Bill ------------ Bill Given Mayor, City of Grande Prairie Phone: 780.538.0310 Cell: 780.814.0518 Email: Blog: Twitter: This message, and any attached documents, may include proprietary or protected information. If you are not the ...

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Bill Given
City of Grande Prairie

Phone: 780.538.0310
Cell: 780.814.0518


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You Don't Deserve to be Misled: City Reserves

Some very bad, intentional, misinformation is being circulated today by email and on Facebook, about how the city manages it's savings accounts, otherwise known as reserves. "Reserves" are a fancy...

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City Moves Forward With Annexation

Last night council formally approved moving the annexation process forward by approving a final set of information sessions for the public. As the City's media release below details it's been a long process to get to this point, and there is still more to go before annexation is actually complete.
Although the City "officially" initiated annexation back in early 2011 (by sending the County and the Municipal Government Board formal letters) I really view the process as having started back in 2005 or 2006. Back then Mayor Ayling's council started a discussion about how the city...

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Legion Track Renewal

I just received the note below from our facilities maintenance department:

The Legion Track resurfacing project is well underway!

The Facility Maintenance Department is landscaping the...

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Grande Prairie is the Youngest City in Canada

The demographic breakdown of our area from the 2011 census was released recently by StatsCan. The attached charts show how the city and county populations break down by age.

Both graphs are on...

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