Well I stumbled upon a blogger background site and decided what the hey I'm going to re-vamp the blog it's been the same for well over a year and truthfully I've been neglecting my blog for far to long, So without further anything..lol..here's the new ...

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Face Lift

Well I stumbled upon a blogger background site and decided what the hey I'm going to re-vamp the blog it's been the same for well over a year and truthfully I've been neglecting my blog for far to long, So without further anything..lol..here's the new facelift..I'm really liking it but know it's going to take some time to get used too.

Well I'm off to bed it's way past my bedtime but I was having fun playing around on the blog..I shall be back tomorrow with a me and family update.

Night All..xoxo


Daddy Love..Hehe

Peyton was in a mushy mood yesterday and I was able to get a very sweet moment between Peyton and her Daddy on my camera, her she is giving daddy smooches..aww..lol

So I guess well I'm on here and actually writing I might as well give an update since it's been awhile and things have been busy and very hectic here the last little while, plus my other computer crooked and I had to get a new one hense why there are really no updates from me.

Update: Peyton is turning the big 1 on sunday *sniff* I really don't know where the time has gone but I do know that it went by way too fast and now my little baby is not such a baby anymore and now she's got this thinking that she's independent so she freaks out at alot of things if you try and help her, she's almost walking now well she walks holding onto her walking Hippo toy so it's only a matter of time before she lets go of that and tries a few steps on her own.

She also has 4 teeth now 2 bottom and 2 top, it's too cute when she gives a big grin all you see are 4 little teeth..lol

On Saturday were throwing Miss Peyton a B-day Party at my in-laws house, because they have more space then we do here so it's just easier, I got all her decorations and Daddy bought her party dress and on Friday, Ryan and I will be making Peyton her B-day cake (were making an In the Night Garden cake) since Peyton loves that show.

So stay tuned for Peyton's 1st B-day Pics :)

Other news: Dallas informed me lastnight that he signed up to be on the school's basketball team and I'm so proud of him since he doesn't really seem to be interested in much these days, he likes to watch t.v..lol. So I'm happy that he'll be doing something that he likes and I hope him all the best and all the luck and Mommy supports him all the way. Love you Dallas.

Joshua has lost his 2 front teeth (I'll try and remember to take a pic of him after school).
Chloe is doing well at school and has made alot of friends, I'm very proud of her.
As for me it's the same old, just cooking, cleaning and the kids, haven't had much me time in awhile I would say it's over due but who knows maybe in the next coming weeks me and the hubby can sneak out for a date night..lol
Well I'm off to go and clean my house up and maybe take the girls for a walk since it's been beautiful weather outside.
(P.S. (note to self) Need to re-vamp the blog again :P)




Ok wow I haven't blogged since September..yikes..it's been crazy here..lol..but I'll be back to update some more tommorow..since I'm heading to bed very soon. updates and pics to come.



Oops..My Bad

Ok I feel so bad for leaving my blog without any love in awhile, but so much has happened here it's just been crazy, taking care of the 4 kids a cat and a dog, plus dealing with family issues and now the back to school thing tommorow it has me so busy, oh and add my computer crashing in there too..yep my dang computer crashed while Chloe was on it playing games on the Barbie website she was devestated..lol..so I had to tell her that it wasn't her fault and that my computer was on it's way out anyways it was bound to happen at anytime. So needless to say Ryan's brother came over on saturday and re-formatted it for me and she's up and running again so now I'm just trying to get everything back on it again and upload my pics, scrapping stuff etc..

So I'm slowly getting there..I have so much scrapping stuff that I need to catch up on for my CT's but I don't mind I'm sure tommorow you'll find me scrapping my lil heart out.

I can't believe that summer is already over and that the kids go back to school tommorow which is going to have me out of whack for a couple weeks till I can back on my routine..So I'll probably be a grouchy bear the next few mornings..lol.

In other news Miss Peyton will be 6 months old on the 14th, it's crazy I can't believe how big she is already, she's like 22 pounds now, and is in a regular carseat, eating solids, trying to sit up and she loves to babble away, it's still hard for me to believe 6 MONTHS!!!!..my baby is already growing fast.

Well I'm off to finish packing the things the kids need for tommorow and also make there lunches. Nighty Night All..xoxox


Chloe's 5th Birthday

On July 29th my Babygirl Chloe turned 5, yes 5 already it's crazy but I'm a proud mama, this year we didn't have a party just some family over, opened gifts and had Cupcakes, but all in all she had a great day and then after dinner we went for a walk at the waterfront which I forgot my camera so I have no pics of that..booo..Anyways here's some picyures of Chloe's special day!!



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