Hi all! Happy Monday everyone! Today, Power Poppy's Quiet Christmas Release offers a little something for everyone and today's final post of our release offers a big and bodacious bouquet that might make you swoon! Check out Joy to the World Bouquet -- ...
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  1. Power Poppy Quiet Christmas: Joy to the World!
  2. Power Poppy Quiet Christmas: Seasons Greenings!
  3. Power Poppy Quiet Christmas: Enchanted Branches Woodland
  4. Power Poppy Quiet Christmas: Forest Fellas!
  5. Power Poppy: Heavenly Peace Dove!
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Power Poppy Quiet Christmas: Joy to the World!

Hi all! Happy Monday everyone! Today, Power Poppy's Quiet Christmas Release offers a little something for everyone and today's final post of our release offers a big and bodacious bouquet that might make you swoon! Check out Joy to the World Bouquet -- a set filled with Christmas botanicals and some beautiful sentiments to accompany them! 

When I looked at this big and beautiful set of blossoms, while I LOVED the enormous cluster of flowers, I wanted to show a sweet and delicate card using just the smaller image in this set along with one of the sentiments. So, here's what I did! 

I loved the sentiment and chose to make it the focal point. I downloaded a dotted circle frame that I found on the net to serve as my guide for my rhinestones, then, I used the digital version of this sentiment, dragged and dropped it into the middle of my circle frame, printed on my laser printer and then, using my foil system (a laminator and some rose gold foil), I placed a piece of foil only on the sentiment and ran in through my laminator. I love this! I have to say, I did remove a portion of the circle frame by erasing it digitally so that I could stamp my flower at the edge of the frame. I did fussy cut this before I ran it through my die, making sure to lift this portion over the top of the die so that it wouldn't be cut in the process. I love the effect!

From there, I just colored up my flowers with Copic markers, using a few shades of red and green for the berries and leaves. And then YG000 and YG00 for the center portion of my lenten rose along with some B0000 to highlight some of the petals. And... ta-da! Done!

Here's a little close up for you!

And that, my friends, is it! 

Now, I have to tell you, I saw some of the samples from my fellow Bloomies, so you are going to want to pay these fine ladies a visit to see their Joy to the World Bouquet creations. So stunning!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you love the sets the Bloomies have been showing off this week! Did you know that you can buy either this leg of the release or the one we unveiled in October as bundles for a discount? YES! You can! Just click HERE to take a trip to the Power Poppy Shop if you love and have to have them all! Have a wonderful rest of your week and I'll see you back here soon!


Power Poppy Quiet Christmas: Seasons Greenings!

Hi all! Happy Saturday everyone! Today, Power Poppy's Quiet Christmas Release offers a little something fun for those green thumbs! Check out Seasons Greenings -- a set with garden-inspired Christmas images and more than a half dozen sentiments and sayings to send off some snail mail cheer! Check it out! 

Earlier this week on Creative Confetti, I showed off this colored up image below. The challenge was to just color and that's all I had time for as the Bloomies prepped for this fun-filled release!

And, below is what my card looked like all put together! I decided with an illustration this detailed, a simple layout was in store -- a little plaid paper, a little floral red decorative paper, stitched edge dies and a few rhinestones and that's it! 

I think this set is so darling and there are three main images that are oh-so-unique! Speaking of unique....

You'll have to stop by these ladies to see their spin on this new and whimsical set!

Barbara W
Jenn Dove 
Barbara C 

Thanks for stopping by! Remember, the Power Poppy fun continues through Monday so, be sure to swing back and see what else is in store!


Power Poppy Quiet Christmas: Enchanted Branches Woodland

Hi all and welcome to day two of Power Poppy's November Quiet Christmas release! We hope you loved the kickoff yesterday! If you missed it, make sure you swing over to the Power Poppy Blog for a peek! The new Forest Fellas set is too darling to pass up!

Today's set also has a woodland theme! Enchanted Branches Woodland is a charming and woodsy way to deliver a little Christmas cheer! 

With a branch to set the scene, you have a whole host of goodies you can use to deck it out - from moss and lichen to pine cones and mushrooms galore! There's even a darling little squirrel standing at the ready!

On to my creation!

With so many "scenes" to create, this set really let's the imagination flow! I had a blast adding ornaments and moss to bring this branch to life! I love clear stamps for this reason! It is just so easy to align images and put them exactly where you want them!

After all my images were stamped, I loved reaching for all these earthy colors of Copic markers to bring my branch to life! I adore the little mushroom!

Once I was done coloring the images, I did add Y0000 and YR0000 around the branch to give it a warm glow and take some of the starkness of the white paper away. From there, it is just matting it all up! I added some plaid paper, a kraft base and a wooden button for a little rustic charm! Tada!

Now be sure to hop on over to see what these fine ladies did with this one of a kind set!

Power Poppy Blog

Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a little time with me! Tomorrow, the fun continues and the set the Bloomies will be sharing has a little something for everyone all illustrated with Marcella's trademark whimsical flair! So, swing on back and see what she has in store!


Power Poppy Quiet Christmas: Forest Fellas!

Hi all and welcome to PART TWO of Power Poppy's Quiet Christmas release! Back at the end of October, the Bloomies showcased five new holiday and winter-themed sets that won so many of you over. Well, get ready for the second installment with more illustrations bound to knock your creative socks off! Today's set is for the lover of those creatures that dwell in the forest and this set comes with a whole host of sentiments that will have you reaching for this set all year long! 

Take a peek at the new set Forest Fellas! Isn't it absolutely adorable? I love each and every one of the "fellas" in this set and know I will have fun creating. Because I have an affinity for owls, I had to reach for that image first! 

On to my creation! 

When I was "Googling" owls, I realized this one bore a resemblance to the Barred Owl. Oh my gosh, click the link and you'll see -- so cute! I know, many of you might say, an owl? Cute? Yep. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

I colored this fella using the photos of the owl as my guide and literally scribbled shades of brown all over the feathers and then with the tip of my Copic, flicked color on the body to give the impression of texture. Not sure it worked! I am not the best at feathers, fur or hair. :-) After I was done coloring him up, I added BV0000 and BV00 to the background to give a kind of wintery feel and added some white gel pen to give the effect of snow. I really think it turned out cute and I will have fun sending this bit of snail mail off to a friend! 

Want to see what the rest of the Bloomies did with this darling set? Just hop on over to see these fine ladies and don't forget to pay the Power Poppy blog a visit to see the back story on this set from Marcella herself! 

Tomorrow's set is one with another woodland theme. It's creative and over the top fun, so swing on back and see for yourself! 

Until then! 


Power Poppy: Heavenly Peace Dove!


Hi all and welcome to our final day of the Power Poppy Quiet Christmas October Release! Just in case you are new to this release. There is so much that you'll need to catch up on! If you missed one, CLICK HERE to get caught up! You can click HERE to see day two. If you still need to get caught up on day 3, click HERE  and, day 4 can be found HERE! 

So, are you ready to see today's set in all it's glory! It's a beauty! You might want to sit down... 

Take a gander at that beautiful peace dove just set in the branches of an olive tree for a piece of gorgeous symbolism -- perfect for the holidays! Not only are the sentiments lovely, the banner with mix and match sayings are a treat as well! Love this one folks! 

On to my creation! 

I loved coloring up this image and truly got lost in the process. I wanted the olive branches to take on a silvery green glow and then chose to color up all the olives in green as if they are still waiting to fully ripen. I added splashes of rose to show them starting to turn. When I was done, I added BV0000 and V0000 to the background to try to bring my image forward. While you can't tell, the sentiment is a separate banner that is actually popped up with foam tape. 

Here's a little close up for you! 

While I didn't color this up in traditional holiday shades, I am going to enjoy coloring this up again with splashes of red and green! And that, my friends, is it! 

Just a few notes about this release! You can purchase the clear stamp we’ve revealed OR you can purchase the digital download versions of the illustrations and sentiments — IMMEDIATELY. No waiting. Purchase, download, print, and you can be making a card within 10 minutes. Fun stuff, right? 

And, a new feature, which I am super excited about. Power Poppy --for the first time ever-- is offering release bundles for a limited time! You can pre-order the 5 stamp sets that we’re sharing in October. You can also pre-order the 5 stamp sets that we'll be sharing in November (yes, even before we unveil them! Oh, you know you'll love them. This isn't a high-risk purchase! LOL!) You can check it all out in the Power Poppy Shop! 

Want to have a little more peace flow over you from looking at this brand new set? Well, be sure to visit these ladies and see what they've created! 


Thanks so much for joining us this week! Remember, part two of the fun kicks off on November 12th with FIVE MORE days of fun! There are some additional Christmas images mixed in with beautiful scenes of winter that will make your heart smile! So, mark your calendar now!

Until then! 


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