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"Inside The Classroom" - 5 new articles

  1. God Is Great Book Giveaway
  2. Nursery Curriculum
  3. Yes You Can!
  4. Grace Revisited
  5. Say Know To Teaching
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God Is Great Book Giveaway

Nursery Curriculum

One participant at my recent Yes You Can! seminar asked if I could recommend curriculum for the nursery and toddler level child. Here are several curriculum recommendations:Standard carries curriculum for toddlers as part of their HeartShaper curriculum. Check Standard's website for other nursery level books.First Look is a web-based curriculum for nursery through 5 year olds. Baby

Yes You Can!

This past weekend, I was privileged to teach the Yes You Can! teaching ministry seminar to area churches in Western Illinois. It was a fun-filled weekend as we discovered together how God can use our unique gifts to train others how to live the Christian faith.During the Friday evening and Saturday morning sessions, we discussed what we will learn as we gain experience in teaching,

Grace Revisited

Several years ago, I wrote a blog about teaching children the concept of grace (see May 29th, 2009). Today, a very shortened version of that story appears in the daily devotional guide, The Upper Room. The editorial staff of the Upper Room kindly invited me to write the blog entry to accompany my devotional. In "Growing in Grace," I tell the story of another teacher who gave me the theological

Say Know To Teaching

"I can't teach!" I've heard that from so many church members when the plea goes forth for more children's ministry workers. Their body language is almost humorous. They actually take a step back. I can envision their hands coming up, as if to push away the plea.Have you said that? Are you one of those who think you can't teach children?Let me ask you another question. Do you believe that

More Recent Articles

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