Please note that this blog is no longer being maintained. For the latest information from Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), please see our website: Thank-you. This blog is for talk ...


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Please note that this blog is no longer ...

Please note that this blog is no longer being maintained. For the latest information from Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), please see our website:



Global EARTH HOUR March 29th- Turn off your lights!

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About a year ago, Sydney started a trend of turning off your lights for one hour in a show of support for protecting our environment. Soon after, London, San Francisco quickly followed suit. One year later, the organizers of Sydney’s Earth Hour feel that one city at a time doesn’t really cut it anymore. Which is why this year’s event is going global, with cities from every continent, including the US, participating in what promises to be the largest ever show of solidarity in the world on March 29th for Earth Hour.


education research resources

Another couple of resources, but this time focused on research of environmental education.

Action research - improving learning through the environment is a "compilation of ideas for carrying out action research in order to improve learning through educational work in the environment".

Produced by the National Association of Field Studies Officers (NAFSO), it includes chapters on different methods of evaluation, such as letters and concept maps, evaluating fieldwork, residential courses and community-based environmental education.

It is available through the NAFSO website

ISBN: 1 901 642 10 00

Edited by: Adrian Clark, Helen Parry, Clare Shorter

Proceedings of the VIIIth Conference on Environmental Education in Europe 'Learning for a sustainable future: the role of communication, ethics and social learning in environmental education'

Editor: Mark Alderweireldt

CEEE Ghent, 2002

Although 5 years old now, this set of proceedings includes useful papers on EfS, focusing in Europe, with case studies and research. For more information about the CEEE conferences and the organising group, the European Foundation for Education and Sustainable Development, have a look at their website.

hasta luego from sarah k

Well, after four years of working for BGCI, it is time I was off. It is my last day in the office today, clearing my desk, sorting out my files and generally trying to create a semblance of order instead of the chaos that has ruled my workspace.

I am leaving to take up a post developing the education department of a new botanic garden in Oman, I shall be moving out there in February and will be based there for between 1 - 5 years. The garden does not physically exist at the moment, it is still early stages, but is due to open some time in 2010. Keep your eyes on the BGCI news pages for the latest.

I shall be keeping in touch as much as possible, there is much I need to learn from colleagues about the practical aspects of BG education. Please do stay in contact, and I hope to see everyone at the next BGCI conferences! Until then, all the best, and I leave you in Julia's tender care.



The Greatest Race on Earth - environmental pledges

Just a quick snippet - standard chartered bank have funded a website with a handy personal carbon calculator, complete with country-specific suggestions for improvements and comparison with the average individual carbon emissions. There is also a good series of animations, leading you through different aspects of living, work, transport, home and leisure with ideas and how to reduce your environmental impact. Very attractive and easy to use. Have a look at the Race for a Living Planet site. You can also pledge to make environmental improvements, and see what other people in other countries are pledging.

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