Hey all! :) I've moved! Check out my new blog at: mysecondmile.squarespace.com

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  1. I've MOVED! :)
  2. THANK YOU!!! :)
  3. Some New Goodies for you + a CONTEST!!
  4. Budding Photographer..
  5. Finally coming up for air! :)
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I've MOVED! :)

Hey all! :) I've moved! Check out my new blog at:



Thank you for all your fabulous suggestions, I absolutely loved reading them!!

I have chosen my random winners and they are as follows:

Kristy B
Ericka (pne123)
Carrie Krotine
Lisa Marie
(I chose 6!)

Congratulations ladies!! :)
You all have won both brush sets for free :)

I am in the process of contacting everyone, so if your name is listed and you haven't heard from me yet, it means I am having trouble contacting you. Please drop me a line at: michelle at littledreamerdesigns dot com and I will send you your prize!

To sweeten the deal for everyone else, I am offering a 25% Discount on these two brush sets :)

Use Coupon Code: defined

Coupon expires on August 4th :)

I will be working on a new defined brush set here in the next few days :)

Enjoy your Monday! :)

Some New Goodies for you + a CONTEST!!

So, I haven't taken the weekend to just sit and scrap.. Seems as though my deadlines for Fancy Pants won ;)

But I did manage to squeeze in some time today to create two new brush sets for you! :)
I was in the mood for some doodling, and well, I am pretty happy with the results!

Blooming Brushes

These brushes are so fun, I am thinking I need to use them to create a paperset or something.. But they are even funner to use, the vines and flowers are all separate from each other so that you can use as many colors as you want to create your own unique designs with them. Gotta love that!! :)

Anyway.. Hoping you enjoy them!

Also created some fun definition brushes. These were requested by several of my customers a few months ago and I am FINALLY getting to them! :)

Defined Brushes

And I think it's about time to hold some kind of contest for my faithful blog readers! :) Man my blog has gotten boring! ;) Hee hee.

Send me a list of five more words that you would like to see defined. Make sure you read the product description
so you know which words I've already defined ;) I will pick 5 random winners to receive both of my new brush sets for free! :)

Contest starts now, and closes on Monday July 30th at 11AM MDT :)

Have fun and good luck!


Budding Photographer..

So last weekend, we had Brenna help us take our pictures. We figured it would be easier than trying to use the timer ;) We set up the shot for her and then all she had to do was push the button.

But it was so funny how serious she took our little project.

She kept directing us to tilt our heads or lean into each other. It was so cute.
You'd think that she had some experience before, because she was so professional :)

Here are a few of our snap shots:

Not bad, eh?

So now I've just got to find some time to get these scrapped! I already have it all laid out in my mind, but I've been so busy with other deadlines, that I haven't been able to scrap. Maybe I will sneak in some time today :)
I've still got to scrap some layouts with my new baby line from FancyPants :)

Ah.. I just need a whole day with nothing else to do, but scrap! :)

I am looking forward to moving. More like getting it over with actually. August 4th is the big day..

It's going to be strange, saying good-bye to our little house. This house was our first home purchase, and we've been here for almost 4 years. I look at our lives, and how they have changed in this house.. It makes me nostalgic.

I am going to create a book for my girls about this house. I want to include photos of each room, Photos of the important events in our lives that occurred in this house. A keepsake for them to remember. I am going to have it bound and printed at Shutterfly. I've been wanting to try out their quality. Of course, I haven't even started yet ;) But it's on the list of things to do! :) Maybe I will block out the weekend and focus my attention on just scrapping.

Deadlines, Shmedlines ;)

Finally coming up for air! :)


Deep cleansing breaths :)

I've been working on a project for the past couple of weeks, and I am FINALLY FINISHED! :)

Have you seen Fancy Pants new website??
We went live with it last night! Technically early morning ;)
And just in time to see previews for the new CHA releases! :)

I feel like I have been working NON STOP getting it completed. So LDD, and my blog have been a bit neglected.. But we are working on an event at Little Dreamer that is going to knock your socks off!! :) I am so excited about it, I can't give any details yet, but we'll spill the beans as soon as we can :)

So now that I have finished one deadline; I've got several others in the mix, but we are also moving in a few weeks. So life is still.. Packed full :)

And today is my anniversary! :) TEN YEARS today. I can hardly believe it. We are not really celebrating until the weekend. We were going to be going to Italy this year, but with the new house we've decided to put that off until next year. Plus, it's so hard for me to leave my girls. And two weeks away from them kind of freaks me out..

So I thought that an anniversary layout was in order, but when I went looking through my pictures, I couldn't find ANYTHING resent of us together.. HOW SAD IS THAT??

So, my goal today is to take a self portrait of Paul and I. I will post my results later, Wish me luck! :)

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