With some time to kill. Anyone I know in LA wanna meet up?

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  2. A Dance With Dragons #dancewithdragons
  3. How hot is it??
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With some time to kill. Anyone I know in LA wanna meet up?

A Dance With Dragons #dancewithdragons

So far, about 300 pages in, and DWD is indeed far superior then Feast For Crows. My only complaint so far is Daenerys. When is she gonna get her Dragon on?

How hot is it??



How is it I still don't have a Google+ invite? I feel so incredibly inadequate. Please - socially networked gods of the internets, won't you smile upon me and share an invite? I beseech thee!

Latest iOS addiction


So after finishing Army Of Darkness I needed a new game to sink my teeth into and believe I've found it in DUFUS: Battles (http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/dofus-battles/id420352842?mt=8). Think FF: Tactics meets Tower Defense with a beautiful art direction and level of production polish. Highly recommended.

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