This is a guest post by Suzie Cheel. Reinventing Myself..... I was telling Connie about how I am developing my brand Suzie Cheel and planning my Web TV. She suggested I write a post for her with title "Reinventing Myself"....

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  1. Suzie Cheel on Reinventing Yourself
  2. Emotional Bailout!
  3. Are You A People Pleaser?
  4. Goal Setting - The Feelings Behind Setting Goals
  5. Warning Signs Of A Passionless Life
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Suzie Cheel on Reinventing Yourself

This is a guest post by Suzie Cheel.


Reinventing Myself.....

I was telling Connie about how I am developing my brand Suzie Cheel and planning my Web TV. She suggested I write a post for her with title "Reinventing Myself". I agreed. Then as I thought about what I was going to write, I had to stop and ask myself the question? “So am I reinventing myself or just rebranding?”

"Reinventing" for me means taking something that was there and giving it a whole new focus.

My dictionary tells me the word "invent" comes from the Latin for to come upon or to find. So I understand "reinventing" as meaning literally "finding again", and I think we all understand it has the idea of a completely fresh start, a new way of expressing something - in this case a new way of expressing or manifesting ourselves.

So yes. I am reinventing myself and focusing on and expanding something that was already there. I'm excited about this and I feel it's like the planets are now much more in alignment.

At the time of another reinvention in my life, twenty or so years ago, I wrote and illustrated Emergings – a meditation on the emotions of change.

This latest Suzie reinvention in 2010 sees the publishing of that book on Amazon. That will be in July this year, along with a video and new products.

What brought this latest reinvention on? Well, it's been a gradual process, but I had a big wakeup call a while ago, reading Gary Vaynerchuk's book Crush It! What Gary had to say spurred me on to focus on what is really important for me, what I am passionate about and how that relates to my journey.

Gary's message:

“Learn to navigate the digital waters of social marketing to build a business and promote a personal brand based around what you love most, and you will only be limited by how far you want to sail”. - page 14

I looked at all aspects of my life, including where I put my energies in my online business. I recognised it's about the chi, the flow, the feng shui, and I recognised that at that time I wasn't in the flow. I was doing some of what I loved, but realizing that I could combine my passion for social media, building community and inspiring and teaching others to do the same opened my world.

That's the reinvention. Taking what is there, all that I've learned along the way and bringing it together with a fresh focus that will drive my business. With the brand Suzie Cheel. So the reinvention gives meaning to the rebranding.

My immediate goal is to establish my Suzie Cheel site with quality content with an emphasis on video. I have joined Dr. Jeanette Cates in her 30 day blog challenge, as I know that besides keeping me focused I will be part of a community who are following their passions and I will build my brand more quickly.

Suzie Cheel is launching her new WebTV at Suzie'spassion is to make a difference by inspiring & empowering people to live abundantly, embracing change to dream bigger dreams. Suzie will help you navigate and learn how to use social media to share your passion & message with the world. Follow Suzie on Twitter.


Emotional Bailout!

This is a guest post by author Cathy Hill.

What controls your emotions?:

* Fear of job loss?
* Relationship issues?
* Family trauma?
* Marital problems?
* Financial woes?
* Health concerns?

Whatever it is, you have the power and capability to change and resolve it. You probably don't realize it, but at this very moment, unknowingly, you are holding yourself back due to self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. We process thousands of thoughts each and every minute, and we are not aware of it.  When we take the time throughout the day to be aware of our thoughts, we could make a powerful mindset shift that will significantly change our lives!  Just this one small step could be the difference in whether we move closer toward our goals or further away from our goals.

There are many external influences that affect our thoughts, and identifying, limiting, and/or removing those influences is another way to re-shape your thoughts. We fall into a habitual way of thinking and once habits are created, it takes acknowledgment and commitment to shift it and change it. When we replace old habits with new behaviors, life takes on new purpose, new focus, new momentum, and our desires become reality!

Everything in life requires time and

commitment. If you think back to your childhood when you first learned how to ride a bicycle, did you jump on and immediately ride like a pro? Or did you use training wheels? My guess is that you probably used training wheels because it was a learning process, and eventually after a period of time, you were riding like a pro, doing wheelies, and having a good time.  The same holds true for all life endeavors. We must acknowledge, re-shift our thoughts, learn new behaviors, and once those new behaviors are implemented, we'll be "riding life like a pro" and we become brilliant "individuals on the grow."

I invite you to review all Bailout Bits as well as articles at All Bailout articles are excerpts from my book entitled Emotional Bailout! Nine Principles for Rising When Your World is Falling.


Are You A People Pleaser?

This is a guest post by author and coach Kelly McIntyre.

Most of us prefer to get along with people at work, our families and friends and we often bite our tongue when we might not agree with something that was said - for the sake of peace. But how often are we biting our tongues or rephrasing or dismissing our real thoughts in order to maintain harmony?

How do we know if we are a people pleaser? Consider these questions:

• Do you agree to do something before thinking about how it will affect your schedule?
• Do you leave conversations feeling beaten up and drained?
• Do you feel like no one really knows you?
• Does it take a lot of energy to mentally prepare for a social engagement, even rehearsing what you might say ahead of time?
• Do you become angry with yourself after something that you said that wasn't "perfect"?

Executing good manners is necessary when you are out in the world. Listening, being polite and treating others with respect will afford us more confidence, acceptance and friends as we interact in society. But just as we listen, are polite and treat others with respect - we must treat ourselves with the same level of honour.

If you want to shake off the people pleasing tendency and if it is your goal to enrich your relationships - share more of yourself!

There is a time and a place for sharing our thoughts on politics, religion and other topics that are open to becoming passionate and heated discussions but that is right - there is a time and place. So when these moments come up share more about your ideas and what you believe in.

Just like you sit and often consider other people's views, give others the chance to listen to you. We are all entitled to our thoughts. Trust that the listening party is going to accept you - they may not agree with your thought but don't you want to be surrounded by people who know you and what you think?

We have the power to create more of what we want in our lives! Imagine if all of the people in the world did this: found their voices, shared themselves and lived truthfully - how rich our societies would be!

You are here for a reason! Embrace your voice and embrace your life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.

Life/Career Coach

Would you like to reprint Embrace Change articles? You can as long as the entire article and the following blurb are included: "Embrace Your Life - Kelly McIntyre M.Sc. Helping You Follow Your Heart. Life/Career Coach Kelly McIntyre M.Sc. is author of "A Girl's Guide to Life Change" and the "Follow your Heart Workbook". For her FREE "Goal Setting Worksheet!", info about how to redeem your FREE 30-minute consultation and her FREE ezine, "Embrace Change Ezine" Go to and blog at Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved Embrace Your Life"


Goal Setting - The Feelings Behind Setting Goals

This is a guest post by Paula Harvey, of Designing A Passionate Life

Designing a passionate life includes setting intentions or goals. I've always thought of goals as typically an outward, visible outcome that can be measured. When you decide to design and live a passionate life, you need to set goals.

Step 1: Answer the question: What do I want to accomplish? Make your goal something tangible to aim for so you know when you have arrived because you can measure the results.

Step 2: Answer the question: How will I feel when I have achieved my goal?

By tapping into this feeling you are strengthening your commitment (the inner drive) to achieving that goal. Tapping into the energy behind the goal helps you to focus on the action you need to take.

Step 3: Answer the question: What action supports what I want to feel? You want to use the feeling behind your goal to move you towards your goal. This is where focusing on your passion is extremely important. When you connect with the energy behind your passion, the actions come easily. In my experience, when I use this frame of reference, the actions rarely seem hard or difficult. On occasion, if they do, I simply connect to the energy of my passion and I can easily take action.

Often, people don't set goals because they are

afraid to fail or they will beat themselves up if they don't obtain the goal. If this happens, ask yourself, what happened? What got in the way of accomplishing this goal? What could I have done differently? Always use goal setting as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how you function when working towards goals. Treat goals as a friend, not an enemy. Without goals, you don't know where you are headed and you will never know if you arrive.


Warning Signs Of A Passionless Life

This is a post from guest blogger Paula Harvey, author of Designing a Passionate Life


Designing a passionate life that is aligned with those passions is the secret to a life filled with joy and fulfillment. How to change from a passionless life to a life overflowing with passion begins with self-reflection of your life as it is today.

To start the self-reflection process, take the following personal inventory and find out how much passion you have in your life at this moment. How many of the following questions do you answer yes to?

  1. Has life become routine?
  2. Is the zest for life gone?
  3. Do you live for vacations and weekends?
  4. From all outside appearances, your life looks wonderful. Do you find yourself wondering why it isn’t fun anymore?
  5. Do you have to literally talk yourself into going to work?

If you answered yes to more than three of these questions then you may be suffering from passion deficit disorder. You have no passion anywhere in your life. You have fallen into a routine because it is comfortable, convenient, and safe. Bottom line, you’ve settled. Don’t beat yourself up, you’re not alone. In a 2005 Harris Interactive Study, 80% of Americans are not passionate about what they do for a living.

Having no passion for what you do in life overflows into all aspects of your life. You do not have the energy to contribute to your relationships and family. You lose interest in the hobbies that you used to love. Friends and family don’t find you ‘fun’ anymore and life feels hard, boring, and routine. It can affect your health. You become old before your time.

Well, the good news is that

it doesn’t have to be that way. You do have a choice and that choice is to start exploring what does energize you, what does get you excited about life. Find out what you’re passionate about and your life will take on a whole new level of energy, meaning and fulfillment.

3 Ways to Identify Your Passions

Before you begin the process of identifying your passions, I want you to put aside the voice inside of you saying “ya but” and live totally in the realm of possibility. During this process you are going to reconnect to those things that make you smile, energize you, and you are curious about.

Let the energy flow, get excited, and get connected to that energy. It is still there inside of you waiting to be expressed, let it come out. You are looking for the clues to your passions. Don’t worry about how to get there, right now simply connect to what gives you joy.

  • Make a list of the things that you spend your free time doing or researching. What are the things you love to do, read about, or want to know about? What can’t you get enough information about?
  • Revisit your childhood dreams. Do any of your childhood dreams still appeal to you? What aspects of your childhood dreams can you reconnect to? Write down the childhood dreams that still energize you.
  • For one week, write down the things that you do well, the things that are ‘fun’ for you to do. Notice as you go through your work day, what you ‘like’ to do. Notice what you like about your job and write it down. If you don’t have a job, notice what does give you joy throughout your day.

Compile a list of all of the items that you have gathered over a week’s time. Let the list be as long as you like. Read each item on the list out loud and notice how it makes you feel inside. Do you feel lighter when you read it or do you feel heavier when you read it? Pay attention to the items that make you feel heavier, are they truly passions or things you think are passions? Start to cross off the items that don’t feel energizing to you. Use your list as the starting point for the possibilities of living a passion filled life.

I'm Paula Harvey, Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Life Transition Coach and I am passionate about empowering people to identify and align with their passions. I wonder what would happen if you were able to identify your passions and start living in alignment with your passions?

I offer tips and methods for living passionately on my blog. I’d like to invite you to receive my free Passion Deficit Disorder Report and find out why passion is so important in your life and what you can do about it. You can get your instant access at


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