Merry Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!

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  1. Merry Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!
  2. Advent Calendar and a few Photos!!
  3. Christmas Kards for Kids!!
  4. Kards for Kids
  5. High Hopes New Release and Blog Hop!!
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Merry Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!

Merry Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!

Advent Calendar and a few Photos!!

I made this little matchbox calendar for my little granddaughter....Ellie. It is filled with Santa chocolates...foil wrapped Teddy Grahams and little Hershey chocolate bars. I used this tutorial to make this project. Thanks for the great tutorial Tanja
 I don't normally add faces to my magnolia's but Ellie knows all about noses, eyes and ears..ect. I thought it would be a good idea to add them for her.
 Here is a photo of  Buddy and Chewbacca (my sons fur kid). See that evil look?? suits his name..LOL.
Last but definitely not least!! a photo of our Sweet grand daughter Ellie. I thought it was perfect to include at the end. She is 17 months in the photo. She's a real firecracker... into everything and we just Love Her 2Bits!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season...Take Care Everyone!!

Christmas Kards for Kids!!

I planned to have this post out a lot sooner but life has been keeping me pretty busy. are the cards I made for Kards for Kids....

Above are a couple of covered notepads...very easy and inexpensive to make.

The weather here is pretty cool....winter arrived early this year. Our little granddaughter is here for the night and we had lots of fun pulling her around in the sleigh this afternoon. She loved it!! I think she could have ridden all day...Grandma and Grandpa tuckered out first...LOL.

Hoping to post again before Christmas...but till then.....Take Care!! and I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!!


Kards for Kids

Awhile back I was ask by Bela if I would like to join in making Kards for Kids. These are cards for Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. Bela hosts the card drives...and takes them to the hospital.

This is a very low stress there is no set # of cards and they can be almost any type. The only requirement is that they do not contain embellishments such as buttons, brads, flowers as they may cause a choking hazard. Use paper products and stickles only. So they can be quite simple which is really very nice!!

You can check out the Kards for Kids site here. Right now Bela is having a call for Christmas Cards. I recently sent in some Halloween and Christmas cards. These are the Halloween cards.
Sorry about the last pic...a little blurry. As you can see many of the images are High Hopes. HH stamps are so perfect for this. I also used a cute little Magnolia witch. I really enjoyed making these cards and will share the Christmas with you in the near future.

I'm hoping to have time to visit soon...and possibly share a few photos of our recent holidays.

Have a Great Day Everyone!! and Thank You so much for visiting!!!!


High Hopes New Release and Blog Hop!!

Hi Everyone... just dropping by to tell you High Hopes is releasing New Stamps on Sept 22. and having a Fabulous giveaway on their blog. Check out their blog Here to find out all the details and see the Wonderful sneak peeks!!

I will be posting again soon. We just got back from Holidays...and am still unpacking!!

Have a Great Day!!...and Good Luck!!


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