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INSIDE: if you can’t stand the heat

Summer is drawing to a close and the incorrigbles are in preschool, which means, wait for it, some time to actually write! Los Angeles is enjoying the last sweltering hurrah of summer heat and as a...

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INSIDE: baby chic

As if there weren’t enough stores designed to lighten our purses with hot baby chic paraphanalia - here comes another one from the fabulous folks over at Weego Home. Weego Baby is also on Main...

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INSIDE: decals part 2

I had a long and protracted battle trying to source the wall designs you see pictured in my previous post from the Venice House & Garden Tour. I was sure they were decals, but discovered they are...

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C & I went on the Venice House and Garden Tour this weekend - what a great time. I love Venice, with it’s eclectic mix of folks from such a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. Every...

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Happy earth day…



I know it is almost over but I wanted to blog about light. Sal and I have been so obsessed with lighting lately. I just bought a Noguchi pendant (from Tortoise) for the dining room. But I...

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