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  2. Moved to my other blog
  3. Updated Tomato Varieties to Sell Below
  4. Tomato Varieties I'm Starting This Year
  5. Tomato Starts That Will Be For Sale In a Few Weeks
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Moved to my other blog

Will not be posting here anymore since I moved back to the farm. Here is the other blog's addy. www.cathysteck.blogspot.com

Thanks, Cathy

Updated Tomato Varieties to Sell Below

Added links to the different varieties. Will be available mid-April.

Tomato Varieties I'm Starting This Year

The varieties I'm selling will have a star next to them. All tomatoes listed are heirloom and open-pollinated (not hybrid). All started in Peaceful Valley's soiless started mix and transplanted in Peaceful Valley's *organic* potting soil. I'm only selling to Sacramento County folks and anyone who wants to drive to get plants. I can bring some with me to Smartsville area as well. Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who wanted me to ship tomato seedlings. I don't have the resources at the moment to ship. Thanks for understanding.

Determinate Tomatoes - plant has determined height

Indeterminate Tomatoes - plant keeps growing

Cherry types
Isis Candy* - my favorite cherry type
Peacevine Cherry*
Black Cherry*
Gardener's Delight*

Sauce types
San Marzano*

Black Brandywine*
Pink Brandywine*
Caspian Pink*
Dagma's Perfection*
Black Prince*
Wapsipinicon Peach*
Eva Purple Ball*
Cherokee Purple*
Illinois Beauty*
Stump O' The World
Marvel Stripe*
Cherokee Choc.*
Burbank Slicing*

Tomato Starts That Will Be For Sale In a Few Weeks

Tomato seedlings freshly transplanted. So excited!

I will soon list the different varieties that will be available for sale and how many I have available of each.

More Recent Articles

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