Can You Name These ActiveRain Originals? and more...

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Can You Name These ActiveRain Originals?

This photo popped up today in my Shoebox picture memories. How could I resist posting this on ActiveRain today? These are some of the original ActiveRain "Veterans" can you name them all? Singing in the rain....       "Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."


Grill Bill with eXp Realty Blogging Mastermind - Bill Gassett

Well I was going to create a #GrillBill Blog post, but it looks like it's faster and easier to reblog what Lottie Kendall, Lori Cain and others have already created. Thanks Activerain for allowing us access to the "ReBlog" curation tool which saves me time to think up some really good "GrillBill" questions. lol~Looking forward to having all my AR friends in the cloud for this session. It's an honor to have Bill join us this Thursday, if tyou need any assistance getting into our 3D office environment, let me know and I'll help you get into the campus, setup your avatar and pop into our productivity center to #ChillWithBill :-)Join the "Blogging Excellence" Facebook Group: Realty has a group of bloggers that meet weekly in the cloud to discuss all aspects of blogging, SEO, syndication and more. We speak to all levels of bloggers.Our next cloud Blogging Mastermind is THIS Thursday, Oct. 19th at 9am PT, 11am CT and noon ET:We are excited to have VIP guest Bill Gassett, a master in many aspects of real estate marketing! Come and learn the tricks and tips of great real estate marketing! Meet us in the Productivity Center at 9 am PT/12 noon ET.#GrillBill with eXp Realty Blogging Mastermind - Bill GassettIf you're new to the cloud, ⛅ it's an open campus for all, no matter what company... here's your invitation: yourself about 15 minutes to download the world and design your avatar. When you reach the Welcome Area of the eXp cloud campus, there is a menu in the top left corner. Select "Go To" and then select "Productivity Center."I am already writing down questions I have for Bill!  Join Karen Holt Highland, Brad Andersohn Rich Cederberg, me and other friends to #GrillBill!!Would love to have you join Joe Pryor Corinne Guest, Managing Broker Lottie Kendall Mary Yonkers Leslie Ebersole Jane Peters Jeff Dowler - please pass the word!!_______________________________________________________________________________________________________Let's Get Connected! Please visit my web site if you are shopping for Tulsa homes for sale or call 918-852-5036 for more information about Midtown Tulsa Real Estate. In addition to my advanced grasp of the internet to market your Tulsa home for sale, I include a home staging consultation with every listing AND professional photography - at no aditional cost to you!Lori is a residential Realtor with eXp Realty serving the greater Tulsa area and specializing in downtown Tulsa and midtown Tulsa real estate.Google Me       "Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."


Using Facebook Live for Real Estate Marketing

Facebook "LIVE" has some folks confused and even "LOST" on how to use it for Real Estate and why? Nadine put together a nice piece here on ActiveRain that gives you a place and reason to start.Social media is an incredible resource for Realtors®, and Facebook is one of the best. Not only can you run highly focused, targeted ads, but you can also post videos, GIFs, photographs, and more.Using Facebook Live is another amazing marketing avenue. People love watching live video, and the video stays on Facebook even after you’re finished so people can watch it anytime.Here are a few ways to leverage Facebook Live in your real estate marketing.Virtual Open HousesIf you’re tired of putting time and money into open houses that get two visitors, there are other options. Facebook Live can help you reach a much larger audience in a way that is less expensive and safer.You can use Facebook Live to give a tour of a home, highlighting all the best features. Then, you can answer questions live on the video.Not only do you get incredible interaction and reach, but you also have a video that you can use again and again in your marketing of that listing. The live interaction and “behind-the-scenes” feel will make the video especially compelling.A virtual open house doesn’t have to cost a fortune in video equipment and editing. Just use Facebook Live!Live Q&A with Potential HomeownersThere are many people interested in buying a home that would love a no-pressure question and answer session. Even individuals who aren’t ready to buy right now could have insightful questions that you could answer and build your expertise.Going live regularly will give you more of an audience, but until that happens, you can simply answer common questions you hear or things clients have asked you recently.Once you’ve done a live video answer questions, what’s next?The videos become incredible marketing assets that you can post on Facebook, share on your website, and more. Q&As help you build your brand, increase the know, like, and trust factors, and position yourself as an expert.Seller TutorialsEducating home buyers is only half of the equation. Sellers need help as well. Share Facebook Lives around a variety of issues sellers face:How to prepare a home for professional photosStaging tips to maximize showingsHow pricing is set when selling a homeWhat it means for a home to be “buyer focused” (i.e., putting away their collections!)Being an expert on both the buyer and seller side will help you get clients. Listings are the bread and butter of real estate, but buyers are essential as well!Behind the Scenes VideosMost people don’t understand what goes into the work of a Realtor®. Doing Facebook Lives can allow you to give others a “sneak peek” into your world. Show them your work on your print marketing, or your online outreach.When others see what you do, you can demonstrate that you are an expert. You fulfill people’s curiosity, which is a big hook. You also show some true reality, which helps build the know, like, and trust factors.Don’t be shy! People want to know what Realtors® do. You can help people respect your work, which means they won’t fight you on commission. You can also show your personality, humor, and more.Don’t Be Afraid of Facebook Live!Being on video can be intimidating, and being live can feel terrifying. The good news is that you are in control. Facebook Lives can be as long or as short as you’d like. They can be as detailed or general as you want. You create the experience!You might start by doing some Facebook Live videos that are set to share with “only me,” just to get comfortable. Or create a select group of friends to practice with and go live only for them. However you do it, begin experimenting. You’ll discover it’s a lot of fun, and you’ll build your business in a big way!Do you use Facebook Live for real estate marketing? How do you do it? Share in the comments!PrinterBees provides real estate marketing materials like: Just listed Postcards, Just sold postcards, Short sale postcards, real estate business cards, real estate door hangers and pretty much everything else you can think of for marketing your real estate business. Visit us online at GooglePrinterBees also publishes the e-magazine Real Estate Marketing Magazine for Realtors® looking for current and up-to-date tips and tricks to grow their real estate businesses.  Visit Real Estate Marketing Magazine to get your free-subscription.       "Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."


What Is The RE Tech Campus

The Real Estate Technology Cloud Campus is OPEN to ALL real estate professionals around the World. Where do you go to socialize and connect with other agents and brokers from around the country? Some go to the annual NAR Conference for a few days, or to Inman Connect twice a year in NYC or SFO etc. Many local, National and even International real estate events are always fun and exciting to attend. However, some of the obvious challenges include the prohibitive costs associated with travel, airfare, hotel, dining and even health which are huge realities that prevent a majority of agents and brokers to attend these annual local and national events. There's also limited time to network with others. So more than 70% of agents are missing out!? It can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to attend a 2-3 day event all the while trying to cram jam as much as humanly possible into your brain and schedule meanwhile the entire time you're smothered in distractions, environmental surroundings and not to mention all that noise in your own head that can all be a costly and unnecessary expense.We have the solution and it's free thanks to the cloud and today's latest and greatest technologies.Imagine an online world, a place you could go and literally be doing the same things you'd be doing at a live event? Talking to others, meeting new people and picking up knowledge and tips as you go. Picture yourself sitting comfortably anywhere on earth and being able to attend any and all live events?! Really?  

By simply removing physical locations and the overhead and costs associated, we're changing the World.Welcome to the ONLY Global Cloud Conduit connecting real estate professionals from around the world. Our 3D fully immersive high-tech, high-touch environment is the secret sauce.This is NOT the future of technology, it's real estate technology today!We invite you to come network, collaborate and engage with agents, brokers and other RE Pro's 24/7/365. It's easy, it's free and 1000's are now regulars attendees in the cloud campus. No borders, no barriers, no limitations. Come learn, share and grow with a simple connection to the web from anywhere on earth.You can also visit for upcoming events, sessions, trainings, archives, blogs and much more. The NEW Real Estate Crowd... Is In The Cloud. Our doors are always open. Stop by, say hi :)       "Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

Remove Your Broken Zillow Widgets

Last week I received an email notification from ActiveRain that I was "tagged" in a comment on a blog post. It was my friend "Helpful Hannah" and today I received another from Praful Thacker.Unfortunatey, I can't read or see the post because they both have installed Zillow Contact or other Zillow Widgets that no longer exist.  What happens? I click on the link and it results in me ending up at (and anyone who clicks on your blog post or article) to this page below.  Here's a live demonstration of what I just experienced, your prospects and clients might be as well?

 As you can see in the Zillow Widget page below, they no longer have 80% of the widgets previously. Even the widgets in the featured image of this post no longer exist. In fact, the only two that are left appear to be "reviews" and a "search" widget. So go remove your broken Zillow widgets now! Many of us have used the "contact" widget, the "how many boxes" widget, the "home value" widget etc. but if not removed from your AR Blogs, outside blogs and websites etc. you could be losing a ton of potential contacts, prospects, leads and clients. So today, remove your broken Zillow widgets.Many people won't take the time out of their day to even tell you that your site is broken like I am right now. Most users who experience this will just close the window, leave and probably never return.How do I fix it? A. On ActiveRain, you'll need to go into your settings and just remove any code or HTML provided by Zillow for the specific widget you may have installed. You may also need to contact ActiveRain support for help if unable to get to it yourself. B. Wordpress users, just go into your dashboard and select the "widgets" option under the "appearance" tab then drag and drop the Zillow widget(s) into the unused section or simply click the delete link that appears within the widget box.C. On your website's you can simply remove the HTML code from any pages with Zillow widgets. If you have a webmaster or tech person that manages your site, send them this post.In 2011, I wrote this piece explaining the value and importance of these Top 5 Contact Widgets which did include the customizable Zillow widget which they now no longer offer. Since it's crashing some of your AR blogs and wordpress sites, I wanted to make this attempt to help fix this if it's happening to you here in the rain or out on your other websites and blogs. I feel better now knowing that I've brought it to your attention so you can get some much needed R&R. (repair & replace)       "Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

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