A closer look at the evolution of our control systems. When Whelen was born in 1952, we set out with a mission to keep first responders and motorists safe at every scene by designing and building state-of-the art visual and auditory warning products. ...
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Whelen: Tech Overview | Getting to Know our Control Systems

A closer look at the evolution of our control systems.

When Whelen was born in 1952, we set out with a mission to keep first responders and motorists safe at every scene by designing and building state-of-the art visual and auditory warning products. But stopping at visual and auditory warning products would disservice our first responders, so we engineered control systems to tie them all together. These systems allow users to control virtually every aspect of one’s vehicle from one convenient device. This technology evolved over the years and provides key functionality to improve first responder safety.

Since our first network-based vehicle warning system, B-Link®, came out in 1993, our control systems have evolved to work with innovative technology, advanced products, and new vehicles. No control system is one size fits all. Each release offered a new and improved feature set to accommodate more first responders. Below, we walkthrough the development of control systems at Whelen.


CanTrol was released in 2010 and remained our premium product until Core was later released in 2019. CanTrol offers endless possibilities for our users. This control system was so advanced and complex for its time that it required trained professionals to ensure CanTrol was being used to its full capacity. CanTrol even had its own platform when it was released; however, today, CanTrol can be programmed through our new software, Whelen Command™. Whelen’s in-house training still provides thorough knowledge to support distributors through the high-level sophistication that CanTrol possesses.

CenCom Sapphire™

Released in 2012, CenCom Sapphire™ was the first of the new generation of control systems and is still offered today. Sapphire is an entry level system and comes pre-programmed, is easy to use, and was the first system to integrate WeCan instead of requiring a separate module. Sapphire offers a straightforward control solution and is often found on administrative vehicles.

CenCom Carbide™

In 2015, our team realized that the world needed a system that offered a user-friendly option with many of the same capabilities as CanTrol. Carbide paired two of our popular control systems on the market at the time featuring the customization of CanTrol® and the connectivity of Sapphire™. Carbide adds to Sapphires flashing outputs which provides more customization without added complexity. Carbide effectively simplified programming without sacrificing functionality for users.

CenCom Core™

Our most intelligent control system, CenCom Core, was released in 2019. Our engineers set out to reset the standard for control systems with Core. With the greatest configurability, speed, and expansion yet, Core is designed to enhance officer safety with advanced automation and remote connectivity. Core features an all-new design with easy access to every connector from the top of the box. Core also features WeCanx™ technology and can receive remote firmware and configuration updates using the Whelen Cloud Platform™ . Core also introduces Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Sync which automatically synchronizes lights and tones on multiple vehicles.

Core introduces Dynamic Variable Intensity (DVI™) patterns, a series of flash patterns designed to help create an advanced level of safety at nighttime emergency scenes. Building on Whelen’s situation-based nighttime mode, DVI patterns produce safer environments for first responders by gradually increasing and decreasing warning light intensity. DVI patterns help better convey visual information to approaching motorists, clearly indicating when an emergency vehicle is parked and improving their ability to navigate around an emergency scene safely.

Whelen has been engineering control systems since 1993 and continues to revolutionize the market with each improvement. From simple on/off capabilities to our new state of the art Core control system, Whelen products offer a control solution for everyone’s needs.

www.whelen.com for more information


Havis: All New VSX Ford Interceptor Utility Solutions


All New VSX Ford Interceptor Utility Solutions

The new C-VSX-1800-INUT Series for the 2020-2021 Ford Interceptor Utility reimagines the vision of the public safety console from the ground up. The advanced style of the new Havis console catapults public safety vehicle cabins into a new era, redefining the workspace for public safety professionals. Built on the Havis history of quality and safety, the console incorporates new materials with key legacy features to ensure mission-critical accessories are compatible.

This innovative approach provides the user with a comfortable space by organizing control heads, cup holders, and other essential equipment for public safety professionals.

Visit our website product pages linked below:
Download our 2020-2021 Ford Interceptor Utility VSX Console Sales Sheet
Click here to learn more about Havis 2020-2021 Ford Interceptor Utility VSX Console Series


More Information


Kussmaul – Chief Series Smart Charger

Kussmaul – Chief Series Smart Charger

High Power Triple Battery Bank Charger with Built-In Touch Display and Communications



  • Triple Battery Bank
  • Built-In Touch Screen Display
  • Dual Battery Type Technology – allows for two dissimilar battery chemistry charging at the same time
  • IP32 rated for greater ingress protection
  • CAN Bus enabled connectivity
  • Parasitic Load Compensation (PLC) – allows for user input of total accessory load amps on the vehicle. This allows the charger to shift the absorption stage set point, so the battery voltage drops to the float voltage when the desired current is reached
  • Configurable for 3-step or float charging
  • Optional Remote Touch Display Available
  • Accommodates Flooded, Gelled Electrolyte, AGM, Odyssey®, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), and customized.
  • Pump Plus feature included
  • Rotating mounting feet.

More Information


BlueShield Collision Film

What is BlueShield Collision Film?

Collision, vandalism, and storm damage can leave vehicles exposed to the weather through broken windows and doors that are unable to close. Our Crash Wrap is a tough, flexible, thin, self adhesive plastic film used to cover these openings effectively sealing out weather damage.  Crash Wrap can be safely left exposed to the weather for up to one year and still remain flexible and easily removable. When it is removed, all the adhesive comes off with the film … it does not transfer to the car body nor does it stick to itself during the application process.
Crash Wrap must be applied to a clean dry surface to adhere correctly.

So why is our collision film blue in tint?

Blue is a contrast lens and reduces glare from visible white light (such as light reflected from mist, fog, snow, water) . Here is a visual example of light diffusion per the rainbow of color spectrum. You can clearly see the suppression of light wave.

Our collision film the clear leader!

Our wrap is also transparent unlike many other crash wrap films that are frosted and make it difficult to see through. The transparency of the film allows for a vehicle to be safely moved from one place to another without compromising visibility. Our wrap won’t become discolored over time due to exposure to the elements and can be quickly and easily applied by one person. Crash Wrap is also repositionable and will still adhere to the vehicle. During application the loose end adheres quickly to the vehicle and holds itself in place while the open area is covered.


Pierce Mfg. – Situational Awareness System

Live stream and document mission-critical aerial views of the scene with total operational freedom. The Pierce Situational Awareness System by Fotokite tethers to and integrates with the fire apparatus – so there’s no need for a piloting license* or certificate of authorization and no battery life limitations to work around.

With fully autonomous flight, this system does not take away valuable team resources to pilot during an operation and can be taught to any member of a team within a day of training. Control wirelessly inside/outside the truck via tablet or PC. A single button-push rapidly deploys the unit while a backup battery and controlled descent features protect the system from ground power interruptions. Leverage the video stream for thermal surveillance, live transmission to in-transit responders, scene documentation and critical training.

*Requires adherence to FAA facility maps; not to be flown above non-participating persons; operated within visual sight of operator; and operated in a manner that does not interfere with and gives way to any other aircraft.

More Info: https://www.piercemfg.com/innovations/situational-awareness-system


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