Happy Monday! Both my allergies and the calendar are telling me that Spring is close! I love watching the buds on the trees and flowers starting to grow but, I spend most of the Spring season inside my home due to my allergies. Thank goodness that I ...
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  2. A Busy Weekend
  3. Happy Monday! I am back after a week ...
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Happy Monday! Both my allergies and t...

Happy Monday!

Both my allergies and the calendar are telling me that Spring is close! I love watching the buds on the trees and flowers starting to grow but, I spend most of the Spring season inside my home due to my allergies. Thank goodness that I have a large bay window so I can watch "spring" from inside my house 🤣.

For this week's sample, I decided to do a St. Patrick's Day themed card:

To make this card I used the Lucky stamp set from Pretty Pink Posh and Waffle Flower's Postage Collage die. This was definitely a fun card to create. I used distress ink around the different sections of postage die cut layer. 

Supplies used:

--Pretty Pink Posh: Lucky stamp set

--Waffle Flower: Postage Collage die

I hope that everyone has a very crafty week!-- Kim


A Busy Weekend

Sharon had a very busy weekend. Prepping for Stamp Camp and doing her presentation for Maker Mania 9. I may be slightly biased but I think Sharon had the best use of the products in the MM9 kit with her cards and Lucia's layouts. I'm hoping we will be able to share her samples with our customers in the coming weeks.

Until then I have lots of new product to share with you. Gina K is up first. The following stamp set has a matching die.

Sharon slipped a few Spellbinders floral sets into her Gina K release. Imagine the die set below inside the birdcage above.

A few more Spellbinders dies. These remind me of Georgia O'Keefe designs.

Lastly for Gina K is below. This is masking paper. Sharon promised a video demoing how to use this product in your card making.
Picket Fence is next. These toner paper packs are just gorgeous. This first one, Hues of a Rainbow was used in a recent Kristina Werner video. Check it out here.
The gemstone paper is also gorgeous.

Stencils from Picket Fence.

Mini pouncers from Picket Fences. Someone asked how these are used and Sharon shared that when you use a brush for a stencil you get a softer kind of color. To get a bolder look of color you need to really load up your brush. These pouncers let you get a bolder look of color without using so much ink.
The insect/bug of the year is the butterfly! Everyone is releasing butterflies.
A great brick outline die.

Picket Fence also released the stamp set used in the card sample below.

A few more stamp sets.

Oops! I'm stuck! I don't remember exactly what this is. I know it's balck and has a dropper inside. 
A final stamp set.
Next up is Elizabeth Designs. I've tried to capture the examples shown on the back of the die and stamp sets as Sharon showed them. 

This set is four separate stencils. See below for the back of the package.

Next up is a staple, Memory Box. First is these gorgeous paper packs. You get three of each color and they are a smooth heavy weight cardstock. 

I really like their word dies and especially the ones with shadows. 

How cute are these guys. 
Easter is the end of the month.

Phrases straight and wavy AND includes matching dies.

A new series of dies with a Nordic theme. 

This die creates four rings of cut out and impressed patterns. They can be used together or separately.
I really like this cover plate.
Next up are these GREAT phrase packets. There are two styles, Birthday and Thank You. They come in gold on white or white on black. They have a variety of fonts and you get 40! in each package.

These next labels are from Pink Fresh and I believe they are sticker backed.

More from Pink Fresh. We have the stamp, the die and the stencil for all of these where available.

A new alphabet die set.

Not to be left out, we have a new floral Glimmer plate.
And a new glimmer foil.
New phrases.

I missed this. Apparently Spellbinders has these storage boxes. I see them as a great way to store cards or projects as you are working on them.

I'll put in my two cents for next weekends Stamp Camp. Sharon has a great selection of cards.
My life in funnies...
That's it for me for this weekend. Sharon should be back on Wednesday night and I'll be back with my screen shots. Have a good week everyone and stay crafty and above all Stay Safe.

Happy Monday! I am back after a week ...

Happy Monday!

I am back after a week off from being pretty sick with pharyngitis, sinusitis, and double ear infections--definitely not fun. Hopefully I will continue to improve and not be so tired all the time because there are so many card classes and projects that I have planned! 

The other week I used a new die set from Pretty Pink Posh, Party Balloons, and I was thinking how that die set can be used for something different than birthday cards. I used the Party Balloons die along with the new Layered Balloons stencils to create a baby card.

Supplies used:
--PPP Party Balloons dies, Layered Balloons stencil, Welcome Little One die

I hope that everyone has a very crafty week! --Kim


Sharon's Super Saturday

That's what she called it. Every Saturday is a super Saturday for us. We're starting with a brief review of Lawn Fawn and Friday's video from Mona. Mona created a step card. She showed this St.Patrick's Day card. It flips open and in the second photo you can see the shamrocks on each step. 

Mona wrote out her basic dimensions but trying to follow along in screen shots was very difficult. So I'll share her basic dimensions but suggest you check out the video on YouTube if you'd like to follow along.
In this photo you can see she has created an accordion style step element for her card. I tried to capture her basic instructions for dimensions and her cut and score line dimensions but it was a bit difficult.

This was the best I could get of her cut/score dimensions.
A quick little review of Lawn Fawn, lots of carrots!
Next is Pretty Pink Posh. The basic train stamp was part of their Valentine's release. This month they added birthday themed train cars. We sold out of basic train set but we have more in now.
We also have a restock of the party hat dies.
Going back to Lawn Fawn, Sharon has gotten in an assortment of LF's cardstock papers. These are great papers, 100lb. heavy cardstock in a great variety of colors.
A new collection of these gold infused multicolor 6X6 pads. 
Hero Art is next. Several of their new products are great for multi-media designs.

Two new peek-a-boo or around the corner stamps.
A great script background stamp.
Lots of mixed media stamps, stencils and dies from Aall & Create.

A cute little bunny from Crafter's Companion.
We've gotten in the swing dies from Spellbinders that we've illustrated in the past few weeks.

We've also gotten in the BetterPress alphabet letters that were requested. Remember, we're not carrying the entire alphabet. If there is a specific letter you want, contact the store and Sharon will order it.

We also have several new BetterPress cover plates. 

In this one you'll be inking the black areas.

Several of these plates have multiple inserts that can be used to modify the look.

Next is LDRS. They have released a series of stamps and matching dies that have a ton of words and phrases with common themes. For example this first one is Love and Friendship.

There are also florals and borders. We have several samples to share.

More of the phrase and sentiment themed stamps, Mother's Day.
Family Collage
Father's Day
With Affection
Hops and Waddles

See the fence from the Lawn Fawn release.
Penny Black is next. I can see a class forming with some of these from Sharon.

These little bears and the smaller images that follow have always been a favorite of many of our customers.

I'm not a cat person but boy, are they cute.
Bloom with Grace - another overflowing sentiment set. 

Multi layered nested dies give you lots of options for your cards.

PB also has a group of stamp and die combos that create a variety of butterflies. 

Lastly, we have a few new classes to showcase. Intro to Stenciling - you get the Color Layer Kit and everything you see below.
This is a watercolor class using BetterPress letters and plates. Join Charlene the third Thursday every month.
Whipper Snapper images make fun but simple cards.
My funny for the post. This was my entire phys. ed. experience...
That's it for me for this post. Sharon wasn't kidding when she said Super Saturday. This has been a lot of photos! Have a great week everyone, stay crafty and above all Stay Safe.

Lawn Fawn Thursday

 One of my favorite sayings is, "Life Happens While We're Making Other Plans". Apparently, that's how Sharon's Wednesday went, I'll leave out most of the details but the bottom line was Sharon was unable to plan for her Wednesday night video so she moved to Thursday at 1:00 with the new Lawn Fawn release. 

Lawn Fawn has some fun new stamps and dies for spring and Easter, carrots any one? Root veggies start us out.

Next we have some leafy veggies.

Flower Garden Backdrop.

A new 6X6 pad with coordinating colors and patterns used in several of the samples we got from LF.
A lovely little Floral Trellis and animal pairs that can be used for weddings and other events.
Lawn Fawn's mice in the garden.

The carrot car is too cute!

Lawn Fawn also has a new selection of speech bubbles and phrases for them.
Two small sets.
Cute little picket fence.
Watering Can.

Large Sending Love

Mason Jar that can be turned into a shaker.

A new interactive die set and add-on. Sharon has turned this over to Mona to figure out. 
There is a matching stencil that can help with the construction of this interactive wheel.
The sample LF sent us. Turn the tab and picture on top disappears as a new image appears.

This is a new add-on for the platform pop-up.
Lawn Fawn also released a greenhouse die, however, Sharon did not order this. Give the store a call if you are interested and she can order it for you.
Lilly of the Valley.
A large interchangable word set. You can make up and infinite combination of sentiments,
A 3D carrot treat box.

Our last sample combines several of the stamps and dies from this release.
Washi tape from the release.
That's it for today. I'll be back with more after Mona's and Sharon's videos. My funny today is what my mornings are if I don't have coffee in the morning.
I'll see you after the weekend.


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