Image Source Want to stay looking youthful? Wrinkles can often be deterred through a number of lifestyle choices. Here are just a few ways that you can stop your skin from aging as rapidly. Hydrate yourself … Continue Reading »

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7 Ways To Ward Off Wrinkles


Old woman's hands with deep wrinkles and protruding veins tucked between her legs. She is wearing a bright green sports suit.

Old woman’s hands with deep wrinkles and protruding veins tucked between her legs. She is wearing a bright green sports suit.

Image Source


Want to stay looking youthful? Wrinkles can often be deterred through a number of lifestyle choices. Here are just a few ways that you can stop your skin from aging as rapidly.


Hydrate yourself


Wrinkles are largely caused by dry skin. When skin is moist, it is more stretchy and supple and wrinkles are less likely to develop. Drinking lots of water can keep the skin from going dry. You should be aiming to drink 8 cups of water a day and more when partaking in heavy exercise.




Our skin secretes an oil called sebum that also helps to prevent our skin getting dry. As we age, our ability to produce sebum is reduced. Applying moisturiser every day can act as a substitute for this lack of sebum. Start moisturising when you’re young and you’ll delay wrinkles even more so.


Image Source


Stay safe in the sun


UV rays from the sun may give us a nice temporary tan but are terrible for our skin in the long run. On top of drying out our skin and promoting wrinkles, too much sun exposure can cause conditions such as skin cancer to develop. Slapping on sun cream can help to limit the harm done by these UV rays. Sunglasses are also good for our skin – they prevent us from squinting which in turn prevents crow’s feet from forming on the corner of our eyes.  


Receive more retinol


Retinol is one of the best anti aging ingredients your body can get. It’s present in many foods such as fish, milk and other dairy products. You can also buy supplements and creams for your skin that are rich in retinol.

Cuisine Fish Food Salmon Healthy Lunch Avocado

Cuisine Fish Food Salmon Healthy Lunch Avocado

Image Source


Eat healthy fats


The emphasis here is on the word ‘healthy’ – fats in fast food are bad for your skin, making it too greasy and therefore prone to spots. Healthy fats are founds in foods such as almonds, avocado, walnuts and Brazil nuts, all of which can provide anti-oxidants to the skin. Omega-3 as found in fish is perhaps the greatest healthy fat, reducing inflammation in the skin, speeding up healing of scars and reducing spots and acne. This can all help preserve the skin’s youth.


Get more sleep


It’s when we’re asleep that our bodies find time to repair themselves. By not getting a good night’s kip, you could be stopping your skin from healing, causing it to age more quickly. A lack of sleep however can also result in puffy eyes, which can later turn into permanent bags. Trying to get seven hours sleep each night could ward off these unsightly wrinkles.


Pack in smoking


Smoking reduces blood flow to your skin. This stops oxygen and important nutrients from getting to your skin and so results in dryness, paleness and more susceptibility to wrinkles. By quitting smoking, you could save your complexion by allowing these nutrients to flow to the skin. Giving up smoking will also prevent yellowing of the skin caused by nicotine.



The Best Medicine? Slowing Down

There has probably never been a time in history where people are more rushed off their feet than now. The onset of the information age often feels a little more like the information overload age, and one of the many negative and destructive effects of this is that most people go about their lives in a hasty manner. While you might well find that this gets a lot of work done, it is also likely that you experience a lot more stress than is really necessary. This stress will only lead to a poorer condition of health; couple that with the fact that people find it harder than ever to find time to go to the doctor, and you have a real situation on your hands. So what can we do about this epidemic of rushed lives?


Image Source

Find The Time To Slow Down


For how inevitable the quick pace of life might seem, the truth is that you can always find ways to slow it down a little. Even if you work a hundred hour week, there is no reason you can’t take a little time out every week to improve your relationship to yourself. For those who are really keen on slowing down a little, learning a simple breathing meditation might be the best way to go. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and you don’t need to visualise anything. Just get into the habit of taking three deep and considered breaths throughout your day. You can do this at any time, along with anything else you might be doing, and it will dramatically improve how fast time seems to be going by.


Image Source

Still Get The Medical Help You Need


One major consequence of being rushed off your feet is that you will often feel as though you don’t have time to get the medical help you might need. But the truth is that, no matter what health issue you may have, you can be sure to still get the relevant medical treatment and attention necessary. You just need to look into what ways there might be around it. Firstly, you might be able to get help if you speak to a Dr online. Or you could try and take some time out of your working day to go and visit the doctor. Either of these are helpful, and you will be glad that you prioritised your health above getting more work done. No matter how busy you are, you still need to pay attention to your health.


Vacations Are A Medicine In Their Own Right


If you are mostly rushed around because of your work, then you might want to look into booking as much vacation as you can. In most jobs, you will have some kind of paid leave, and it only makes sense to make good use of that if you are serious about looking after yourself. You will find that taking a holiday every now and then helps you to recharge and re-energize, and it allows the build-up of daily stress to dissipate as well.


Image Source


Already a Healthy Person? Can You Get Even Healthier?

A lot of people are conscious about what they eat, how they take in certain foods and also what kind of supplements they take. Thanks to the internet, it’s become very easy to find things such as healthy alternatives to water, what they have to think about when switching to a vegan diet, and the types of exercises to do which will benefit certain lifestyles. With so much information that is backed by accurate research, it’s no wonder that everyone is getting more and more informed about how to live their lives.




People think they’re healthy, but are they?


Sadly, a lot of information gets filtered through the media and it ends up becoming false, fantasised or blown way out of proportion. Are you actually healthy? It’s hard to tell without having a doctor examine your body. For instance, someone can drink a lot of soy milk every day because they learned about the health benefits it has over regular dairy milk, but they’ll be shocked to find that it actually contains phytoestrogens, which is a chemical that has estrogen-like effects on your body. This could disrupt the hormonal balance in someone’s body and cause them to have various health issues.


The lesson to learn here is that everything has to be taken in moderation. Even water, something pure that can’t possibly be bad for us, can have damaging effects on the body if drunk in high amounts. This is known as water poisoning and happens if you drink too much water in a short time span. So since taking too many healthy things can have a negative effect on your body, what can we actually do to get even healthier?


Supplements designed for healthy people


There are some supplements, such as THE Rich Minerals lineup of 90 for life products, that are specifically designed for healthy people to further improve their immune systems and give them a good boost to their already good health. There are plenty of minerals and supplements that you can take that won’t do harm to your health, and despite what people say about taking too many supplements, there’s a small problem with that logic.


While it’s true that taking too many supplements can be harmful, the amount you need to take in order for your body to react in an adverse way is more than you’d think. In addition, the number of nutrients someone can take before it has a bad effect on their body depends on their body itself. Much like how different people take different amounts of protein to sustain their weight, you also need to take in a certain amount of nutrients in order to stay healthy, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a bit more vitamin C or D than someone else.


So how do you get healthier?


The answer isn’t something you’ll want to hear, but the truth is that you’re probably not as healthy as you think you are. There are ways to get even healthier and refine your body to a point that you have an immaculate immune system, but everyone’s body is different and there’s no such thing as being at the apex of your body’s health because it constantly changes. In short, keep exercising, taking supplements and eating healthily, and your body will thank you for it—don’t force it.


Securing Your Soundest Sleep



(Image Link)


Sleep is very important to a living creature. Without it, it’s very hard for an organism to complete the tasks it body needs to survive. Of course, you’re probably very accustomed the the feeling of no sleep, especially if you’re a parent. Being in this state can make life very hard. And, some people live with it on a daily basis, impacting everything they do. To avoid this, you need to be aiming for the best night’s sleep you possibly can. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the factors which can affect this, as well as some methods to fix them.


The time before bed is one of the most crucial to the sleep itself. A lot of people find that certain food and drinks make it harder for them to sleep. For example, loading up on coffee before you are trying to go to bed is a bad idea. Along with this, not being active enough or getting enough exercise can also make it harder to sleep. With this in mind, you should be aiming for as healthy a lifestyle as possible. Most of the different elements in your life will impact your rest. So, it’s worth considering them all and what can be done when you’re trying to improve this aspect of life.


Of course, a lot of environmental factors will also impact your sleep, though. If your bedroom is very prone to letting in outside noise, it could be worth looking for some ways to make it better at insulating sound. Double-glazed windows and insulation would be a good start, but you could also think about some earplugs, too. Along with this, having a room which is very light can be bad. Thick curtains will block out both light and sound, making them perfect additions to most rooms.


If you’re uncomfortable during the night, you will also find it hard to get to sleep. To solve this issue, it’s just a matter of getting a new mattress. The bed itself should be fine, enabling you to choose mattress after mattress until you find the perfect fit for your needs. As a budget option, you could also consider a mattress topper to do a similar job as a new mattress. This won’t be quite as good, but will still make a big improvement to any bed.


The bed itself isn’t the only part which will impact comfort, though. It’s very hard to get to sleep when you’re too hot or cold. Having bedding which is too thick or thin will produce these sorts of results, making sleeping into a challenge. When you’re choosing bedding for your home, you should use the guidelines the manufacturers give for the climates they’re designed for. This will ensure that you have the right balance of temperature and comfort in your sleep.


Hopefully, this post will give you all of the help you need when you’re trying to make your sleeping experience just a little bit better. The improvement that changes like these can make is huge. So, it’s worth putting all of the efforts you can into it, if you want to see the best results.


Turn Your Passion for Fashion into a Career

There are a lot of people out there who have a passion for fashion; because you clicked on this article, i’m guessing you do too. But have you ever thought about turning this passion of yours into a full-blown career? Have you ever considered changing career paths and pursuing the one that will bring you the most personal joy? If you haven’t, why not? Plenty of people turn their passion, no matter what it is, into a career — that’s how entrepreneurs are born! So, ditch the job that you hate, and hitch up with a stylish one that you’ll love. Read on to find out how to do so.


Image source


Get in a store at entry level


Getting into a clothes shop — whether it is a well-known retail chain, or a small charity shop — is vital. Of course, the latter would be easier as it would be a voluntary role, but the former would be better as you’d be getting paid. Whichever route you thrust yourself down, however, you must be willing to garner all the experience you can when it comes to different types of clothes and how to deal with them. It will also always give you the chance to make connections with other fashionistas — if you ask the right questions and put yourself in the right places. Most importantly, it will go down on your CV as experience. So, get looking online for jobs, or ask about in stores, and get yourself in there. Getting into a store, whatever store it is, is your way of getting your foot in the door.


Seek a more demanding position


Once you’ve take the entry level position by storm, and maybe even been promoted to management in your store, it’s time to start thinking bigger. It’s time to start thinking about moving out of your store and moving away from your humble position. It’s time to start thinking about sourcing jobs. It’s time to start thinking about designer roles. It’s time to start thinking about branding positions. It’s time to start thinking big. Fortunately, the big players in the world of fashion are always on the lookout for bright, young fashionistas like yourself who are ready to take the next step in their career. Belk are one such company, and there are a host of careers at Belk that are currently open to applications. The one that may be of most interest to you, if you’re seeking to be taught in the ways of management and employee leadership, is Sourcing Associate.


Don’t waste your free time


Throughout your whole venture of trying to make a name for yourself in the world of fashion you should be doing as much work outside of work as you are in it. Specifically, in this day and age you should be focusing your efforts on becoming a fashion blogger. By doing so you will be able to add something vital to your portfolio: an obvious passion for fashion. And when the big time fashion firms that you eventually work with see this, they’ll instantly be drawn to you.


So, go out there and get your foot in the door of fashion and then begin to start taking steps up its career ladder. Just remember, when it comes to every step you make you must exert a passion for fashion. This means being on trend at all times!



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