Imagine a situation where the blogger is down. Possible,...? A hack or a spam .Blogger server is gone. Or Blogger itself ban you from blogspot. Now what about your posts, your content your sweat your dollars. Donot worry now you can backup your ...

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  1. How to back up your blog?
  2. How Beginners make money in Blogspot?
  3. Is Adsense Down?
  4. How important is a Sitemap?
  5. How to add a sitemap for your website with less than 500 pages?
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How to back up your blog?

Imagine a situation where the blogger is down. Possible,...? A hack or a spam .Blogger server is gone. Or Blogger itself ban you from blogspot. Now what about your posts, your content your sweat your dollars. Donot worry now you can backup your blogs.
 Suppose if you have a blog names and say you have got a 1000 blogs 
 then type in your browser you will see your entire blog in one page. Just save this page to your computer and you are safe with your blogs and posts.
To backup your pictures and photos firefox comes to your rescue In firefox browser you will get a Download all button just download all your pictures there.
If you want to import your blog to a database in later stage then type
This will show your posts as rss feeds. For backup your valuable comments then type then save the webpage in your computer.

Third party softwares
You can also use free third party softwares like codeplex.You can find it here , HTTrack Web site copier for Windows users and Webgrabber for Mac users are also back up utilities. They offer free backup utility for blogposts to your computer hard disk.


How Beginners make money in Blogspot?

This is a major question these days. Its quite easy to make money in adsense for big websites or old websites. But for amateurs or just soft bloggers Its a big deal to make some extra dollars from their blog. The main reason is the content. Thenumber of readers who are interested in the contents of a diary blogger will be countable. The only remedy for these kind of blogs to improve earnings is to improve traffic. Now the next question will arise. How will we increase traffic?. Just post your links every where in the internet. Comment on other peoples blog quoting your blogs name. Post it in forums make funny videos and post it in youtube quoting your sites name.

Participate in link exchange programs. Spend more time on the internet. These are some effective ways to improve traffic.

Problogger .com and about .com have many informations regarding blogging. But remember they are big website owners and their principles manot work for you. You can take advice from them and you can come to your own conclusions based on that.

One of the other website I came across yesterday is The content is good and the positioning is great. And the great thing is this layout works very well and It earns lot more than many f serious websites in the market.

Is Adsense Down?

This is the question I get from most of the Adsense players now a days. I have only one answer.. No Adsense is not down rather its much secure and reliable for both the advertisers and webmasters. W e all know the economic crisis world is going through now. The drop in earnings may be a direct result of this. But this is a boon for webmasters , well atleast in my optimistic view. Because as a webmaster I will experiment for optimising my revenue some how doing soem ad placement experiment or traffic experiment. Some succeed , For Those who had succeded there is a big catch awaiting when the qworld return to its normal economic state. But the biggest gain is that those who had done experiments will have their earnings double their good times. May be a year or two till then you guys please experiment with what you got. For example I enjoyed a site with their improvisation in their blog by keeping four coloumns ..bold. The name of that blog is . They have done a good job. Keep it up guys.

How important is a Sitemap?

How important is a Sitemap?

Sitemap is required for your site for two reasons. one is it helps the google spider to crawl your site easily and index your site in a more effective way. Google will index you in its search results without a sitemap. BUt it si recommeneded a sitemap is to be submitted to google specially if you have a large website. The second reason is a html version of sitemap will help your visitors to have a better birds eye view of your site. But there are somany webmasters out there who runs hundreds of websites without a sitemap and still doing good. Thats what I already said Its not necessary to have a sitemap, but it only helps to get a better page ranking. My personal recommendation is if google asks for a sitemap give them one.

As long as google pays you do as they say. It's that simple. Remember Sitemap increases your page rank and the visibility of your website or blog.When installing sitemap generator Never tamper with server files you are not sure with. That will cause permanent damage to your server files. Get the help of some body who knows it. Or use the paid services.Sitemap will tell you if you have any broken links in your site. This is a nice help if you have a larger site where manual checking is impossible for broken links.

To know more about sitemap protocol visit

The official site of sitemaps is

There are so many disputes over years about including sitemap in to websites, but nowadays all the webmasters prefer submitting sitemaps to search engine. There are a number oh sitemap types naming xml, ror, html etc.. The one needed for the google is the xml one. ror is accepted by most of the search engines.

If you have any doubts post your comments or email us at or

How to add a sitemap for your website with less than 500 pages?

How to add a sitemap for your website with less than 500 pages?

If you have a website of your own and it doesnt have more than 500 pages then you are lucky. Here is the step by step guide to submit a sitemap.

1. Create a google webmasters account (You have to pay $9658950 for that...just kidding its free) Its in . Add your site there.
2. They will tell you to verify your ownership of the site. Just follow the instructions you will be done with the verification.
3. Now click on add a sitemap link.
4. Another page will comeup with a scroll down menu. Select add a general sitemap.
5. Another page will come up with a space to enter your sitemap address. just minimise the page and go to
6. You can create a sitemap for free at Just type your sites url in the space provided and they will create a sitemap for your site. Download the completed sitemap. There are a number of file extensions available with the sitemaps there. Make sure you download .xml,.html and the .ror formats in to your hard disk.(.xml is for google, ror is for yahoo and html is for your visitors.
7. Now copy the xml sitemap and paste it in your website server. Make sure xml file is accessible with the address
8. Come back to the google webmasters tool now type in the address and hit enter. Thats it you are done.

It will take atleast 20 minutes for google to accept your sitemap. If you like you can provide a html sitemap for your visitors using the html sitemap you downloaded earlier.

Next step is you need to ping the google about your updates. For that bookmark this page and whenever you have an update load this from your bookmark and type your url in the space provided here and click ping. Google will be automatically notified about your update.

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If you have any doubts post your comments or email us at or

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