Okay - I realize that it's been FOREVER since I've posted a thing here to my blog. The reason is just time. Several things have occured since my last installment, not the least of which was our MOVING! That's right, we're now getting settled into a new ...
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  2. November Dirty Gallery Open!
  3. This and That
  4. November Blog Hop Time!
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December Dirty Gallery and Updates

Okay - I realize that it's been FOREVER since I've posted a thing here to my blog.  The reason is just time.  Several things have occured since my last installment, not the least of which was our MOVING!  That's right, we're now getting settled into a new house that I just adore.  It's not permenant, but for the next year at least, we're making ourselves at home, and after I get all of my craft stuff out of our friend's house and over here then that process should be complete!  I'm  so going through stamping withdrawl, even though I've no time to actually DO anything!  Maybe it's more the SEPARATION from my crafty things that is getting to me!  LOL  Can you believe that I actually had to BUY a card the other day?! 

Another big thing for me is my taking a break from MFT for this new term.  I should be back at it in July, but due to all of the other things that are going on, I just needed to step away from that DT requirement.  Kim is so awesome and saw that I was sinking a bit, stamp-wise, so she gave me that option.  I'm still (of course) on the SCS DT (Dirty Dozen) and that won't change till April 14th, when my term is up and I become an Alumni.  Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you (in case you didn't notice ;)) that the December gallery is up, and you can find it HERE.

So, as you can see, blogging has not been real high on my priority list, with everything that has been going on.  I've sort of taken a non-scheduled and undefined break.  However, I'm HOPING that that will change soon and my mojo will be back up and running soon, now that we're in our own space. 

I'm ALSO hoping to get back into my quilting.  Dave spent a lot of time getting my quilting frame (that I got for my birthday in April) put together for the first time last night.  So now, I'm itching to get a quilt top done so that I can play with my new (enormous) toy!

And now I leave you with one of my template projects that I made for Christmas (and didn't make it to the DD gallery).  I filled this with books, and will be giving this to an 8 year old boy.  He loves to read.  The template came from PTI and the PP is from Cosmo Cricket.

Till later!  Hope you ALL have a wonderful Christmas and (if I'm not back before then) and Happy New Year!!!


November Dirty Gallery Open!

It's the 15th!  That means that the new Dirty Dozen gallery is open!  Congrats to the two newbies!  Go check out who they are!!!


This and That

So, of course I had to have the new paper pads and Take Note set from PTI, because that just SCREAMED teacher's gifts to me! This is one little giftie that I made...
My PP is by Jillibean Soup - ain't it cute!? I loved the butterfly theme, so I went with that on my little main image, too. The butterfly stamp is from PTI's With Sympathy set.

And this is how it opens. I finally broke into my package of magnet fasteners by Basic Grey, and put one to good use! Now I'm hooked! :) The butterfly paper is on the top flap that flips up to reveal the two striped overlapping side flaps.

I just rounded the corner at the top of both sides, and kept it simple.

Now we finally get to the paper! LOL
I just stamped the pretty butterflies on the paper with PTI's Summer Sun ink.
**You can't see it in these pix, BUT I also have a bottom flap that folds under the cardboard back of the pad and keeps the paper from falling out the bottom of the case AND enables one to refill the note pad when it runs out!!! I thought that that was pretty ingenious of myself. :)**

Lastly, here's the back. I used PTI's Trademarks set to stamp the back. As you can see, I put tiny strips of striped paper (1/8 inch wide, to be exact) on the sides, too. It's all about the little things, you know! ;)
By the way, you like my cutie new watermark that my new Dirty Dozen buddy, Karen Giron, made me!? I love it! She also made me a new one for the DD gallery, but you'll have to wait for November 15th to see that one! (I know, that's not nice, but I'm not feeling well. ;))
You know, I actually have all of my projects ALREADY posted in there! I feel VERY proud of myself! But I guess whenever you're sick, you have lots of time to post pix on the computer! LOL
That being said, I'm going to "wrap this up". I have a little boy that needs feedin'. Have a great night, and I'll be back soon!

November Blog Hop Time!

Can you believe it's November already!? OMGoodness! Doesn't this girl look chilly!? She does to me. This is one of the new Pure Innocence images from MFT and this is the November Blog Hop!

If you did not start from the beginning (at Kim's place), then click HERE so that you don't miss anything! There's lots of goodness to be had in this Hop! :)

The image was colored with Copics and embellished with some Shimmerz. You can find those now on the MFT website! The PP is from Cosmo Cricket and the ribbon and buttons are from PTI. I used my CM wavy cutter for the bottom layer.

Here's a close-up of the little girl. Her and 4 of her friends are going to be released TONIGHT. Aren't they are the cutest images ever!? Now, to see what Natalie has done with these cutie pies, CLICK HERE. She's your next stop on the Hop!

I'll be back with more soon!


MFTeaser: Wrapped in Love

This is another one of the new sets from MFT that are being released TONIGHT, called Wrapped in Love. This set is a buildable set that comes with a variety of boxes and ribbons that let you create your own image. Way cute!

I paper pieced WTG's dress and package ribbon with BG paper and colored the rest with Copics. The border is punched with a Fiscars border punch. The button and ribbon is from PTI. This sketch is one from Lauren Meader a while back. She has the best sketches!
That's about it for this morning. I'll be back tonight for the MFT Blog Hop (10pm est)! Hope you stop back by! I'll have another Pure Innocence card for you - one of my favorites!
Till later...

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