Forklifts And Lifting Equipment Safety TipsDo your employees know the correct procedures to follow when a forklift hits a pallet? Have you designated pedestrian walkways with floor marking tape? Are speed limits posted? Review these four forklift safety ...

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Forklift safety, OSHA robot standards, more and more...

Forklift safety, OSHA robot standards, more

Forklifts And Lifting Equipment Safety Tips

Do your employees know the correct procedures to follow when a forklift hits a pallet? Have you designated pedestrian walkways with floor marking tape? Are speed limits posted? Review these four forklift safety tips to be sure your facility is a safe forklift zone.

OSHA Setting Standards for Sites with Robots

Sure, robots may be programmed for safe, predictable behavior but that doesn't mean they're not a hazard to those around them. Like any large heavy machinery that potentially requires a large clearance, they can be a hazard. That's of course where OSHA steps in. OSHA and NIOSH are working on guidelines for the safety of those who work around robots. Here's what to expect.

Are your safety signs working?

By putting some psychological tricks into action, you can increase employees' response to your safety signs. This should decrease accidents and cut back on your time spent on OSHA incident reporting. Think of it as taking your facility to a level beyond just compliance.  >> Make your signs more effective

Massive Alberta Pipeline Spill Stemmed

Last Friday an Alberta pipeline spilled five million liters of emulsion, a byproduct of oil sands extraction. This is one of the largest environmental land spills in North American history, according to Reuters.

The spill has been stemmed, a wildlife fence has been set up, and cleanup is underway. >> View the video


How to keep Safety Training Interesting, Keeping Cool in a Crisis, more

Emotional intelligence: how to keep cool in a crisis

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a scoring of how logical and cool you can keep in highly-charged situations. A high EI is a great trait for a safety manager or anyone with a risky job. 

So how do we put this to use in the safety realm? First, make sure that your critical safety personnel and employees in high-risk situations are able to stay calm when faced with an unexpected crisis. Walking through emergency scenarios can help employees perform better in an actual crisis.

This infographic shows some interesting info on emotional intelligence and its applications.

This article is a can't-miss... it contains valuable information on the stress-busting techniques frequently applied by those with a high EI score. It includes a slideshow on the ten most stressful jobs.

10 (more) tips for a safe workplace

There can never be too many lists of safety tips, as long as they contain new and helpful suggestions. This one does.

How to keep safety training interesting

How are safety managers keeping their safety training interesting to employees? This was a question posed in a LinkedIn safety group and the answers were diverse and interesting. Here are some of the best answers.

Speaking of keeping cool...

If high temps make employees feel like they're working in an oven, it might be time for more tips on beating the heat.


Combating Worker Fatigue, Short Safety Vids, more

How to get the CEO onboard with your safety program

Whether or not you're working with a CEO who “gets” safety, it's vital to find ways to connect with corporate leaders and learn how to manage their expectations.

Want to keep your job? Deliver on the reason they hired you. >> Find out more

Worker fatigue: tips to combat it

Two separate studies revealed that the switch to Daylight Savings Time resulted in 40 minutes less sleep for American workers, a 5.7 percent increase in workplace injuries and nearly 68 percent more work days lost to injuries.

Sure, you can't do anything about the time change, but there are ways to minimize worker fatigue. For instance, don't make sudden changes to workers' schedules.  >> Find other ways to minimize worker fatigue

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) ponied up $300k in grant money to fund research on a system to combat workplace fatigue. The idea is to use FitBit--those wristbands that track physical activity and sleep quality--to alert the worker when fatigue sets in. He or she is then supposed to enact one of the program's suggested interventions to induce wakefulness.  >> Find out more

Safety tip videos

Here are some video shorts on a variety of safety topics, from keeping workers cool while working in the heat to forklift safety. They're short but helpful and might be a great way to start a meeting.  >> View the videos

OSHA cites heater as cause of oil rig fire

Workers using an open-flame heater on an oil rig is thought to be the cause of a fire that killed three. OSHA says this isn't the first time they were cited for this offense, and they've now been placed in the Severe Violator Enforcement Program.  >> View images of oil and gas accidents

Deaths in your Industry, New Safety Tech, and more

How many deaths occurred in your industry last year?

In 2011, there were 33,930 cases of missed work from workers getting compressed by or caught in equipment. This workplace safety statistic and many more are presented in a visual slider format, provided by the National Safety Council. The stats cover a broad range of industries. You can display the stats or repurpose the slides as internal posters to serve as safety reminders. >> See the stats

Putting new technology to work for safety

Technology has completely altered the way we interact, and there are apps and tech items to help us with nearly every aspect of life. Here are some ways to put the latest gadgets to work, toward your goal of workplace safety.

A key part of OSHA compliance is an effective system of hazard alerts in the form of labels and signs. But it can be difficult to track which ones are outdated and where new ones should be placed. This free labeling assistant app lets you track locations that need updates by using your device to snap pics. You can add notes and even assign the project, and it geotags the photo so you can find the location later, when the label is made.  >> Get the app

Top 5 ways to strengthen your safety team

When it comes to workplace safety, committees are essential. In fact, 14 states require employers to have safety committees, and 5 recommend them. If you don't have one you should consider forming one, and if you do, here are 5 ways to improve your safety committee.

More Safety Fail pics, Workplace Safety Interview, and more

25 more horrifying safety fail moments

You may find these amusing or you may find them horrifying, but here are 25 pics of some pretty creative approaches to getting the job done, at the possible expense of life and limb. Think of this as the Safe Workplace's reference guide on what NOT to do.

Workplace safety: interview with an expert

This interview with safety expert Donna Mandell covers workplace safety misconceptions, common safety violations, launching a workplace safety program, and more. She also offers advice on the best ways to improve workplace safety.

New name on the OSHA SVEP list: DMAC Construction

OSHA inspectors went out to investigate a tip that workers were in imminent danger at a south Philadelphia construction site. They found that the employer allowed bricklayers to place an improperly-braced scaffold near power lines. They were 35 feet above ground and did not have fall protection in place. They were cited for eight violations, seven of which were willful, and were fined $470,300 and added to the Severe Violator Enforcement Program.  >> Find out more

So what's the takeaway from this? It might be an ideal time for a staff refresher on OSHA's three main rules for safe scaffolding use.

OSHA advice for safe flood cleanup

In the aftermath of the floods in Texas and Oklahoma, OSHA posted information on safe flood cleanup, and necessary precautions. When a region is struck by an unusual storm type--like a dry region is suddenly hit by heavy flooding--workers may not have much experience handling that type of situation. This increases the odds of injury or death. A firefighter in Oklahoma was swept into a storm drain and died while attempting a flood rescue, and with record-breaking rainfall in both regions, more injuries may occur during cleanup.

Don't miss this time-lapse video of the storm hitting Dublin, Texas.

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