You want to put your great ideas in the hands of people who know what they're doing and will keep it safe. You cant become successful in todays world without considering the advantages the internet could create for your business venture. Web hosting ...

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  1. Web Hosting criterion
  2. Small Pay from Small Job
  3. Drive traffic to your landing page
  4. Adding Ads after the post
  5. How to repair a broken under sea cable?
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Web Hosting criterion

You want to put your great ideas in the hands of people who know what they're doing and will keep it safe. You cant become successful in todays world without considering the advantages the internet could create for your business venture. Web hosting services provide the springboard needed to get you on the path to success on the world wide web. its up to you what you create for a web site and how you will use the services they provide. Before you dream of making millions on the internet, you must first determine which web hosting service will bst meet your needs.
Choosing the right company to host your web site is crucial. It is like any partnership you would make in the business world. This bond needs to be benificial for both sides, else its not worth. Try lot of web hosting reviews available on the internet to find the best suited partnership.
Web hosting rates are also important when choosing a right company for your business. Ask for both Linux and Windows hosting rates. Also compare rates with similar web hosting companies. 

Small Pay from Small Job

There are lot of sites which pays small for small work. What is meant by small work? Its something like signup for gmail, like face book,create youtube account,review sites,link sites etc.. May it will take only 3 or 4 minute time to complete the task. Microworkers giving opportunity for small pay for small jobs. Most of the jobs are well under $1. The highest one I found is $3.Here employers can post a micro job and workers will get paid to do micro jobs. Click here to signup with MICROWORKERS

Drive traffic to your landing page

Driving traffic into your landing page – it sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, it's not. And no matter how great your landing page is, it wont matter if no one ever reads it. Furthermore, if everyone in the world other than your target audience reads it, it also wont matter. This is why you need to find media through which you can drive targeted visitors to your landing page.

One way in which you can drive traffic to your landing page is through natural search engine optimization. This is the slowest process, but it is also one of the best ways to ensure a continually-increasing stream of traffic over time.

Generating natural search engine traffic generally entails getting links to your site. While reciprocal linking was once the best strategy, experts now believe that major search engines are devaluing reciprocal links in favor of one-way links and triangular links (which search engines can't really detect).

Another way in which to get natural search engine traffic is by optimization your website for certain keyphrases. You can do this by creating pages that specifically focus on one keyword on your given niche. You can then set the page extension to that keyword and optimize the content at a 1.5% density for that keyword. You will also want to use it in header and title tags.

Now, in addition building natural search engine traffic, you will want to consider using pay per click advertising. You can do this by opening an account with Google Adwords.

Successful Google Adwords campaigns do two things: they group keywords into multiple, small, related groups – and they send leads to multiple, tweaked landing pages.

This means you will have to start with some careful keyword research; and you will then have to alter your landing pages to match that research.

These are some of the most commonly used tools for driving traffic to a landing page; however, they are not always the most effective.

In the first portion of this article, we discussed driving traffic into your landing page using pay per click advertisement and natural search engine optimization. Now, both of those methods can be effective, but they both usually have rather high barriers to entry and require a lot of work.

Luckily, you do have another option: human connections. And this is where most Internet marketers fail. They don't realize the power of human connections because they are so caught up in the idea of making transactions and collecting massive checks without having to deal with customers and clients.

One quick way to get traffic through human connections is a joint venture. You can enter into a joint venture by compiling a list of possible “partners” — or people who might be able to assist you in some mutually-beneficial way. This list might include other list owners in your niche, site owners in your niche, and experts.

There's only one important thing you should keep in mind when contacting joint venture partners – and that is to make it as quick, easy, and beneficial for them as possible. If they have no incentive for doing it, they probably wont even reply to you. And if it isn't easy, they'll accept other joint venture offers over yours.

Another way in which you can drive traffic to your landing page is through blog and forum posting; however, it is important that you do not spam, as many businesses do. Instead, actually participate on the forum, provide people with something of value; and, after a while, post your product in your signature – and try to network with people on the forum who work in similar fields. I got lot of traffic by way of posting assistance in Google help page of AdSense.

Your approach to blog posting should be similar. Include a signature file that links back to your landing page, but don't spam. Instead, post useful comments. This is not only more ethical, but it is plainly more effective. Spam gets deleted. Good comments get praised, inducing people to follow your link and check out your products.


Adding Ads after the post

Do you know how to add AdSense Ads after the post? This psot will lead you how to add AdSense Ads after the psot

Step-by-step guides:
1. Parse (just modifying your code by removing angle brackets) your AdSense Code. Parsing can be done at BlogCrowds, Parse HTML Code. After parsed, copy the code and follow the steps below.
2. Locate the following code in the edit HTML page of Layout tab in your blog. To enlarge the picture click on it.

3. Then, paste the code below after the line "post-footer-line-3".

4. Save the template.

Reminder: the implementation guide above is only valid for blogs of Goodluck in your AdSense earnings.

Some reminder and limitations:
>> AdSense Ads only shows up to 3 blocks on a single page.
>> If you place AdSense Ads after posts, then only maximum of 3 Ads blocks will show.
>> Blank spaces will appear after 3 blocks are shown.


How to repair a broken under sea cable?

Find the location of the accident; drag the damaged part to the surface, and replace it with a new stretch of cable
May also send light pulses along the fibers in the cable to determine the exact location
A working fiber will transmit those pulses all the way across the ocean; a broken one will bounce it back
The telecom operator then sends out a large cable ship with a few miles of fresh fibre-optic lines
If the faulty part of the cable is less than about 4,000 feet down, a submersible robot can be sent The robot finds the right place; grabs hold of the cable; cuts out the malfunctioning section, and pulls the loose ends back up to the ship
Robots do not work in very deep water. In such cases, technicians use a grapnel to cut the cable and hold it
A skilled technician (jointer) splices the glass fibers; uses adhesives to attach the new section of cable
The repaired cable is then lowered back to the seabed on ropes

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