Welcome to the Buffalo Stamps and Stuff Monday Idea. Have a fun card for you this week. Is this little bear the sweetest or what? Stamp - Penny Black - Furry Smile (30678)Brown, red and white card stockBlue stripped and dotted designer papersMemory Box, ...
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  2. What a Week!
  4. GO BILLS!
  5. Looks Like a Very "Posting" Weekend
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BSS Monday Idea - Beary Happy Birthday


Welcome to the Buffalo Stamps and Stuff Monday Idea.

Have a fun card for you this week.

Is this little bear the sweetest or what?

Stamp - Penny Black - Furry Smile (30678)
Brown, red and white card stock
Blue stripped and dotted designer papers
Memory Box, Spring Time Bouquet PP1007
 6x6 inch pad
Die - Gina Marie Designs
Started with a 41/4 x 51/2 card
Fold the front of the card in half toward
the fold
Adhere your image on the front fold, being
careful to only put glue or tape runner
on the half that you adhere

Hope everyone is well and staying safe.
Hard to believe that January only has 
another week! Went fast didn't it?

Thanks for stopping by today.
Until later...


What a Week!

 What a week for us at Buffalo Stamps and Stuff and for Buffalo! GO BILLS! Mark had the opportunity to stay home yesterday but insisted on coming into the store because he wanted the same routine he had last week so he wouldn't jeopardize the Bills chances for a win tonight against the Chiefs. Kaitlyn's husband Dave, wanted the same shirt he wore last week in order not to jinx the Bills. Everyone has their own superstitions.

Like I said it's a big week coming. For Sharon it started this past Friday. She did her store intro video on the Facebook Maker's Mania group. This is a closed group so I cannot post to the blog but I have seen the video and the videos done by there other store owners and I have to say, Sharon aced it! Not to brag or anything (but I will), we had the nicest looking store! We have a cozy, warm atmosphere that was very apparent. We are gearing up for next Sunday's Maker's Mania event and Sharon's presentation. I hope everyone who signed up from our store has a really fun weekend and enjoys all the creativity that will be on display. 

You all know we do a Facebook video twice a week. This past week Sharon skipped the Wednesday video because she has been attending the 'virtual CHA' via ZOOM to see and order all the latest and greatest from all of our fantastic companies. Not only are products shown, but classes are being held to show you how to use these products and to provide inspiration. Sharon shares some of these projects on her Facebook video from Saturday found HERE

We also have some really exciting news. We have our own YouTube Channel!!! WOO HOO!!! The link to our first YouTube video is HERE. Go to YouTube, check it out and hit SUBSCRIBE. This will help us keep our channel and on it you will see updates from the store, new product and we will be able to host our class videos and password protect them so that if you can't do a ZOOM video you can get a class kit and watch the video at your convenience. We can also do technique videos and post them. I'll post a pic of the screen you'll see when you open up our first video. 

                   Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'A peek around the store! 337 views 22 hours ago 58 Share + Download Save Buffalo Stamps & Stuff 97 subscribers SUBSCRIBE'

We are really excited about this and hope you will join us and view our videos. 

Last up for today is some new product and whatever else I have on my phone. Whipper Snapper joy! How much fun are these stamps?!

One of Sharon's Favorites

St. Patrick's Day is coming up.

What a cutie!

And Easter isn't that far away (along with Spring!)

I didn't get to do a funny on Wednesday so it's a twofer day!

Have a happy, crafty week everyone, STAY SAFE and GO BILLS!



 Welcome to the Buffalo Stamps and Stuff Monday Idea.

First I'd like to apologize for the post being late last week.
I got a new computer and all my settings got messed up.
I wasn't able to access the BSS blog until Sharon's son-in-law
Scott was able to help me. 

Hello friends.  Well, Valentines Day will be here before we know it.
So, I made two slimline Valentines this week.

                Pink Card
Stamps -- Sentiment - Heffy Doodle (HFD 0229) More classic Sentiments
Dies - Kelly Alpha Uppercase Pink Fresh (PFSA1619)
Hearts - Penny Black - Your Love (51-591
Heart Paper from my stash from last year.
I used the edge of a square doily to frame the designer paper on the front
Card is 3 1/2x7 inches  I bought a ream of 81/2 by 14 inch card stock for a
project awhile back, and I thought how fun it would be to make a tent fold
slimeline card. I folded it in half the long way, and then cute the 3 1/2 inch width
for the card. You could always cut two pieces of card stock 3 1/2 by 7 inches
 and score a 1/2 inch  across the top of  the front piece, crease it with a bone
folder and then glue the creased part to the second piece to make the card.

                Red Card

Stamps - Sentiment- Photo Play (5152147) You
When I cut the alpha letters for the first card, I placed them
evenly spaced on the gold mirror sheet, and cut them out.  This left
me with the negative of the letters.  All I had to do was cut out an even
rectangle, back it with red card stock, and I ran it through a Crafters Companion
Rainbow Hearts 3D embossing folder.  
I needed to save the oval from the "o" and glue it in place.

Used a Gina Marie slimline stitched rectangle from striped card stock.
Inside, I stamped the sentiment in gold embossing powder and used
a strip of the Designer Paper on the edge.

Hope this put you in the mood to make some Valentines.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Have a good week. Stay Safe.



 My last quick post of the weekend. I have Sharon's Saturday Facebook Live Video HERE. The big news is the Bills win last night.

That's it for me. Our house's big game is tonight when the Browns take on Kansas City. Not as confident about the outcome of this game as I was of the Bills game. The winner will take on the Bills next week. Could make next weekend pretty interesting around here. I thought this funny was particularly fitting for the next few weekends during football!

Have a great week everyone. Happy Crafting and STAY SAFE!!

Looks Like a Very "Posting" Weekend

 I'm here again with another post for this weekend. This one is very time sensitive as a part of it pertains to the Buffalo Bills - GO BILLS! Sharon did a quick video on Thursday (yesterday) featuring new scrapbook papers you can use for your Bills highlights. Scrapbookers out there - take photos during the game, show off your inside tailgate party, the crazy clothes and accesories your family wears. If you are or know someone who is attending the game, ask them to take some photos for you. Take photos of the family around the set, cheering the Bills on. Then use this great paper! The video is HERE.

Sharon sent a few close-ups of these papers. You can combine with our Buffalo Love papers to make some great layouts. First are the Buffalo Love papers including the 716 and all the versions of Buffalo Love we could come up with! We will be open Friday until 6 and Saturday 10-4. GO BILLS!

Here are some of the Bills specific paper. I love the Bills Mafia and the paper behind is the ombre paper Sharon talked about. 

If you want the full set of papers this packet is for you. It has a great selection of papers you can use for every phase of your Bills fandom.

For good measure, Sharon threw in a few photos of new Stampendous and IO stamps and dies. Spring here we come!

(Snow, yeah I know, but you know it's coming!)

Sentiments you can use with slimline cards and Spring Flowers and Grass!!

And yes, Easter! How cute are those Easter gnomes?!

Last thing for today, Maker Mania is coming up quickly. If you purchased a kit and haven't picked it up yet, come on down! We will happily do curbside if you choose to not enter the store. Just give us a call when you are outside the door and we will pop out and put in your trunk or an open window.  When you get your box follow the directions on the sheet enclosed to "Join the Maker Mania Facebook Group". Sharon will check periodically and accept  requests to join the group. Once you are accepted you will see messages from others across the country as they join the Maker Mania group also. We will be doing a little intro video on Facebook next Friday to introduce everyone taking part in Maker Mania to Buffalo Stamps and Stuff so make sure you sign in before that. If you have questions or are not sure how to sign in to the Maker Mania Facebook Group, give us a call and we will walk you through it. 

I think that's all for today. I may be back tomorrow with Saturday's FB Live video and with any other photos or product or news we may have. Until then GO BILLS!

Have a great  crafty weekend and I'll see you soon. STAY SAFE!


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