving work and heading uptown for her cocktails and comedy, she realized that her makeup was badly in need of a refresh. Unfortunately, Ms. New Beauty had left her emergency...

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Glow To Go

As Ms. New Beauty mentioned before, she just started a new job. She's delighted to inform you all that she's really enjoying herself. The work is challenging. The people are nice. And, the culture could not be more suited to MNB's personality. But, she does have one small gripe. The lighting in the women's bathroom. On her first, Ms. New Beauty took extra care to spruce up her normal routine with a little extra coverage and color where she needed it only to be absolutely dismayed on her first run to the ladies' room. The lighting made her look like an absolute hag! Under the daylight outdoors she looked great. Under the flourescents at her desk, she was flawless. MNB looked great everywhere - except in that bathroom. She doesn't know how and she doesn't know why but somewhere along the line, Ms. New Beauty pissed that light bulb off and it was determined to make her pay for it. Each day, MNB subtly adjusted her daily routine to compensate for the horrors waiting for her in that...

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