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Sorry --- no more comments allowed

Comments are done --- too much spam and no discussion. I have to put them to an end.


After many, many months off and due to popular demand as hits have increased as of late, Le Notizie Analizzate is back in print. Thank you for your patience. The Staff

Off for 3 weeks

Le Notizie Analizzate will be closed for ferragugno and ferraluglio.

Until then, Le Notizie Analizzate Staff

US Military Bases in Italy (there are over 100)

    Some Major Bases:

  • Aviano Air Base, Pordenone

  • Caserma Ederle, Vicenza

  • San Vito Dei Normanni Air Station, near Brindisi

  • Naval Air Station Sigonella, near Catania, Sicily

  • Camp Darby, near Pisa and Livorno

Sigonella has been, and possibly still is used as a transfer station for persons of interest in the war on terror (extraordinary rendition). (Source: BBC)

From (My translation):

List by Region

Trentino Alto Adige

1. Cima Gallina [Bz]. Communication Station and USAF radar.

2. Monte Paganella [Tn]. USAF Telecommunication Station.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

3. Aviano [Pn]. The biggest advanced base, nuclear deposits and center for USAF telecommunications in Italy [at least 3000 troops and American civilians]. In the base there are USAF operative forces ready for combat [a group of fighter bombers] that were used in the strafings in Bosnia. Moreover, the 16th Air Force and the 31st Fighter Wing and not to mention a Marines squadron of F-18s. It is presumed that the base holds nuclear bombs in an underground bunker, whose construction was authorized by Congress. In the Aviano area base in the Pordenone region there are permanent deployments since 1994 of the 31st Fighter Wing, equiped with 2 squadrons of F-16s [in the war against Yugoslavia in 1999, in 78 days there were 9000 missions: a record] and the 16th Air Force. The latter was equipped with F-16 and F-15 fighters, and has the task, under the U. S. European Command, to not only plan and to lead operations of aerial combat in southern Europe, but also in Middle East and North Africa. It operates, with a staff of 11.500 military and civilians, from two main bases: Aviano, where one finds the General Division, and the Turkish base of Incirlik. The latter base will be the main base for the aerial offensive against northern Iraq, but the use of planes of the 16th Air Force will be planned and directed by the General Division of Aviano.

4. Roveredo [Pn]. US Army storage.

5. Rivolto [Ud]. USAF Base.

6. Maniago [Ud]. USAF shooting range.

7. San Bernardo [Ud]. US Army munitions depot.

8. Trieste. US Naval Base.


9. Camp Ederle [Vi]. General Division of NATO and command of SETAF of the US Army, which controls American forces in Italy, Turkey, and Greece. In this base, there are land troops normally in Italy: an air transported battalion, an artillary battalion with nuclear capability, three companies of the kind. Important telecommunication station. The American military and civilians that operate at Camp Ederle should number about 2000.

10. Vicenza: SETAF (Southern European Task Force) command. 5th Allied Tactical Air Force. Probable depot for nuclear war heads.

11. Tormeno [San Giovanni a Monte, Vi]. Arms and munitions depot.

12. Longare [Vi]. Important arms depot.

13. Oderzo [Tv]. Arms and munitions depot.

14. Codognè [Tv]. Arms and munitions depot.

15. Istrana [Tv]. USAF base.

16. Ciano [Tv]. US telecommunication and radar center.

17. Verona. Air Operations Center [USAF] and NATO SETAF base. USAF telecommunication center.

18. Affi [Vr]. US telecommunications center.
19. Lunghezzano [Vr]. US radar center.

20. Erbezzo [Vr]. NSA antenna radar.
21. Conselve [Pd ]. US radar base.

22. Monte Venda [Pd]. US telecommunications and radar antenna.

23. Venezia. US Naval base.

24. Sant'Anna di Alfaedo [Pd]. US Radar base.

25. Lame di Concordia [Ve]. US telecommunication and radar base.

26. San Gottardo, Boscomantivo [Ve]. US telecommunication center.

27. Ceggia [Ve]. US radar center.


28. Ghedi [Bs]. USAF base, communication station and nuclear bomb depot.
29. Montichiari [Bs]. USAF air base.
30. Remondò [Pv]. US Army base.

108. Sorico [Co]. NSA antenna.

31. Cameri [No]. US air base with NATO coverage.

32. Candelo-Masazza [Vc]. USAF and US Army training, with NATO coverage.


33. La Spezia. SACLANT (Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic) Anti-submarine center. [see 35].

34. Finale Ligure [Sv]. Telecommunication station of the US Army.

35. San Bartolomeo [Sp]: Center of research for submarine warfare. Composed of 3 structures. First of all is SACLANT, an affiliate of NATO that is not indicated on any map of the Atlantic Alliance. It would have been better if SACLAT hadn't specified precisely marine research: in a dossier prepared by the Federation of Rifondazione Comunista, it says that "occupation of areas that mirror the water for military requirements of the Italian state and not a shelter for the 6th US Fleet." Then there is Maricocesco, an agency that resupplies the navy. Lastly, Mariperman, the permanent commission for experimenting with war materials, composed of 500 people and 11 institutes [of artillary, munitions, and missles, to the underwater crews].

Emilia Romagna

36. Monte San Damiano [Pc]. USAF base with NATO coveraege.

37. Monte Cimone [Mo]. US telecommunication station with NATO coverage.
38. Parma. USAF depot with NATO coverage.

39. Bologna. Telecommunication station of the Department of State.

40. Rimini. US logisitcal group for the activation of nuclear bombs.

41. Rimini-Miramare. US telecommunication center.
Le Marche

42. Potenza Picena [Mc]. US radar center with NATO coverage.


43. Camp Darby [Pi]. SETAF has the biggest logistical depot in the Mediterranean [between Pisa and Livorno], with about 1400 men, where the 31st Munitions Squadron is. Here, in 125 underground bunkers, is stocked a strategic reserve for the US Army and aeronautics, estimated at more than a million and a half munitions. Closely connected through a web of canals near the port of Livorno, across Navicelli Canal, there is a base for refueling the navy units stationed in the Mediterranean. The 8th Support Group and US Army base for supporting the American forces south of the Po River, the Mediterranean, the Gulf, North Africa, and Turkey.

44. Coltano [Pi]. Important US-NSA base for telecommunications: from here all of the collected information is managed from the centers of telecommunications of the Mediterranean. US Army munitions depot; NSA base.

45. Pisa [aeroporto militare]. Irregular USAF base.

46. Talamone [Gr]. Irregular US Navy base.

47. Poggio Ballone [Gr]. Between Follonica, Castiglione della Pescaia and Tirli: US radar center with NATO coverage.

48. Livorno. US naval base.

49. Monte Giogo [Ms]. US telecommunicatino center with NATO coverage.


50. La Maddalena - Santo Stefano [Ss]. US atomic base, submarine base, naval squad in support of American aircraft carrier "Simon Lake".
51. Monte Limbara [tra Oschiri e Tempio, Ss]. US missile base.

52. Sinis di Cabras [Or]. NSA data processing center.

53. Isola di Tavolara [Ss]. US Navy submarine support radiotelegraphic station.

54. Torre Grande di Oristano. NSA radar base.

55. Monte Arci [Or]. US telecommunication station with NATO coverage.

56. Capo Frasca [Or]. US heliport and system radar.

57. Santulussurgiu [Or]. USAF telecommunication station with NATO coverage.

58. Perdasdefogu [Nu]. Experimental missle base.

59. Capo Teulada [Ca]. From Capo Teulada to Capo Frasca [Or], approximately 100 km of coast, 7,200 hectares of land and more than 70,000 hectares of "off limits" zones: shooting range for navy and aerial practices for the US 6th Fleet and NATO.

60. Cagliari. US naval base.

61. Decimomannu [Ca]. US airport with NATO coverage.

62. Aeroporto di Elmas [Ca]. USAF air base.

63. Salto di Quirra [Ca]. Missile shooting range.

64. Capo San Lorenzo [Ca]. Training zone for the US 6th Fleet.

65. Monte Urpino [Ca]. US and NATO munitions depot.


66. Roma. Command for the Central Mediterranean for NATO and the US interforce logistic coordination. NATO station.

67. Roma Ciampino [aeroporto militare]. Irregular USAF base.

68. Rocca di Papa [Rm]. US telecommunication station with NATO coverage, with probable connection to the underground installations at Monte Romano.

69. Monte Romano [Vt]. US Army shooting range.

70. Gaeta [Lt]. Permanent base of the 6th Fleet and of the naval squadron that supplies the aircraft carrier "La Salle".

71. Casale delle Palme [Lt]. NATO telecommunications school under US control.


72. Napoli. Command of the Marines Security Force. US submarine base. Command for the USAF in the Mediterranean. Port normally employed by the civil units and US military. It is estimated that annually from Naples and Livorno 5000 military container trips are made.

73. Aeroporto Napoli Capodichino. USAF Air base.

74. Monte Camaldoli [Na]. US telecommunication station.

75. Ischia [Na]. US telecommunication antenna with NATO coverage.

76. Nisida [Na]. US Army base.

77. Bagnoli [Na]. Seat of the biggest center of coordination of the US Navy in all telecommunication activities, command and control of the Mediterranean.

78. Agnano [in the vicinity of the famous race course]. US Army base.

80. Licola [Na]. US telecommunication antenna.

81. Lago Patria [Ce]. US telecommunication station.

82. Giugliano [vicinanze del lago Patria, Na]. Statcom Command.

83. Grazzanise [Ce]. Irregular USAF base.

84. Mondragone [Ce]: US and NATO Center of Command for underground anti-atomic weapons, where they want to marry the US and NATO commands in case of war.

85. Montevergine [Av]: Communication station for the US.


79. Cirigliano [Mt]. Command for the US Naval Forces in Europe.

86. Pietraficcata [Mt]. Center for telecommunications for USA and NATO.


87. Gioia del Colle [Ba]. US air base and technical support.

88. Brindisi. US Naval Base.

89. Punta della Contessa [Br]. US and NATO shooting range.

90. San Vito dei Normanni [Br]. Would have been the home to a thousand American troops of the 499th Expeditionary Squadron. Secret service base. Electronics Security
Group [NSA].

91. Monte Iacotenente [Fg]. Base for the complex radar NADGE (NATO Air Defense Ground Environment).

92. Otranto. US radar station.

93. Taranto. US Naval Base. Storage for USA and NATO.

94. Martinafranca [Ta]. Radar Base USA.


95. Crotone. Telecommunication station and radard for USA and NATO.

96. Monte Mancuso [Cz]. Telecommunication station for USA.

97. Sellia Marina [Cz]. Telecommunications center for the US with NATO coverage.


98. Sigonella [Ct]. Main land base of the Navy in the central Mediterranean, logistic support of the 6th Fleet [about 3400 between military and civilians]. Beyond US Navy unit, it accommodates various tactical squadrons of the USAF: helicopters of the type HC-4, hunting Tomcat F14's and A6 Intruders, groups of F-16 and F-111 equipped with nuclear bombs of the B-43 type, from more than 100 kilitons each.

99. Motta S. Anastasia [Ct]. Telecommunication station for USA.

100. Caltagirone [Ct]. Telecommunication station for USA.

101. Vizzini [Ct]. Various US storage. Note: a non-comissioned officer of the aereonautical military has written to us, specifying that there are no US installations in this Italian military base.

102. Palermo Punta Raisi [aeroporto]. Irregular USAF base.

103. Isola delle Femmine [Pa]. Munitions depot for the US and NATO.

104. Comiso [Rg]. The base will be dismantled.

105. Marina di Marza [Rg]. Telecommunication station for USA.

106. Augusta [Sr]. Base of the 6th fleet and munitions depot.

107. Monte Lauro [Sr]. Telecommunication station for USA.

109. Centuripe [En]. Telecommunication station for USA.

110. Niscemi [Cl]. NavComTelSta base [US Navy communication].

111. Trapani. USAF Base with NATO coverage.

112. Isola di Pantelleria [Tp]: Telecommunication center for the US Navy, air base and NATO radar.

113. Isola di Lampedusa [Ag]: US Coast Gaurd Base. Center for eavesdropping (listening) and communications for the NSA.

The abbreviations above in brackets are the administrative province of Italy for that station. Below is the key to the brackets. The region is in parentheses:

[Ag] = Agrigento (Sicilia)
[Al] = Alessandria (Piemonte)
[An] = Ancona (Marche)
[Ao] = Aosta (Valle d'Aosta)
[Ar] = Arezzo (Toscana)
[Ap] = Ascoli Piceno (Marche)
[At] = Asti (Piemonte)
[Av] = Avellino (Campania)
[Ba] = Bari (Puglia)
[Bt] = Barletta-Andria-Trani (Puglia)
[Bl] = Belluno (Veneto)
[Bn] = Benevento (Campania)
[Bg] = Bergamo (Lombardia)
[Bi] = Biella (Piemonte)
[Bo] = Bologna (Emilia-Romagna)
[Bz] = Bolzano (Trentino-Alto Adige)
[Bs] = Brescia (Lombardia)
[Br] = Brindisi (Puglia)
[Ca] = Cagliari (Sardegna)
[Cl] = Caltanissetta (Sicilia)
[Cb] = Campobasso (Molise)
[Ci] = Carbonia-Iglesias (Sardegna)
[Ce] = Caserta (Campania)
[Ct] = Catania (Sicilia)
[Cz] = Catanzaro (Calabria)
[Ch] = Chieti (Abruzzo)
[Co] = Como (Lombardia)
[Cs] = Cosenza (Calabria)
[Cr] = Cremona (Lombardia)
[Kr] = Crotone (Calabria)
[Cn] = Cuneo (Piemonte)
[En] = Enna (Sicilia)
[Fm] = Fermo (Marche)
[Fe] = Ferrara (Emilia-Romagna)
[Fi] = Firenze (Toscana)
[Fg] = Foggia (Puglia)
[Fc] = Forlì-Cesena (Emilia-Romagna)
[Fr] = Frosinone (Lazio)
[Ge] = Genova (Liguria)
[Go] = Gorizia (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)
[Gr] = Grosseto (Toscana)
[Im] = Imperia (Liguria)
[Is] = Isernia (Molise)
[Sp] = La Spezia (Liguria)
[Aq] = L'Aquila (Abruzzo)
[Lt] = Latina (Lazio)
[Le] = Lecce (Puglia)
[Lc] = Lecco (Lombardia)
[Li] = Livorno (Toscana)
[Lo] = Lodi (Lombardia)
[Lu] = Lucca (Toscana)
[Mc] = Macerata (Marche)
[Mn] = Mantova (Lombardia)
[Ms] = Massa-Carrara (Toscana)
[Mt] = Matera (Basilicata)
[Me] = Messina (Sicilia)
[Mi] = Milano (Lombardia)
[Mo] = Modena (Emilia-Romagna)
[Mb] = Monza e della Brianza (Lombardia)
[Na] = Napoli (Campania)
[No] = Novara (Piemonte)
[Nu] = Nuoro (Sardegna)
[Ot] = Olbia-Tempio (Sardegna)
[Or] = Oristano (Sardegna)
[Pd] = Padova (Veneto)
[Pa] = Palermo (Sicilia)
[Pr] = Parma (Emilia-Romagna)
[Pv] = Pavia (Lombardia)
[Pg] = Perugia (Umbria)
[Pu] = Pesaro e Urbino (Marche)
[Pe] = Pescara (Abruzzo)
[Pc] = Piacenza (Emilia-Romagna)
[Pi] = Pisa (Toscana)
[Pt] = Pistoia (Toscana)
[Pn] = Pordenone (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)
[Pz] = Potenza (Basilicata)
[Po] = Prato (Toscana)
[Rg] = Ragusa (Sicilia)
[Ra] = Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna)
[Rc] = Reggio Calabria (Calabria)
[Re] = Reggio Emilia (Emilia-Romagna)
[Ri] = Rieti (Lazio)
[Rn] = Rimini (Emilia-Romagna)
[Rm] = Roma (Lazio)
[Ro] = Rovigo (Veneto)
[Sa] = Salerno (Campania)
[Vs] = Medio Campidano (Sardegna)
[Ss] = Sassari (Sardegna)
[Sv] = Savona (Liguria)
[Si] = Siena (Toscana)
[Sr] = Siracusa (Sicilia)
[So] = Sondrio (Lombardia)
[Ta] = Taranto (Puglia)
[Te] = Teramo (Abruzzo)
[Tr] = Terni (Umbria)
[To] = Torino (Piemonte)
[Og] = Ogliastra (Sardegna)
[Tp] = Trapani (Sicilia)
[Tn] = Trento (Trentino-Alto Adige)
[Tv] = Treviso (Veneto)
[Ts] = Trieste (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)
[Ud] = Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)
[Va] = Varese (Lombardia)
[Ve] = Venezia (Veneto)
[Vb] = Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (Piemonte)
[Vc] = Vercelli (Piemonte)
[Vr] = Verona (Veneto)
[Vv] = Vibo Valentia (Calabria)
[Vi] = Vicenza (Veneto)
[Vt] = Viterbo (Lazio)

CIA Kidnapping Trial Update

It appears that the case over the kidnapping of the imam, Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, known as Abu Omar, was suspended yesterday. The judge has ruled that they must await the ruling of the case that the government holds against prosecuters for allegedly overstepping privacy laws and using illegal wire taps.

It seems that Prodi has managed to devert this case successfully so far. It is just interesting that he isn't bashing Berlusconi for having drummed this up which would make for an easy target as Prodi is losing popularity fast. Prodi must have supported it within his reign as well. Therefore, there must be more than meets the eye between the White House and Prodi relations.

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