WELCOME TO THE BUFFALO STAMPS AND STUFF IDEA. Aren't you glad you have a stamping habit? I am so gratefulfor my stamp room and supplies at this trying time. Have you heard, Sharon's daughter has set up an online store.Sharon is adding new stamps daily. ...
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Aren't you glad you have a stamping habit?  I am so grateful
for my stamp room and supplies at this trying time.  

Have you heard, Sharon's daughter has set up an online store.
Sharon is adding new stamps daily.  You can either pick up your
order at the store using curbside pickup or she will mail your order right to your door. Jessica did an awesome job building  the store online.  It's easy to use too.

If you haven't checked it out yet, do it now HERE.

Eggs - Pretty Pink Posh-Easter Eggs
you can also purchase a die for the eggs by Pretty Pink Posh too
Grass die is an old Memory Box
Papers - Pink Cardstock, Green Dotted paper from my stash,
Designer paper - Farm Meadow Premium Collection 6x6 inch pad
Every piece is really beautiful paper .
Eggs colored with Copics
Wink of stella, WoW clear sparkle embossing powder.
Inside sentiment "Happy Easter" comes in the stamp set.

That's it for me this week.  Stay home, stay safe, create!

Thanks for stopping by today
Have a good week.
Until later............

So How You Doin'???

I love Friends. It was a great TV show and all the characters were people I really liked. I'll be honest, I'm not a Seinfeld fan. Jerry Seinfeld comes from my home town, but I just never got it. Friends on the other hand, I could watch all day! So whenever I hear myself say, "How are you doing?" I hear Joey Tribiani saying "How You doin'?"

I hope this finds everyone doing well and feeling good. I've got a few product photos and Friday's Facebook video from Sharon. She will be in the store tomorrow, Saturday, March 28th from 10-1 filling out orders so if you see anything you'd like or are running out of adhesive, give her a call. She will be available for no contact curbside pick-up if you call ahead.

First up is last nights video:

Click HERE

Now for a few new product photos. First up are new flowers from 49 Market. Several of these are not your typical rose buds. I see a new variety of not only flowers but greenery.

Stamp Market always has a dynamic release. I really like that plaid patterned background die. I may have to do an on-line order!

Now forgive me if this is a repeat. As I've said in the past, Sharon, Jess, Janelle and I share a text thread. So sometimes I get photos that are meant for Jess and vice versa. If it's not a repeat, here's a new border die from Creative Expressions!

We are re-stocked on this very popular background die from Lawn Fawn (this may be another on-line order...)

Saying Hi! to Stephanie in Canada. I'm missing your class today because of our travel bans and lockdowns. But, I have the latest MFT release. (Again, I apologize if this is a repeat from a past post).

Lastly, adhesive alphabets from Simple Stories. I used these all the time as a scrapbooker. They come in different sizes and fonts.

I've been evicted from my craft room (just the computer part) by my daughter who is working from home and using my computer. So I have been down at the dining room table (where I usually sit) doing two of the On-line Classes that I bought at Christmas time. This is a practice sheet for skin and hair from the Coloring with Copic Markers class. I also have a watercolor class which I hope to get to next week. That one should be fun.What are you all working on?

Lastly, how many of you fit this...?
Have a SAFE WEEKEND, go out, take a walk, go on a 'Bear Hunt'. If you know what I'm talking about leave me a comment and tell me if there are any 'bears' in your neighborhood. Crafting is therapeutic and I'll see you next week. 


I'm So Excited!

There isn't much to get excited about these days but I've found something...

Buffalo Stamps and Stuff On-line Store is OPEN!

We went live last night and orders are already coming in. Thanks to the fantastic work of Jessica who found an on-line vehicle that would work best for our store, did all the inputing, downloading of photos and making sure we have a store that will work for not only our customers but for Sharon also and all while being a stay-home mom to two kids under 5 years of age! Talk about Wonder Woman! (In all fairness I do have to give a shout out to Scott, who has been home for a good portion of the time too, thanks Scott!)

We are proceeding slowly. We have several categories of product up and more items under each category will be added daily. We are concentrating on basics and seasonal specialties. For example, Easter isn't too far away and we may not be able to spend the holiday with family, but you will be able to send them a handmade Easter card featuring Easter stamps! We are also adding new releases as we receive them. An example is My Favorite Things. We just got in the newest release and will be adding those stamps and dies to the store. Keep in mind, like the brick and mortar store, we order in small quantities so that we can give you the widest range of companies and products. Once our supply is gone, it may be a while before we get more due to the slowness of production and once seasonal or holiday specific dates have passed it's not always timely to reorder unless we have a specific request. 

I've tried to take a few photos off the the website to show you what you will see in terms of categories. You click on 'SHOP' under any of these categories and you will see what is available. I've read a few comments on Facebook that have been positive in terms of the ordering procedure, but please remember this is still a work in progress. Sharon will be shipping out orders as quickly as possible and Jess will be adding to the on-line store every day. 


I also have two new product photos for you. The first is our new Buffalo Stamp and Die set. This is in our on-line store under 'Exclusives'. The stamps set and matching dies are sold together. Please note the size of the stamps. The two together retail for $10.99

 I mentioned My Favorite Things and here is a photo of some of the new release we have received. I am seriously bummed that Stephanie is restricted to her side of the border and will not be able to come for class this weekend. Maybe we can get her to do a video and send us the kits! Well, this will be your chance to get your rainbow on and play with sprinkles and cupcakes!

It's hard to find a funny to end with these days but I think this one may ring true for soooo many of us!
I know it is in my house! You all STAY SAFE and we will see you again real soon.


Welcome to the Buffalo Stamps and Stuff Idea.

The sad day has come, the store is closed until further
notice.  Sharon is posting everyday on Facebook and
showing new "stuff" that is coming in.  Also planning
a new online store which should be up and running soon.

I stopped in on Saturday, to pick up some supplies so
I can continue to show you some new stuff that was in the store.
It is such a shame, because the store is jam packed with 
all the new stuff that Sharon ordered at the show, but
she is taking orders and shipping to folks as needed.

Easter is just around the corner.  Here are some sweet
bunnies to brighten up your day.

Stamp set - NorthWoods Rubber Stamps (NO-081)
Blue Card stock, Woodgrain designer paper, Frame - Gina Marie Designs Stitched Rectangles
Corners from a set of dies by Spellbinders Tiara Rondelle (S5-342)
Pink Enamel Dots - Gina Marie Designs
Colored with Copics

That's it for me this week.'

Please take care and keep safe.

Thanks for stopping by today
Until next week...


Last Call :-(

OK, so you hopefully have heard that because of the governor's order to shut down all non-essential businesses, today is the last day our store front will be open. Now there are two important parts, OK maybe three important parts of this statement.

1. Today is the last day - the store will be open from 11-3:00 pm. We posted previously that we would not be open but due to the latest mandate from the state we WILL BE OPEN TODAY, Sunday, March  23rd!

2. I said our STORE FRONT, our brick and mortar store. The one you can walk in and interact with people and actually touch and examine everything. Sad, yes, but are we totally closed??? NO! We will be opening an ON-LINE STORE! Sharon and Jessica are working really hard on getting an on-line store up and working for you. I'm sorry I do not have more information than that. I'm not sure how much of our store inventory we will have available on-line, but I'm sure Sharon will be updating us all with all the details as soon as we are ready to go live!

3. Non-Essential Business??? This man is obviously clueless! As we all know, Buffalo Stamps and Stuff is far, far removed from being a non-essential business. It is our happy place, our creative escape, our inspiration, our safe zone and so much more.

Sharon will be doing videos from home (as soon as Mark finds her tri-pod for filming. You have no idea what their garage looks like, OMG!) and we will be posting on Facebook and Instagram, sending out email updates, and posting here on the blog. We will do everything we can to keep you updated and provide you with a little escape from our big escape!

So it may be Last Call for walking into BSS in person for a-while but we will be available to you in the coming weeks to help you get through this community wide, state wide, country wide, world wide crisis. You are not alone, we are not alone and we will get through this by working together and looking out for each other. So, until I see-you, see-you, take care of yourself and one another and STAY SAFE!!
Happy Crafting, Donna


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