Grrr arggg, Don't you hate it when you've challenged your cocky ass hole friend to an old fashioned, Race ya to the end of the block style dash off? He's huffing and puffing and right out of the gate you've got this douche beat. You start off with a ...
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  1. Movie Review: State of Play
  2. BRIDESMAIDS a film review by Maia
  3. Tirbeca Film Festival Shorts: The Dungeon Master reviewed by Maia
  4. Tribecca Film Festival Shorts: Year Zero Reviewed by Maia
  5. Scream 4! The premier in pictures.
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Movie Review: State of Play

Grrr arggg, Don't you hate it when you've challenged your cocky ass hole friend to an old fashioned, Race ya to the end of the block style dash off?
He's huffing and puffing and right out of the gate you've got this douche beat.
You start off with a burst of energy that this, criss-crossed cardigan over chest, dick-wad can't possibly keep up with.
I mean the guys a drinker, you drink too but this guy goes heavy on the Jagger bombs.
The end of the block is just within your grasp, you can feel it, taste it. step on it dance around and laugh at his face when you reach it.
but you didn't see that pebble coming, that pebble that snuck its way into your path just as you were reaching the finish line.
The one that causes you to embarrassingly tumble down, face first to the ground.
and allows professor douche-meister with the developing beer belly and sky blue cardigan dangling behind him in the wind to steal the lead and win the race.

such is the state of State of Play. the new political thriller from director Kevin Macdonald.
oh it starts off so well, with the perfect blend of spy thriller action and political intrigue.
recapping plots is always rather tedious.. and I think a disservice to viewers, I mean the fun part about watching a flick is having it unfold before your eyes.
So I will give you bare minimum
Russel Crowe plays a seasoned reporter at a Washington newspaper, headed by a balls to the wall editor in Helen Mirren.
She's got pressure from the big bosses to turn a profit with the paper.
Ben Affleck is an up and coming political poster boy senator who has set his sites on taking down a large defense company with shady dealings, after one of the senators aides turns up dead questions are asked, secrets are spilled and Crowe is given the task of unravelling the story for the paper, did we mention however that Crowe and Affleck's characters are old college buddies, thus placing Crowe in the difficult position of having to choose between his integrity as a reporter or as a friend.

Based upon a six part television series, that aired on the BBC, Screenwriters: Billy Ray, Tony Gilroy and Michael Matthew Carnahan, pull off the balancing act of a terse political thriller and character drama, ignoring the obvious age differences between Affleck and Crowe,the casting works.
Crowe as the staunch weathered old school reporter works, Robin wright Penn as the Senators wife caught in the middle works and even Rachel Mcadams doing her best Lois Lane as an on-line division reporter works here .
The director has written a sort of hallmark card to journalism, with its get the story by any means necessary inter cut clips of coffee fueled all nighters and Sources "butter upping" (not really a word)
it seemingly gets it all right. until those last 10 minutes.
in what may be the only bad play by the director, we are subjected to not one but "two" twist endings. the problem is that only one of them really works.
the first spin at the end delivers.
Its intense , plausible and satisfying.
Had the film just closed up shop at that point we would have had a solid story on our hands.
but nooo, it had to get greedy.
That pebble in the way of my almost victory lap is a massive fossil that sends the whole story toppling down to a scraped knee.
The "real" ending seems to forced, and the way the wheels work for one of the characters to "uncover" this other twist?, well I'm just not buying it.
the film is still worth checking out.. but try and leave when you first think its over.


BRIDESMAIDS a film review by Maia

Bridesmaids stars SNL cast member Kristen Wiig as Annie the down on her luck single gal whose best friend Lillian (former SNL cast member Maya Rudolph) suddenly and unexpectedly becomes engaged. At this point Annie still has yet to get her life in control. She attempted to open a bake shop, but due to the recession it failed. And with it's failure her passion for her job and life went with it. So she decides to settle in life. Her job as a sales clerk in a jewelry store is unfullfilling and frustrating. She has to sit back and watch all the young in love couples buy engagement rings as she sulks and makes snide comments and gives then the stink eye. Albeit unintentionally. She lives with not one but two roommates who are gross and intrusive and her love life is lackluster. She is reduced to a rich assholes booty call and of course he treats her like crap. And worst of all she allows it.
Annie's feelings over Lillian getting engaged are mixed with genuine joy for her friend, depression that her life hasn't taken the right turns to get her where she needs to be at this age in life , to resentment and anger that her position as best friend is being usurped by Lillian's new friend Helen (Rose Byrne). Helen desperately battles with Annie for the coveted position of maid of honor, and as a single, broke, woman in her 30's Annie feels that she can't measure up to the perfect, beautiful, rich trophy wife that Helen represents.The other bridesmaids that are included in the wedding is the wonderful but underused Wendi Mclendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper, and break-out star Melissa McCarthy as tough, unpolished Megan.
Other critics say that McCarthy steals the movie, but to me the one who clearly owns the film is Wiig. Who knew the girl had such range? She is able to portray bona fide emotions such as fear, insecurity, anger, and hopelessness but in a simple turn can crack you up with her sharp sarcastic wit and rubbery faced features. She is the true breakout star. Writing and co-producing a smart, heartfelt film about the bonds and love between women and their close friends. And most importantly casts women that are authentically talented and funny not just pretty faces or matinee idols.
If you've haven't seen this movie yet, go now!! As soon as you can! Do not wait for the DVD because this is best enjoyed in a theater with others. And don't worry guys this is no mere chick flick or boring, bland rom-com. You'll dig it too! Truthfully I haven't' laughed this hard at a film all year. If you don't like it then your funny bone is clearly broken.

Tirbeca Film Festival Shorts: The Dungeon Master reviewed by Maia

Newcomer filmmakers Shiloh and Rider Strong (of Boy meets World fame) first short film shows a lot of promise. It opens with a couple of friends Shane and Cooper chatting about how much they used to love the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons in high school. Cooper says he knows a guy who is totally into the game and can be their dungeon master. So one night, they get a few friends together to play D&D. Maximilian the Dungeon Master arrives totally in character and dressed for the part wearing a floor length cape and of course his multi-sided die. The guys are not into the game as much as Maximilian and are clearly amused about how excited a grown man is to play D&D. However, this film takes an unexpected turn when the tone suddenly changes and Shane starts belittling and humiliating Maximilian because of his love and dedication to Dungeons and Dragons. Without wanting to give too much away I will say that the guys don't expect Maximilian to be as authentic a Dungeon Master as he is and has a surprise in store for them.
I found this movie to be pretty good but not great. The pacing is done well; however, the change of tone towards the end is a little abrupt and not without a lot of explanation. The ending was too open for my taste with no real resolution or feeling of closure, but it does leave you wanting to see more. If this short film were a part of a series or perhaps a full length film then it would have been a lot better. So to the Strong Brothers I say make this film into a mini series.

Tribecca Film Festival Shorts: Year Zero Reviewed by Maia

In the very near future a "zombie" plague rages through New York City. The protaganist is trapped within his one bedroom apartment as chaos breaks loose just outside his doors. Being trapped inside he must confront the imminent threat of boredom, isolation, and starvation. Watching him I was wondering if he would escape his predicament as he slowly starts to lose his mind and become emaciated. A person can only go so long in total seclusion without any food before succumbing to hallucinations and physical weakness. Will he be a hero and face the monsters outside or give in to cowardice and hide within his apartment waiting for a cure and to be saved?
The good and the bad. The short film is pretty good but nothing new is explored. The pacing wasn't too bad considering it is completely told from a first person narrative and mostly takes place in one room. The running time of 23 minutes is enough time to tell the film without it getting too stale or old, but it is slightly predictable. As far as the "zombies" are concerned Year Zero alludes to the fact that these are not really zombies, or undead, but actually people being infected by a bacterial strain that transforms then into mindless, violent cannibals a la 28 days later.
However, as an avid zombie enthusiast I was thrilled to see a zombie flick set within New York City. We mostly see zombie flicks set within either the suburbs or in a desolate country setting. I'm more than positive this is all about budget restrictions as it would be too expensive to film withing the confines of New York(and no comments about I am Legend because those were vampire hybrids). So for this film animation can bring this story to life. The horrors of being trapped in a city of millions and millions of infected, as they come for you.

Scream 4! The premier in pictures.

The Scream 4 premier rocked Hollywood last night. The mega event brought together Scream alumni and new faces alike. The premier streamed live on-line at 9:30 Eastern time, here's some of our fave pics from the star studded event.
Scream 4 hits theaters THIS FRIDAY people. Get into it!


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