When it comes to looking after yourself, you might end up paying a lot of money for things such as your health insurance, medical bills and even healthy food. For things such as cosmetics, you might end up paying extra… Continue Reading »

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The Frugal Way to Look After Yourself

When it comes to looking after yourself, you might end up paying a lot of money for things such as your health insurance, medical bills and even healthy food. For things such as cosmetics, you might end up paying extra money that you didn’t intend to as well. Beauty does come at a cost, but when you’re living a frugal lifestyle and you’re trying to cut down on expenses, there are plenty of ways to save money and here are just a couple of examples.

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DIY Beauty


Did you know that many common household items and grocery store purchases can go a long way in beauty too? Things such as baking soda aren’t just great for making cakes, but can even act as exfoliants, help to keep your teeth shine and are even great at getting rid of hair products after a stressful day. If you’re trying your best to save money, then consider looking at some DIY beauty treatments instead of spending ludicrous amounts of money on expensive products.


Cutting Down Expenses


When you consider expenses such as your health insurance, it’s important to consider how much you’re actually paying. You can go online to compare health insurance costs and find something that’s more suitable for your needs. For instance, if you have great dental health and don’t find yourself visiting your dentist very often, then there are ways to reduce the amount you pay for dental care. This could save you a great deal of money if you’re living a frugal lifestyle, and it doesn’t take long to compare insurance costs. This would also be a great time to mention that insurance cost compare sites don’t just look at health insurance, but could even save you money on your home, car and other possessions.


Eating Healthy on a Budget


Getting your daily intake of healthy food doesn’t take much effort, and it’s actually cheaper than eating junk food in most cases. For instance, if you’re looking to get more vegetables in your diet, then simply switching some meats in your meals with vegetables can be a fantastic option. However, the trick is to prepare your own salads using raw vegetables instead of buying a pre-packaged salad. It’s cheaper, fresher if you get them from outdoor markets or fresh sections in your supermarket, and it’s better for you in the long run.


Budget Medication


While it seems strange to pay for “budget” medication, i.e. store brands instead of well-known brands, it’s sometimes a very effective way to cut costs. At the end of the day, painkillers contain the same ingredients as most well-known brands and you’re essentially paying extra money for the brand name. However, the one place this doesn’t work is with vitamins and minerals. If you’re taking supplements, cheap store brand alternatives might contain a lower amount of the nutrients and it will be worse for you in the long run. However, for all other medication, it’s usually fine to buy cheaper alternatives assuming they work for you.


Cheap Makeup Hacks You Need in Your Life

If there is one thing that all makeup tutorials seem to have in common, it is a long list of expensive beauty products you need to purchase at the end of it. Not everyone can afford to splash the cash on three different eye shadow palettes, as well as a liquid, gel and pencil liner, followed by two shades of lipstick, a lip liner, a lip gloss and then a lip sealer – and that is only the start of it! Instead of doing it the expensive way, take a look at these amazing and cheap makeup hacks.

Lipstick Eye Shadow Brush Cosmetics Rouge Make Up

Lipstick Eye Shadow Brush Cosmetics Rouge Make Up


Image Source



  • Make your own gel liner – Have you got your sights set on a fancy new gel liner? You don’t need to spend your hard-earned cash on a new one. Instead, take the pencil liner you have grown tired of, and hold it under any type of flame for one second. This can be a candle or a lighter, for example. Let the pencil cool down for 15 seconds, and it will have an amazing gel-like consistency for an intense smudge.
  • Don’t throw away your mascara – Has your mascara dried up? Don’t throw it away. Instead, make it moist again by adding a few drops of saline solution.


    • Use a spoon to create winged eyeliner – You don’t need a professional makeup artist to create the winged effect we all know and love. Instead, start your eyeliner off as you would if you were creating the cat-eye look, i.e. a bold black flick coming from the edge of your eye tilting upwards. Once you have done this, grab a spoon and place the rounded part against your eyelid. Move the spoon above the line you have already drawn, and then trace around the spoon to create the perfect winged effect. This is ideal for those who get a shaky hand when applying makeup, or can never seem to get both eyes the same.


  • Get more from liquid makeup – We are all guilty of wasting so much liquid makeup. Don’t throw away the pot as soon as you cannot reach your foundation any longer. Instead, cut the plastic pot and scoop the makeup out.
  • Avoid the big name brands – You are simply paying for the name, not the makeup. Instead, look for brands that may not have such a large following or a celebrity endorser, yet are instead advocated by professionals, such as Lorac makeup.
  • Make your own lip gloss – Finally, don’t throw away your old eyeshadow; use it to create a lip gloss instead. You can also use this if you have colours in your eyeshadow palette you don’t really like for your eyes but would love on your lips. All you need to do is crush the eye shadow until it has a powder consistency, and then mix with petroleum jelly to create a lip gloss.



So there you have it; some cheap beauty hacks that you can use to create the perfect look and get more from your makeup. For some DIY makeovers, such as teeth whitening and facelifts, check out this blog post.


Four Ways To Perfect Oral Health

A smile can say a thousand words, but if you are too embarrassed to show yours, you may be coming off as having the serious condition RBF (Resting Bitch Face). Unfortunately, that probably makes you lot a lot less approachable and makes you look a lot more mean than you actually are. But one way of sorting this to ensure that you have excellent oral hygiene. Then you won’t have to think twice about flashing that smile at everyone and anyone that comes your way. Read on to find out more.




Obviously, we all know what we should be brushing our teeth at least twice a day to keep them as healthy as possible. But do you know how to brush them properly? The chances are that you are so tired just before you go to bed at night, or so sleepy when you have just got up in the morning that you are not paying enough attention to this vital oral care job.




First of all, you need to make sure that you get all of the surfaces, so divide your mouth into four sections – right-hand top and bottom and left-hand top and bottom. Then spend at least 30 seconds on each section so you can be sure that the front, back and inside the tooth is properly cleaned each time.


To make it easier, you can download a timing app on your phone. Or you can even get an electronic toothbrushes now that buzz when your 30-second sections are up.




You do all of these other things to keep healthy, like run, rest and eat well, But do you floss? I mean actually floss every day, not just the week before you go to the dentist and the week after and then forget about it for another 6 months?


OK so it can be a bit of a gross experience especially when you get smelly little bits of old food come out. But just think how horrid it would be if they were still there in between your teeth!


Picture link


To make it slightly more pleasant why not use flavored floss? Or even treat yourself to an air flosser? Which is electronic device that pushes air and water through the gaps in your teeth.




Now, even if you are brushing twice daily and flossing, it’s still vital that you keep an eye on your oral health by performing regular self-checks. This can include looking at the back of the teeth as well as the front, for chips, plaque, and decay.


Although it’s not always easy to see the back of your own teeth so it can be useful to use an intraoral camera like the ones from prodentshop.com, or a lighted oral mirror.




Lastly, for good oral hygiene avoid refined sugar as much as possible. It sticks to the teeth, and feeds the bacteria that cause plaque and cavities. As well as making it harder to maintain fresh breath.


If you can’t avoid it completely, brush your teeth as soon as possible afterward, and carry some sugar-free gum as an interim measure.



DIY Makeovers: You Don’t Need A Beauty Therapist!


I love saving money on beauty treatments, and so I came up with an excellent idea recently. I arranged a night for me and my friends where we helped each other out. Between us, we had all the skills required to perform an great makeover. With that in mind, I wanted to release a post that highlighted some of the procedures you could perform using the DIY method. You can do them alone or recruit some friends like me. You are guaranteed to save a lot of money, and that’s always a bonus. Below, you will find some ideas you might like to try.

Facelifts and skin improvements

Many different products can help you to perform non-surgical facelifts these days. That’s great news as most people don’t like the idea of plastic surgery. In most instances, you just need to apply a solution and wait a few hours. It works in much the same way as a face mask. However, you’ll see better results than ever before. While it’s handy to have someone around to help out, you should have no trouble doing it alone. You can also buy a moisturizer that exhibits concealing properties these days too. That should assist you in hiding any scars or imperfections. Just search online for the best brands and read some reviews to ensure you don’t waste your money. Some products are better than others.

Teeth whitening

I used to pay a ridiculous amount of money to my beauty therapist for teeth whitening procedures. They never produced the type of results I would encounter when asking my dentist to perform the treatment. However, I discovered some excellent products on the market that create the same effect.

Check out http://Teethwhiteningathometips.com/best-teeth-whitening-kits if you haven’t done so already. There are lots of sites that review different brands in the hope of helping women in our situation. So, you just need to identify something that works for you. It’s a temporary measure, but it is guaranteed to improve your look. It should also help to increase your confidence levels.

Nails and hair

Nothing is better than arranging a hair and nails evening with the girls. Between you, you should have everything you need to create something stunning. So, ask everyone to bring their favorite products and tools. UV lamps are excellent for ensuring the polish dries quickly and looks fantastic. Check out https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/uv-lamp-for-nails if you need advice. Take it in turns to get each other a nail and hair makeover, then compare the results. If you got in the habit of doing that regularly, you could save thousands of dollars every single year. Of course, you’ll still want to visit the hairdresser when it’s time to get a cut. Still, when it comes to styling, there’s no reason you can’t take the DIY approach.

I hope that advice will encourage you to follow suit in the future. If nothing else, it will give you an excuse to spend more time with the special people in your life. You might even uncover some hidden beauty talents and techniques amongst your group. So, don’t delay. Give the girls a call today and arrange a pampering evening for everyone to enjoy.


Eyes Are The Keys To The Soul Sisters


Image Source


Spring gives you an ample amount of creativity to style up your eye makeup. There is so much that can be done that simply can’t quite be pulled off during the other seasons. This may be due to the abundance of colour that is sprouting up everywhere you look; blossoms, flowers and grass that have been in hibernation are all suddenly popping up to say hello, and as the sun starts to shine brighter (and for longer!), everything just appears so much more vivid. So what does this mean for your eyes? Well, that you can explore other colours on your eyeshadow palette and make them work for you!




If you have glasses, don’t think that this automatically excludes you from wearing eye makeup. There is so much more that can be seen beyond what you’re wearing on your face. If you want to go without and explore eye makeup more, look up the benefits of lasik eye surgery or speak to your optician about wearing contact lenses. There are ways and means of getting around it.  


Brown Eyes


The great thing about brown eyes is that they offer a warmth and a depth to whatever colour you are adding to them. The colours that most people with brown, or even hazel, eyes tend to go for are bronzes, coppers and golds – the nice, cosy hues which will just blend in nicely and make any outfit that you’ve got pop and sparkle just that little bit more. Keep thinking warm colours – reds, oranges and pinks all work amazingly well with brown eyes and offer that chance to add a little bit more colour into your daily outfit.


Blue Eyes


Those with blue eyes get to experiment a little bit more than those with brown. They don’t have to stick to warm hues – the cool colours suit those with blue eyes a lot more. So think blues, purples, silvers and whites for a striking look. Pair it with some winged eyeliner and you are good to go. If your eyes are a paler blue, you don’t want to wash them out completely; don’t overdo it on the harsher, more bold colours, but use a softer shade to accentuate the delicateness of the colour of your eye. Blue eye colours can range drastically from a deep, almost navy, blue to so pale that it looks almost grey. Experiment a bit and see what works best for you.


Green Eyes


If you have green eyes, you are part of only 2% of people in the world who share this feature in common. With these colour eyes, you can get away with pretty much any colour that are in the blue and brown categories. More natural shades look absolutely amazing with these; think teals (like the sea), greens (like a forest) and warm reds (like autumn leaves). As long as you can associate your colours with something from nature, you are pretty much onto a winner and are sure to rock whatever you do.



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