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"Aaron Job Draws" - 5 new articles

  1. CBD Fun! Valentine's Day
  2. Random Guy
  3. CBD Fun: Anti Media
  4. How We Got Snow In Our Clothes: A Sad But True story
  5. Darth Vader vs. Ben Kenobi
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CBD Fun! Valentine's Day

Comic #1

Comic #2


Random Guy

CBD Fun: Anti Media

Kids, you need to put that console down or get off the computer.
Research says kids get obese by too much media.  So, kids should put down media for a while...
...that's right.  Take a few days without media and then --
I hate anti-media advertisements.

How We Got Snow In Our Clothes: A Sad But True story

 By Aaron Job Wilson
 Let's  have a snowball fight with your dad.
 I surrender to nobody.
 My dad did the meanest thing...
 It was a harsh battle with many casulties...
 While we were victorious...
 ...we still had to thaw out.
All this is true, with little bit of exaggeration.
The moral of the story is:  Never engage your dad in a snowball fight.

Darth Vader vs. Ben Kenobi

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