Here is the inspiration for my daisy card. This is the inspiration challenge card I made for Splitcoaststampers. Today I've been working on my notebook. I have a notebook which holds my designer series papers on a page like this. When I start a card I ...

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  3. Cards to Encourage
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Stamping and Organizing

Here is the inspiration for my daisy card. This is the inspiration challenge card I made for Splitcoaststampers.
Lavender & Daisies
Today I've been working on my notebook.  I have a notebook which holds my designer series papers on a page like this.  When I start a card I start with paper sometimes. If I start with an image and color it, I find paper that will go with it.  For me it's easier to go through the notebook pages than to go through all of my paper files.
 I take out my notebook and look at the different papers I have and chose one or two to use.  These are pages I've made in Word by making a table.  I list the name and colors used.

This sheet is downloaded from Jennifer McGuire's blog. This page is distress inks I have. Jennifer recommends you sponge on color, stamp it and use water and water color with it. Then you will be able to see how each color looks used in these different ways.
These pages are what coin collectors use. They are a little bigger than the 2"x 2" squares that go into the pockets. Jennifer lists where you can order these pockets from on her blog.

 This page is my distress oxide inks. I did the same thing as the distress inks.

This page is my Stampin' Up inks. It is great to have this in front of me when I'm trying to decide what colors I want. These have a piece of paper to match the ink on the back of the page.  I did these before I saw Jennifer's suggestion to sponge and water color with the ink.

I've also been taking my wood mounted stamps off the wood and putting them on foam and storing them in pockets. They take up far less space than all of the wood blocks. My fingers are sore from peeling all of the rubber off the blocks.  I stamp the image on a 5" x 7" piece of card stock. Then I write the name of the stamp and the company on the paper. That way I can identify it when I use it on cards and upload it.

I stamp the image before I remove it from the wood. I also add the company and name of the stamp.
Then I remove the image from the wood block and the foam.
  I add new foam and cut it out. Then I put the stamp onto a 5" x 7" piece of acetate. Then the plastic sheet will slide in and out of the pocket easily so I can get the stamp I want.

Verse of the Day:
Related image

In spite of what you hear in your head, keep walkin' and do what God needs you to do. Don't be discouraged and listen to Satan. He wants to keep you from doing what you do for Jesus especially if you are making a difference.
This is Toby Mac-Keep Walkin'

Blessing of the Day: Tim began to lower the deck to make it level again.
I got a lot accomplished in organizing my stamping area.
We got to see Ben and Rachel back from their week-long trip with teens to a Christian camp. It's so wonderful to hear how lives were changed.

Thanks for stopping by.

You Are Very Special

Ever feel like you need a grown-up time-out chair? This is the one I want! I'll do whatever it takes to get a seat here! LOl
The ocean has always been a favorite place for me. It's a place where I can get lost in my thoughts and just relax. Things are calmer and I can think things through.

Sometimes it's hard to see ourselves honestly. Sometimes we are so negative that we bring our self  down. Satan has a way of making us doubt our self, our abilities, our faith, our belief.  Know this that you are a very special person. God made you for a special purpose. You were meant to be here. Look around and see who benefits because of you being here? See what you enjoy doing and do it. Ask God to reveal what He needs you to do.  Then sit back and listen to what He calls you to do.

 This is my huge aloe plant on the patio. This morning it had fallen a bit. To me it looked like a jaw of a man eating plant! LOL  I have to divide it soon.

This is one of the two cards I made with this cute chickadee stamp from Sweet N Sassy Stamps. I colored it with distress inks and a paint brush and water. I then embossed it with a wood embossing folder and did direct to paper inking in turquoise and crumb cake.

Here is the second card. I went lighter on the direct to paper inking.

This is the card for today's challenge. We were supposed to do a winter or Christmas card. I had pieces in a box that I put together. I found an embossing folder to match the designer paper.

This was in our room this morning. We think Chloe dragged the laundry basket from the bathroom to our room in the night. Then we found Phoebe asleep in it this morning. We should set up cameras to see all that goes on here in the night with these cats.

Verse of the Day:Luke 6:27-28  Wow, this is a tall order, don't you think?  I'm thinking of our family situation right now. There definitely isn't any gray area here. There's no, Love your enemies if you feel like it. Or payback evil that is done to you. God is clear here in what we need to do here with those that are against us.
Related image

Nothing like having your faith on a solid rock. This is a new song for me. I've included the lyrics below. Give it a listen and think about it.

Lyrics to Solid Rock
Let me fail a thousand times if that is what I need
Let me lose these dreams of mine if I need to taste defeat
You walk me through the fire until I see the heart of your desire
You came to me

And through these dark and raging seas
Your grace has not abandoned me
And for these storms I thank my God
For they drove me to the solid rock

From the shipwreck of my life, you build a truer heart
In my brokenness you shine, my loss is where you start
To form in me your will until my love is a reflection of
Your love for me

And through these dark and raging seas
Your grace has not abandoned me
And for these storms I thank my God
For they drove me to the solid rock

You pursue those you love
And so we have no need to fear
For these storms will draw us near
To you

And through these dark and raging seas
Your grace has not abandoned me
And for these storms I thank my God
For they drove me to the solid rock

And through these dark and raging seas
Your grace has not abandoned me
And for these storms I thank my God
For they drove me to the solid rock
And for they drove me to the solid rock
Yes you drove me to the solid rock
Lyrics powered by LyricFind

Blessing of the Day: I got to spend time with Sarah Annie.
Tim is making progress on the deck. He's a mighty worker. I can't believe all he can do.

Thank you for stopping by.


Cards to Encourage

This is the rainbow card I made for Darlene. She is a woman in rehab who has dementia.  I'm praying this brings her comfort and joy.  We were asked to make rainbow cards for her.  
 This is my card for Wednesday's sketch challenge.  It took me a long time to get this the way I wanted it.  Cutting on a diagonal always messes with my mind.  I used cards from my Project Life stash. I'm finding they work well for cards as well as scrapbooking.  The paper behind the daisy is a card from the set, Hello, Lovely.  These are now retired.

I got so into making my own plaid patterns that this is the third one I made that was navy, yellow and silver.  I am sending this to a friend who is in a mental turmoil right now. I'm going to remind her God is in control.  We know it, but don't use that knowledge sometimes in the thick of things.

This is the card for today's, Ways To Use It Challenge. You needed to score on your project. I scored a double frame around my image.

It's been nice to see Sarah Annie two days in a row to swim.  Yesterday she swam and had lunch with us. Today she swam and had ice cream with us. We told Tim when he was finished working on the deck, we'd take him for ice cream. He works so hard on every job he does. He shortened the deck so the heater and pump/filter systems were not under the deck. They were hard to get to. So now they are out in the open and Tim's leveling the deck. Once the deck is leveled Tim will add the railings and end piece.

Still no one in the new house next door. The previous owners were supposed to be out last weekend. We thought someone would have moved in by now.  Oh well, we'll continue to wait.

Verse of the Day:It's amazing how God continues to bring verses to me to see and learn from. There are no consequences. In the midst of all this sibling issue God's still there and leading me.  Thank you Lord for being by my side.

Image result for Micah 6:8

This was a song that was pointed out to me yesterday.  Listen to the lyrics. They are as valid now as when they were first sung.

 Blessing of the Day: Spending time with Sarah Annie.

Thank you for stopping by,


Simple Woman's Daybook for July 18, 2017

Here's where the Simple Woman's Daybook began.

For Today July 18, 2017

Looking out my window...It is dark now after a hot and muggy day here in Ohio. 

I am thinking... of all the things Tim has done around here while he's been off from work. 

I am thankful... that Tim has been able to do so much around here. It makes him feel good too.

One of my favorite things... is making cards and sending them to people in need that I don't know.

I am wearing... jeans and a sleeveless blouse. I am also wearing a favorite sparkly pair of earrings that I bought with my twin sister Anne.  Great memory.

I am creating... cards that look like quilt patterns. I am also making plaid card backgrounds.

I am watching... season 14 of NCIS. What is it about that show? 

I am reading... a book about joy and organizing your things.

I am listening to...a mix of Christian hits on youtube. I find that the radio stations that I listen to cut out often and it's a bother to keep reconnecting. I don't have that problem with Youtube.

In the garden... butterflies, hummingbirds, and hummingbird moths abound in the garden collecting goodness from the butterfly bushes, the bee balm, salvia and lavender.

I am hoping... to get some things done around here and swim tomorrow.

I am learning... that things are not as they seem. Families can come apart and will stay apart if they aren't tended to. Pride is a huge issue for some people. Being right is also a big issue. 

In the kitchen... the dishwasher is working to get us ready for another day. Chloe is playing with her cat toys.

A moment from my day... I hung clothes on the rod behind me and when I turned around Phoebe was getting settled in the dryer on top of the warm clothes. What a fun helper she is~

Here's my card for today's color challenge which was, garden green, cherry cobbler and white.  I made the plaid background then added the sentiment and image on top.

Verse of the Day:
Image result for James 3:18

Let Your Glory Fall by Kari Jobe. This is a new song for me, maybe for you too. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Blessing of the Day: We had a great reunion dinner with Maryanne and Chuck. We had a break in Bible study due to commitments they had. It was so good to catch up with them.

Tim is working on taking off part of the deck to expose the heater and filter systems. Now he won't have to duck under the deck to work on those two things.

Tim had a phone interview today. If it's God's will, he'll get a call.  We're both good either way. We know God is in control of this work situation.

Thanks for stopping by.

Birds, Butterflies and Clouds

We got a new suet holder to discourage the black birds from eating all of the suet. It is a feeder where the birds hang upside-down to eat or they have to climb the chain. Finally one figured it out. The second one on the side is looking like he's saying, "How the heck did you do that?" After a week they've found the feeder and are using lots of different ways to get to the food. It's fun to watch them.
Sarah stayed at our house to be with the cats when we went away for the weekend. She took a picture of this gorgeous butterfly at our white butterfly bush. It is a Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. This type of butterfly visits every year. I look forward to its arrival.  We have two butterfly bushes, two different kinds of bee balm, lavender and sage, to name a few plants growing in our garden.

One of today's challenges is to make your own plaid. Here's one of the cards I made for that challenge.
This is a double challenge. It is for the make a plaid challenge and make a clean and simple Christmas Card.

This is the card I made for the ways to use it challenge from last week. You had to use plaid on your card. I made some behind the bird and gave the bird some ribbon to hold.

Verse of the Day:
Image result for Isaiah 61:7

This band called, Unspoken has had lots of popular Christian hits. This is one of the newest from them. It's a fun song with a message.

Blessing of the Day: Tim and I worked together to get things done around here. He cut the lawn, I vacuumed inside and the back porch. I watered the plants and cleaned them up. I got my laundry done as well as towels for kitchen and bathroom.
We had some time to pull weeds in the whole yard. It felt good to get that done. That's the kind of thing I put off until I can't any longer  you know?

Thanks for stopping by.  If you pray, please pray for my brother in Florida. He's having a stress test Wednesday.



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