Meme 'fitness' is not dependent on the meme itself having any properties of good 'quality'. It just needs an environment that increases replicability. Case in point is the 'Amazon didn't kill the retail industry...' thing that has replicated itself ...

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  1. meme fitness
  2. all this useless beauty
  3. zuboff's law number 3
  4. if advertising is dead...
  5. life after adtech
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meme fitness

Meme 'fitness' is not dependent on the meme itself having any properties of good...

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all this useless beauty

‘Nonsense prevails, modesty fails
Grace and virtue turn into stupidity
What shall we...

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zuboff's law number 3

'Every digital application that can be used for surveillance and control will be used for...

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if advertising is dead...

The death of this, the death of that, the death of the other and the death of the next...

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life after adtech

Theodore ‘Ted’ Sturgeon is widely acclaimed as one the greats in science fiction...

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