Cute Hair Ribbon Crafts for Girls This hair ribbon craft for girls is both simple and fun. Not to mention your daughter will get to wear it! You will need coloful ribbon that is on the thinner side. Cut in...

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  1. Fun Fancy Hair Ribbon Crafts for Girls
  2. Christmas Cookies and Christmas Treats
  3. Make Princess and Fairy Princess Craft with Clothespins
  4. Make a Sparkly Pipe Cleaner Garland Craft
  5. Fun Summer Gifts for Girls
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Fun Fancy Hair Ribbon Crafts for Girls

Cute Hair Ribbon Crafts for Girls


This hair ribbon craft for girls is both simple and fun. Not to mention your daughter will get to wear it! You will need coloful ribbon that is on the thinner side. Cut in about 12" strips. You'll need anywhere from 5 to 10 strips of ribbon for this craft. Tie the ribbon in the middle onto a coloful sturdy rubber band. Thats it for this fun hair ribbon craft for girls! The other example in the picture is a bow from a present recyled into a hairpiece. We just tied it on to a rubber band.

Materials for Hair Ribbon Craft:

As you can see you really don't need that many materials for this craft. it is fun to visit a sweing store with your daughter and let her pick up the ribbon to use. This fun rubberband we got in our local drugstore, another fun place to shop for materials with your daughter.


How Tos for Hair Ribbon Craft:

Even young children can do this craft. All they need to be able to do is measure, cut and tie. Older girls will enjoy working with a variety of ribbon and making more elaborate designs. This is a great sleepover party craft too. Kids love working with all the gorgeous ribbon. Just make sure you have a few preset sample out so they knwo how long to cut the pieces or you can end up with lots of wasted ribbon. 



For more crafts and fun dance along ballet show for kids visit Prima Princessa 


Christmas Cookies and Christmas Treats

Easy Christmas Cookies & Christmas Treats

We have been busy baking Christmas cookies. These Christmas treats are all fun and easy to make with kids. They are pretty fast to make and super festive! For more Christmas cookies and family fun check out Prima Princessa

Santa & His Reindeer Christmas Cookies and Treats

Kids are sure to love these cute Chistmas cookies! Serve them on the same plate and spread the cheer this season!




Christmas Treats - Brownies

Peppermint brownies not only look great but taste great. They are big time Christmas treat favorite. Kids love to smash the peppermint. The Christmas presents are easy to decorate with icing and candy. The Santa Hat brownies should be mad right before serving as whipped cream will start to melt. They are worth the effort as they are so cute and fun for a Christmas treat.




Christmas Treats - Cupcakes

Everyone loves cupcakes, especially when they are decorated for the season. They make an extra special Christmas treat.



Christmas Cookies

These Christmas cookies are sure to delight. These pretzel Christmas cookies freeze well so you can pull them out whenever you have company over and need a Christmas cookie. The rice cripie Chrismas tree cookies are an easy project for kids to shape and decorate.




Make Princess and Fairy Princess Craft with Clothespins

Adorable Fairy Princess & Princess Crafts 


We hope you enjoy these cool crafts for girls. We made this clothespin princess craft and clothespin fairy princess craft at home with our daughters, and they loved making them. These crafts for girls are fun, easy and affordable to make. It is great to make a bunch as kids will love playing dolls with them.


Instructions for Princess Craft and Fairy Princess Craft with Clothespins

Make Princess Face & Fairy Princess Face 

For these crafts, first draw on princess or fairy princess face with a permanentmarker on the round part of the clothespin. Make sure you have the face facingout with opening of clothespin as in photo. The clothespin will look like legs and feet if you make sure to have it turned this way. Markers can bleed so try and find a thin one to use. It is good to do this part first because if you mees up then you have not already created the entire outfit on the clothespin.

Make Princess Sippers & Fairy Princess Slippers

For the slippers simply add a thick line of color around the bottom of each clothespin.

Make Princess Hair & Fairy Princess Hair

For long flowing princess hair glue on strips of yarn to the top of the head. For shorter fairy princess hairdos you can simply draw on hair with permanent marker for this craft for girls.

Make Fairy Princess Wings

If making the fairy princess craft you will need to do thisextra step. Loop a sparkly pipecleaner around the top to middle of yourclothespin. Then shape the pipecleaner into wings by rolling up each end into amini spiral as in the photo.

Make Fairy Princess Clothes 

Draw a heart on for the top of the dress if making the fairy princess craft. 

Next glue on pom poms to lower middle of clothespin to create a fun fairy skirt. You need to hold each pom in place for a bit to make sure it really is secure. You can glue a bead on top of yourballerinas hat to give her a little crown.

Make Princess Clothes

If making the princess craft glue a small piece of fabric onto the clothespin. It should be long enough that it looks like a gown. Make sure to wrap it around once. Use glue on clothespin and on fabric. Tie a yarn bow for extra decoration and also to help it stay on.


Material List for Princess and Fairy Princess Crafts


Permanent Markers - assorted colors

Pom Poms - assorted colors

Pipecleaners - sparkly is best

Beads -optional


Fabric Scraps 


For more craft ideas for kids visit

Be a ballerina with Prima Princessa's dance along kids shows featuring real ballet and ballet lessons! A great gift for girls ages 3-6.


Make a Sparkly Pipe Cleaner Garland Craft


Easy Christmas Craft for Children  - crafts for girls or craft ideas for kids. Making a pipe-cleaner Christmas garland is an easy and fun project to do with kids! This is a great Christmas craft for children.  This is a very easy Christmas Craft for Children to do themselves.

Material for Easy Christmas Craft for Children- crafts for girls or craft ideas for kids: All you will are lots of different color pipe-cleaners, especially the very sparkly kind. The sparkly pipe-cleaners are what will give your garland a festive Christmas holiday feel.

Instructions for Easy Christmas Craft for Children- crafts for girls or craft ideas for kids

Step 1 - Christmas Pipe-cleaner Garland Craft. Take two different color pipe-cleaners. Put them side by side and then twist them together.


Step 2 - Christmas Pipe-cleaner Garland Craft. Next connect the ends so you have a ring shape. They will love to twist the pipe-cleaners.

Step 3- Christmas Pipe-cleaner Garland Craft. After they create about 5 rings make 4 more rings and before closing these rings loop them through the other rings to create a long chain. 

Step 4 - Christmas Pipe-cleaner Garland. Keep going until you create a long chain. 

TIPS: This easy Christmas craft for children is also fun to leave out and do a little bit each day. Children will enjoy seeing it grow. Because it is not at all messy and pipe-cleaners are relatively inexpensive it something fun to keep out for your children to work on throughout the holiday season. This Christmas Pipe-cleaner Garland will hold up well for next Christmas season. Keep it stored in a plastic bag and watch it grow each year.

I hope you enjoyed this great Christmas craft for children! 

Prima Princessa dance along kids shows featuring real ballet and ballet lesson make great gifts for girls ages 3-6.


Fun Summer Gifts for Girls

5 Fab Summer Gifts for Girls

All these affordable toys make great summer gifts for girls. Celebrate summer by getting outside and and having some active family fun. These gifts for girls are great ideas for birthdays, graduations or just for a special surprise. You can give them individually or pair them up. Enjoy our picks for summer gifts for girls below.

Bubble Machine

Gifts-for-girls-bubblesBubble fun in the summer is the way to go. A bubble machine makes a great gift for girls. It is something that can be played with outside all summer and certainly encourages active play. Bubble machines ar great for parties. They can create a sticky slipper mess, so make sure to put them up high where the bubbles will more like blow about farther away from machine and keep them on a lawn as opposed to a patio which can get slippery with soap suds. Make sure to only keep on when you are using it as it will eat up bubble mixture quickly.

Shop Bubble Machine in USA 

Shop Bubble Machine in UK

Children's Sprinkler

Gifts-for-girls-sprinklerCool off this summer with toy sprinklers whichmake great gifts. This one is adorable with all the flowers spouts is a great gift for girls. There are lots of great kids sprinklers out there. Look for one with mutliple spotus that can spray lots of water as kids love that. Sprinklers are a classic toy guaranteed to produce lots of memorable family fun this summer. Make sure to move your toy sprinkler around the lawn so it does not over-saturate one spot and tear up your lawn.

Shop sprinklers in USA

Shop sprinkler in UK

Mermaid Swim Fin

Gifts-for-girls-mermaid-finGirls love mermaidsand this mono fin makes a great gift for girls. They can take it to the pooland enjoys hours of active and make-believe fun. These are best for good swimmers that are already preteens or teens. Make sure to put a name on it in permanent marker before heading off to a public pool. My daughter has this fin and loves it!

Shop Mermaid Fin USA

Shop Mermaid Fin in UK

Can Stilts

Gifts-for-girlsSlits make great gifts for girls who like active play. Slits are lots of fun and great exercise too. Get a few pairs as children enjoy walking around together on them together. These low pairs are easy to get the hang of. I got a bunch of these for our block party and they were a huge hit and provided tons of affordable family fun. These are so low to the ground they are easier for little kids to use, but bigger kids had fun with them as well. Stilts really are pretty novel so kids get super excited and really have a blast with them.

Shop Stilts USA

Shop Stilts in UK 

Fairy Sticker Book

Long car trips during the summer are hard to avoid. This sticker book is a great gift for girls as it can be used on a car trip or it be can be used just to relax inside after a hot day. There are a bunch in this Usbourne series which is a family favorite of our house. My daughter is a huge fan since she was a toddler and now she is a preteen and still enjoying the new ones that come out. I love to do them as well. Just make sure to flip through the book before purchasing at a bookstore as some time kids will use some of the stickers and stick it back on the shelf. Barnes and Noble tends to have a huge selection of these fun sticker books.


Shop Sticker Book USA

Shop Sticker Book in UK


Prima Princessa - great gifts for girls including dance along ballet DVDs for preschool age children.

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