Sample Universe Case Study: Respondent Qualifying Criteria - Respondent must be an amateur video and audio software editor. - Respondent must own a video and/or audio editing software product; purchased under $200. We could either go out to the general ...

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  1. Sample Universe Case Study:
  2. What is your ideal Sample Universe?
  3. Identification of Your Ideal Respondent
  4. Financial Details on Sinclair Re-Transmission Deal
  5. Networking in Texas Media: 2007 Event Calendar
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Sample Universe Case Study:

Sample Universe Case Study:

Respondent Qualifying Criteria

  • Respondent must be an amateur video and audio software editor.
  • Respondent must own a video and/or audio editing software product; purchased under $200.

We could either go out to the general population to see what percentage would qualify or we could use available targeting like:

Available Counts/Possible Targeting Options

  • Mac Users – As a group, they do more editing and creative manipulation projects than PC users
  • Very Interested in Computers and Very interested in Fine Arts – higher incidence of editing
  • Very Interested in Computers and Very interested in Music – slightly higher incidence of editing
  • Very Interested in Computers and Very interested in Photography – higher incidence of editing
It would be important for us to know the end client of the research or at least to make sure that the targeting options we use are appropriate for your end client.  For example, if your end client was a PC software provider, then using Mac users as a targeting would not give an accurate indication of their customer behavior, perception in the marketplace, etc.

--Carter Cathey
2010 (c)

What is your ideal Sample Universe?

What is your ideal Sample Universe?

A sample universe can be defined in any number of ways.  Basically, we need to know from what group of people do you want us to search for your ideal respondent.  Do you want to ask questions of the general population to find your ideal respondent or do you want to use available targeting to reach them more efficiently and more directly.

We have two basic targeting options which both have pros/cons:

  • General Population – US Census Balanced
    • Pros:
      • Able to project results to the general population
      • Able to use for market sizing among different age, ethnic, geographic and other market segments.
      • Able to apply weighting controls
    • Cons:
      • Very low incidence
      • Much higher costs
      • Could require longer field time
  • Targeted Population Segments
    • Pros:
      • Higher Incidence
      • Much Lower Costs
      • Faster to field the study
    • Cons:
      • Only representative of the targeted group.  Ergo, not able to project the results to the general population
      • Only able to use for market sizing among the targeted group.
      • Difficult, if not impossible, to apply weighting controls accurately.
--Carter Cathey 2010

Identification of Your Ideal Respondent

The first step in any research engagement is to identify your ideal respondent from whom you wish to collect insights. It is typically a good exercise to make a list of declarative statements about characteristics that your ideal respondents have or don't have. The more information you provide in the earlier stages, the better the survey will be designed, the better your panel providers can assess feasibility and costs, and the better the overall process will be from design to fieldwork.

B2C Details Include things like:

  • Respondent Gender
  • Respondent Age
  • Respondent Ethnicity
  • Respondent Geographic Location
  • Respondent Education Level
  • Respondent Income Level

B2B Details Include things like:

  • Respondent Industry Type
  • Respondent Title
  • Respondent Decision-Making Authority (over x,y,z product or service)
  • Respondent Company Size (number of employees or revenue)
  • Respondent Company Geographic Location

Examples of Declarative Criteria Statements:

  • Respondent must be 18-49 years old.
  • Respondent must be female.
  • Respondent must have a household income of $75,000 or greater.
  • Respondent must live in Texas.
  • Respondent must have a swimming pool.


(c) 2010


Financial Details on Sinclair Re-Transmission Deal

UPDATE: Discussed in depth in a previous post, Broadcast / Cable Re-Transmission Agreements: Why Should We Care?, the details of the re-transmission agreement between Sinclair Broadcasting Group and Time Warner Cable were not originally available.

As a publicly traded company, Sinclair Broadcasting Group has reported some of the details of their agreement with Time Warner in their earnings statement for 4th Quarter 2006.

Sinclair owns and/or operates 58 stations and has signed re-transmission agreement with 75% of the cable systems in their local markets. According to the
Baltimore Sun, Sinclair reported today that this will generate an additional $48 million in 2007 compared to the $25 million they earned in 2006.

Sinclair anticipates that this revenue stream could double again by 2010 to almost $100 million.

The compensation will be distributed among stations based on market size and other factors, but just an average shows this to be an additional $827,000 per Sinclair station for 2007.

--Carter Cathey
(c) 2007

Networking in Texas Media: 2007 Event Calendar

The following is a rough 2007 calendar of Media Industry Events in Texas.

Here are some websites to use in order to stay up to date on scheduled events around the state:

Monthly events (DALLAS)

  • Dallas Ad League monthly luncheon
  • AWRT-DFW monthly luncheon

Texas Media Events:

February 8: DALLAS – Dallas Ad League 2007 Addy Awards

  • This annual event presents awards to great creative produced in Dallas. I went to this event several years ago and it was primarily creative services people that attend. Some good work is show-cased, but it wasn't well-attended by media professionals on the buying or selling side of the business. None of my media clients were involved nor were clients.
  • Recommendation: As a media networking opportunity, skip it.

February 17: HOUSTON – Houston Ad Federation 2007 Addy Awards

  • This annual event presents awards to great creative produced in Houston. It is less exciting than the Dallas version and less attended.
  • Recommendation: For media, definitely skip it.

February 23: AUSTIN – Austin Ad Federation 2007 Addy Awards

  • Haven’t been to this one, but I have heard it is not well attended.
  • Recommendation: Again, marginal media value - Skip It.

March 7: SAN ANTONIO – Ad League 2007 ILA Honors Luncheon

  • Honoring AT&T for their innovation and leadership in advertising, this event sounds interesting. I haven't been to an ILA Luncheon before, but on the basis of who potentially might attend, it might be interesting as a networking opportunity and as a way to learn more about AT&T as a potential client.
  • Recommendation: Deserves more investigation.

March 22: DALLAS - AWRT Awards Gala

  • A well-attended, annual event, there are actually two simultaneous events. One is inside the ballroom during the long presentation of media-industry awards and the other is at the bar outside the ballroom.
  • Recommendation: Should Attend (and work both parties).

March 29: DALLAS – Ad League All Fools Golf Tournament

  • I have never participated. I am curious about other events surrounding the golf like awards ceremony, lunch, dinner, etc. There might be some good networking opportunities, but I am not familiar enough with the event to say.
  • Recommendation: Deserves more investigation.

April 10: DALLAS – Ad League Ad Roast (2007 Roastees Barbara and Stan Levinson)

  • A well-attended, annual event, but it is truly painful to endure it. Advertising and Media professionals attempt, usually badly, to roast like the Friar’s Club. It goes from extreme boredom to amazingly insulting. However, it is a big event and everybody goes.
  • Recommendation: Should Attend (even though you probably won’t enjoy it)

April 19: AUSTIN – Austin AWRT Trailblazer Awards

  • 2nd Annual and I have not been previously. The Trailblazer awards are where the media community honors people in the community who have been visionaries when it comes to media. The worth of the event as a networking opportunity depends a great deal on whom is being honored. A good honoree means A-list attendees on both the agency and client side of the business plus all the sellers.
  • Recommendation: More Investigation Needed

April 26: DALLAS – Texas Showdown 2007

  • A well-attended, annual event, which is attended by television stations, radio stations, media mavens, buyers, planners, and assistants. It is an experience. It starts at the hotel with a suite-crawl from one sponsor party to another. After jello shots and fourteen flavors of beer, you take the shuttle out to the ranch. Frozen margaritas and beer are the constant background to events like riding the mechanical bull, getting your butt sketched, line dancing, calf roping, and carnival games.
  • Recommendation: Should Definitely Attend. This is a great networking event and a unique media experience in Texas.

April 27: DALLAS – AWRT Mournin’ After Golf Tournament (Showdown)

  • I have worked this event as a sponsor for several years. You can sponsor a team or sponsor a hole. As a team sponsor, you play in the tournament. As a hole sponsor, you set up an table at the tee-box with Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, snacks, cokes, freebies, etc. There is usually alcohol and free stuff on every other hole.
  • Recommendation: Maybe Attend. (Please note that this is the morning AFTER Showdown. Pace yourself if you intend to tee off at 8am.)

August 9: AUSTIN – Texas Association of Broadcasters 2007 Annual Convention

  • This is a great event with good sessions. It is mainly attended by Texas broadcast television stations and the numerous companies that call upon them. The sessions are great even though more of them focus on the technical side of broadcasting. The legislative affairs session is always good and the broadcaster panel discussions.
  • Recommendation: Should attend if you are a Texas Broadcaster or sell to them.

October TBD: DALLAS – Dream Fund Night in Monte Carlo

  • A well-attended, annual event with casino table games played for chips. This is a great networking event attended by media industry buyers and sellers. There is a silent auction and at the end of the night, there is a live auction where you use your poker winnings to bid on prizes. People cheat at the live auction so don’t get your hopes up, but it is a good event.
  • Recommendation: Should Attend this great event for a great cause.

October TBD: HOUSTON – Houston Media Classic Golf Tournament

  • A well-attended, annual golf tournament. I have never been, but I am told it is one of the better events in Houston. As with all golf events, I would like to know more about networking opportunities like lunch or awards presentations.
  • Recommendation: Maybe Attend

October-November TBD: DALLAS – AWRT Battle of the Media Stars

  • This is a strange event, but typically well-attended by the station and agency people in Dallas. The idea is that there are teams and they compete in odd events like Battle of the Network Stars. If you are interested in competing, then you have to go to the Battle Team Lottery Happy Hour to try and get on a team. More people watch than compete so it is worth attending either way. Over the last few years, I have started to feel that the attendees have become more and more junior people rather than senior people.
  • Recommendation: Maybe Attend.

November TBD: Dallas – Dream Fund Chili Cook-off

  • I have never been to this event, but everybody that goes says it is great. I don’t know how well-attended it is personally, but it sounds like a relatively large event and the nature of the event lends itself to easy networking.
  • Recommendation: Should Attend

November TBD: HOUSTON – Trailblazer Gala

  • This is the Houston Ad Federation’s annual gala where they recognize and award Trailblazer in Houston media. The quality of the event really depends on who the award recipient is scheduled to be. This is a well-attended event with relatively inexpensive sponsorship opportunities and it is attended by agencies and clients.
  • Recommendation: Maybe Attend

December TBD: DALLAS – SBR / AWRT Christmas Party

  • This is a well-attended event by all Dallas media. Party dresses and dancing, this event is every sales assistant's first opportunity to make bad professional decisions. This event brings out almost everybody and is an excellent networking opportunity.
  • Recommendation: Should Attend

TBD Events:

  • AUSTIN AWRT Battle of the Media Stars
  • AUSTIN AWRT Bachelor Auction
  • SAN ANTONIO AWRT (Media Alliance) SAMA Awards Gala

--Carter Cathey

(c) 2007


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