Truffles...need I say more? White truffles from truffles from Burgundy and various accoutrements to embellish and enhance. This sexy autumnal delicacy is sure to evoke that euphorically induced desire or sensual passion that some would say is like sex. ...

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  1. White, Black and Wonderful...
  2. Dreams are Reality...
  3. Livin The Dream...
  4. Caught Up in the Moment...
  5. Little Something Else...
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White, Black and Wonderful...

Truffles...need I say more? White truffles from Alba...Black truffles from Burgundy and various accoutrements to embellish and enhance. This sexy autumnal delicacy is sure to evoke that euphorically induced desire or sensual passion that some would say is like sex. Any way you want to describe it, it is surely nothing short of amazing. Here are but a few dishes crafted from this intoxicating tuber.

Alba White Truffles...

Burgundy Black Truffles...

pumpkin gnocchi, silky white truffle potatoes, speck, shaved white truffles
chervil, pecorino, poultry jus

sorghum lacquered smoked quail, fingerling potatoes, arugula
black truffle-corn-lobster mushroom composure, sherry-truffle dressing

alba truffle risotto, lamb tenderloin, melted onions, butternut, veal sweetbreads
shaved alba truffles


Dreams are Reality...

an update on the cooking front from within the realm of the cuisiniers...another day, some other time for someone else. new thoughts for a new outlook on what's up in our world...each day brings new ways of looking at what is in front of us...hopefully, for the better.

daurade, matsutake, brussels, butternut, truffled romaine, champagne-matsutake essence

steamed tai snapper, onion puree, chanterelles, truffle sauce

seared foie gras, pumpkin sponge, elderberry mostarda, concorde grape,
walnut pesto, quince, cinnamon

seared foie gras, pepper galette, pumpkin seed-oat granola, nigella, walnut powder
muscat-honey dressing

vadouvan lamb, carrot cous cous, coffee roasted carrots, coffee-cocoa milk
porcini, red currant-sassafras bitters sauce

lobster, oranges, watermelon radish, hibiscus gelee, sturgeon caviar
crispy potato

lobster mushrooms, roasted corn, caramelized ponions, herb pasta
dungeness crab, tarragon, parmesan

local rockfish, polenta gratin, shallots, heirloom tomatoes, tomato water, olive oil

seared scallop, beet salad, pumpkin bread, grapes, quince, elderberry 


Livin The Dream...

as I lay there, barely awake in the mid morning sun one recent morning, I thought about a few flavor profiles and dishes I would consider if I were in need of a wine paired and focused menu, or really truth be told, just a collaboration of fun flavors and ingredients for just about any cool menu needed. There was something elusive about it as I had been asked to create a menu earlier for a wine tasting, but I was not thinking about it all when I conjured this up. Funny how things can happen. Nothing as it seems...

poached shigoku oyster wrapped in cucumber, watermelon radish
oranges, daikon sprouts, hibiscus-ginger gelee

smoked chicken-mushroom terrine, pumpkin hummus, walnuts, verjus apples
carrot butter brioche, arugula, maple-bourbon dressing

sumac crusted beef flat iron, elderberry mostarda, cinnamon ash, fig relish
coffee milk, cassis sauce

washed rind goat cheese, black currant brioche, concord grapes, ras el hanout

salted caramel pot de creme, pecans, cider gelee, caramel


Caught Up in the Moment...

Sometimes I really do not know where the time goes. It seems to just slip away right in front of me. That is the life of a chef for you. Always so many things to more thing to get last idea to create...always busy doing that one last thing. Things certainly have been busy for me. New things at work. New things in my cooking. New things in my life. All good things. Although I have taken many, many shots over the last few months since our last encounter here, here are some that are a bit more recent from a very special dinner we did for some very special people for a very special birthday!
nectarine-crab salad, lemon balm, yuzu pudding, bergamot oil
macadamia nuts, olive oil

heirloom tomato salad, marinated mozzarella, micro basil, spanish olive oil
grilled marcona almonds, tomato water, fleur de sel

seared pleasant view farms foie gras, rhubarb gel, beets, walnuts, apricot mostarda
cinnamon charcoal, micro arugula

porcini & parsley marinated halibut, fava tapenade, corn, duck tongues,
truffles, nasturtium sauce, onion ash pasta

spice crusted duck breast, cherries, garlic confit, arugula pesto, smoked panzanella crumbs
roasted farmer carrots, blackberry-syrah sauce

merlot braised beef shortribs, horseradish potatoes, zucchini ribbons
crispy parmesan chips, black pepper sauce

Little Something Else...

...and that is just what this is, just a little something to remind you...of what else is possible. Nothing crazy, nothing overly complicated, nothing other than a few dishes inspired by the moment and some good times. But I can tell you it is tasty and flavorful and full of the elements of the season. It is amazing what a little positive rejuvenation can do for a soul, the craft and the passion. In every sense...
seared foie gras & squab terrine, peach compote, rhubarb-onion jam
cacao nib marbre, grated walnuts, rhubarb gel, cinnamon ash

pan roasted sea scallop, crisp & silky potatoes, peas, pea vines
porcini, truffles, carrot puree, nasturtium sauce

marinated clams, smoky jal, asparagus, lemoncello pearls, purple mustard
cured lemons, spanish olive oil

herb and onion ash pasta, dungeness crab, baby heirloom tomatoes
asparagus, chervil, pecorino and lemon-pepper crema

graham crumble, salted caramel, smoked valrhona chocolate ganache
bourbon marshmallow, cinnamon graham cookies

manjari chocolate fondant, apricots, caramel sauce
espresso ice cream, cocoa croquant, almond mascarpone macaron

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