I love this top! First, it's purple. Second, it's designed by the phenomenal Paco of Barcelona. Go HERE to see the pattern. Third, the knit rayon/lycra fabric is perfect. It drapes well and doesn't sag, due to the lycra content. To construct the ...

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Knit Top - Vogue 1567 by Paco Peralta

I love this top! First, it's purple.  Second, it's designed by the phenomenal Paco of Barcelona. Go HERE to see the pattern.  Third, the knit rayon/lycra fabric is perfect.  It drapes well and doesn't sag, due to the lycra content.

To construct  the neckline, you are told to sew in some stabilizing tape at both the back and the front.  I used fusible tape and it worked well.  It's applied on the facing side so an imprint of  it doesn't show on the outside.  I bought my tape years ago from Judy Barlup (now retired), who called it Japanese tailoring tape.   THIS  product now for sale on Amazon seems to be very similar.  Once applied, the fusible tape does not show on the outside, as it's fused to the facing side of the fold at the neckline, in both the front and the back.  It controls the stretch, thus allowing for the 'straight across' front neckline look (without the tape, I feel that the neckline would end up draping, and therefore looking more like a cowl...not bad, but not desired here). 

I thought this pattern was very well drafted - it went together easily.   I used my baby lock cover stitcher to do the sleeve and waistline hems as well as the neckline in the back. 

On Saturday evening, here in Alaska, we had a nice snowfall.  Right after we took this picture, on Sunday morning, Nick and I did our house chores, then changed clothes to go cross country skiing at Beach Lake, near our house.  This is just one of the reasons we love living in the Anchorage, Alaska area.  The outdoor quality of life here is phenomenal!   

Eventually, I'll make the skirt too, to go with the top.  I really like everything that Paco Peralta designs, and I'm thrilled that his designs are featured in Vogue Patterns. 

Right now, in the sewing room, I've moved on to a simple T-shirt dress using some wool knit from Italy that I have left over from another project. 

Utility Jacket Number One...

This knit jacket from the Christine Jonson Travel Trio One pattern is 'the bomb'!  I have been making this pattern for years - ever since it was released eons ago.  I love it for office work and for travel, where you have to fly and be 'presentable' immediately upon landing.   The construction is super easy using a serger. 


Paco Peralta Duster Dress & Sash

Here's my version of this pattern, Duster Dress & Sash, from my friend, Paco.

 I used a blue cotton shirting.  This dress is very loose fitting, and I love how the sash draws it in at the waist.  I made the size 'medium'.  This dress is  very comfortable to wear at work today.


Striped Action

I've made this top, the "Mighty Aphrodite" from Hot Patterns five times now, and I still am not tired of it. In fact, tops I made several years ago are finally starting to wear out, but I still LOVE this pattern!  It fits well, I love the look, and it's fun to make. 

This past August, while visiting in the East,  I bought a haul of fabric from Mr. Kashi at Metro Textiles in NY.  I brought it back to Alaska, and  I've sewn up all but two pieces of it now. 

This piece, a striped rayon, was super appealing to me, and I thought for quite some time about what it would become.  I love the fabric so much that I didn't want to mess it up!

I made a matching skirt, echoing the drawstring from the top in the skirt.  I used vertical stripes for the skirt, with a horizontal inset, bordered by the ties. 

It snowed here in south central Alaska last night, and we're celebratingly happy because we have not gotten much snow this season... until now. This snow is going to be a nice base layer for skiing! 


Pink Peasant

 The warmth of summer is waning here in Alaska, but it's not too late to enjoy a lightweight cotton top!  This is the Classix Nouveau Refined Peasant blouse from Hot Patterns. 
 My fabric came from Mr. Kashi at Metro Textiles.  I bought this about two years ago.  It's a lovely floaty cotton.  I wore this all day today, so this is what it looks like after a long day at the office, partly sitting in sweaty meetings. 

Speaking of Metro Textiles, I was in NY two weeks ago, and paid Kashi a visit.  I got a load of lovely knits for Alaska wear!  I also went to Sposabella with my niece Christine, my parents, and my sister, because I'm making Christine's wedding gown!  We picked out our fabric, but I am waiting until the muslin is finished, approved and fitted before getting the fabric.  It's Alencon lace and satin.    The basic design is going to be a takeoff on Princess Grace's gown -and I'm using this pattern as a base.  And I think it looks pretty similar to the gown worn by Princess Kate at her wedding. 
Back to my current project!   This top has lots of ease, but it's floaty and flattering when being worn, but it is a MUST to wear skinny pants or skirt underneath, so as to balance the look! 
 Nick took the photo on our front porch.  Smokey and Snowy supervised. 


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