Shopbop is having an insane sale and I couldn't let it pass without posting about it. I have already stocked up on all my spring/summer favorites (Summer look: Rihanna Wild Thoughts music video) but I didn't break the website and… Continue Reading »

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Shopbop Sale

Shopbop is having an insane sale and I couldn’t let it pass without posting about it. I have already stocked up on all my spring/summer favorites (Summer look: Rihanna Wild Thoughts music video) but I didn’t break the website and there is still plenty to be had!

I defiitely cleaned my bank account out on a couple of the bags below

Happy shopping everyone – please share your purchases in the comments!


Think You’re Too Busy to Be Healthy? Think Again!

People all over the world use the same excuse for their unhealthy eating habits: they don’t have time. They also use the same excuse for a lack of exercise or failure to go to the gym. However, after reading this article and taking a look at some helpful tips that we can offer, you’ll find that it’s easier than you think to make some small and sustainable changes to your life that will make you healthier.

Source: Pexels


Watch your diet


It’s easy to just say “watch your diet”, so let’s elaborate on what this means. For starters, watch the foods you eat. Consider nutritional values and calorie counts so you can take a more scientific approach to your food. Don’t be afraid to look online for nutritional statistics and suggestions on what to eat in order to get enough macronutrients for a healthy body.


Consider supplements


Supplements can completely change the way you approach your diet. Fish oil, Tongkat Ali extract, multivitamins and even herbal supplements can give you plenty of assistance when it comes to getting a health and fitter body. While you shouldn’t use supplements as a replacement for actual food, they can definitely help to boost your immunity in addition to other important factors


Be more active


It doesn’t take exercise in order to lose weight or be more healthy. Plenty of people can maintain a healthy body without going to the gym–all it takes is being more active. This includes doing things like getting off public transport early and walking the rest of your commute, getting involved with house chores more often or even occasionally replacing your car with a bicycle.


Stop with the sugar


When it comes to eating habits, there’s nothing worse than loading up on sugar. You’ll be surprised at just how harmful sugar is and the benefits you can expect to see if you switch off it. You don’t need to consider alternatives if you don’t like the taste of sweeteners. All you need to do is reduce your sugar intake and you’ll find that you can become much healthier with just a small change in your diet.


Short bursts of exercise


Exercise is often seen as long, strenuous and tiring. Whether it’s cycling for an hour or running for 30 minutes, cardio can take up a huge part of your day. Thankfully, cardio isn’t the only form of exercise that you should care about. High-intensity interval training (HIIT for short) is a fantastic way for busy individuals to get the exercise they need in less than 15 minutes every other day. It’s focused on short bursts of intense training that help you build muscle, burn fat and improve your fitness.


The key is sustainable change


Making drastic changes to your life is difficult. Instead, it’s much better to make smaller changes so that you can actually stick with them instead of giving up after a week or two of sticking to your new goals.


Train To Win

If you’re training for a competition or event at the minute, then you need to be training to win. Even if you don’t want to win, as long as you’re training with the mindset of winning you’ll do better. It is all about the psychological factors that push you here. A desire to win pushes your training efforts further. There are so many different sporting events happening in the world, and most likely in your local area that you can get involved in. A lot of them are just for fun, a lot of them are competitive. Whichever one you’re attending, here’s how training with the mindset of winning, can actually help you win.

Image Credit




Training is made slightly easier by the end goal on your mind, but actually having the motivation to do it is so hard. If you’ve got a few months to prepare, then taking it slow is key. You don’t want to be pushing your body too hard and losing focus, or causing injury. So, for example, if you’re taking part in a running events, you need to start off by training two times a week, and doing a light jog. Just going straight into a sprint for half an hour is only going to put you off the whole process. This is of course, if you know your stamina is low. If you’ve already got a bit behind you, start by training three times a week doing a 30 minute jog. Over the course of a few weeks you’ll notice your stamina and endurance increase. This is when you can slowly increase the speed you’re running at, and the distance you’re doing. People think it is all about the exercise when training, but diet plays just as an important part. The cleaner you’re eating, the better your body is going to function. Fuel it with lean meats, fruits and veg, and the odd treat or two here and there and you’re onto a winner.



You might not have been nervous for it before, but as soon as you’re on the start line, and you can see so many people around you cheering, the nerves do begin to kick in. One of the main things you need to remember to do on the day is not push yourself. So many people get themselves hurt during sporting events due to not letting their bodies warm up first, or by going in too hard too soon. There will medical transport services on hand if anything does go wrong, but you should be looking to avoid this where possible. If it is a running race, the most common issue people come across is cramping in the legs. Make sure you’re doing a thorough warm up to begin with, coupled with a good round of stretches. Fueling your body with things like bananas beforehand should prevent cramping.




The most important thing you can do afterward is rest and relax. Your body will have been put under pressures that it wasn’t usually used to. A sports massage, a bit of binge eating, and a day or two in bed is exactly what your body is going to need.


Nail Your Office Chic With These Tips For a Polished Professional Style

Photo credit


When it comes to your career, they say you should dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have. And while professional habits may not be dictated by what you wear, perception remains an incredibly important tool when it comes to impressing senior figures. It may not get you all the way in, but it could just open the door. So how do you polish up your style to look sleek and professional? Turns out its all about paying attention to the details of your look that can elevate it into something polished;


Do The Modern Match


The days of matching your shoes and your bag are definitely over, but the modern way to show that polished finish is to match your shoes with your lipstick. This subtle trick can bring a jolt of colour to monochrome office wear and looks really modern and elegant, plus it gives you the opportunity to experiment with some bold new lip colours.


Try a Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit is the ultimate throw on and go piece for busy mornings, and a tailored style can look super smart when worn with heels and a blazer. The perfect piece to dress up or down, a simple black jumpsuit is a perfect foil to a brightly patterned statement jacket.


Take Care Of The Basics


A polished style often comes down to covering off the basics that too often get neglected when you’re busy. Shoes should always be clean and unscuffed, and clothes should be ironed and free of dust and hairs – keep a lint roller in your desk drawer. Make sure you keep on top of cut and colour appointments to keep your hair looking neat and free from flyaways. Get a stunning smile with orthodontics and use it to full effect when you meet people. And schedule in a regular manicure to keep your nails neat, short and professional – save the nail art for weekends and stick with a nude or a dark red shade.


Choose Your Bag With Care


The ideal work back is a roomy tote in a neutral colour that can hold all of your essentials for the day without them spilling over the sides. Keeping your bag neat is one of those little, almost subconscious things that can signal to others that you have your life together. Use a handbag organiser to keep your possessions organised and easy to grab and remember to include an emergency kit with a safety pin, spare tights, a stain removing pen and other items to help out in the event of a wardrobe malfunction!


Tone Down The Accessories


Coco Chanel once said “Elegance is refusal” and certainly when it comes to maintaining a professional appearance, less is more. Be restrained when it comes to your choice of accessories – a simple, elegant watch or a small necklace is a far better choice than anything too flashy or distracting, such as bangles that make lots of noise when you move. The same goes for your perfume – people shouldn’t be able to smell you coming. Keep your fragrance low key so that people only get a hint of it if they come into close personal orbit.



Everyday Ways You Are Ruining Your Skin


Looking in the mirror in the morning, you probably sigh every time you notice bags under your eyes or extra lines around your face. You probably resign yourself to the fact that the ageing process has begun, unaware that it’s you who is causing damage to your skin – some of the time anyway. From bad habits we take part in, knowingly or otherwise, we can all affect the way we look on a daily basis. We will list some of them here, so take heed. Mother Nature may not be to blame after all!


Drinking too much coffee



Yes, we know you need your caffeine pick me up first thing in the morning, and probably throughout the day too, when your energy flags, but drink too much and your skin will dry out, causing wrinkles. Mix up your drinks during the day, avoiding anything with caffeine in it. Natural fruit juices or water is infinitely better for your energy levels, leaving your skin hydrated, and warding off wrinkles.


Not removing your makeup


Late nights aren’t good for your skin – hello baggy eyes – and neither is leaving your makeup on because you are too tired to clean it off. Not only will you stain your pillows with all the colours of the rainbow, but you are playing havoc with your skin too. The leftover makeup will clog up your pores, and you are going to wake up with a face looking worse than last night’s pizza. Which leads us to the next point…


Popping your zits


So, your face has come out in zits, probably thanks to the makeup issue we have just mentioned – although there are other, more surprising reasons. Your natural instinct is to pop them, but this can be a mistake, especially if you haven’t washed your hands first. You are only spreading the bacteria, leading to a fresh outbreak of zits, so your better option is to use special spot cream from your local pharmacy, or at least wash your hands thoroughly before squeezing those zits, and giving your face a good scrub afterwards.


Spending too long in the shower


We aren’t saying don’t get in the shower – not only will you smell if you don’t, but you won’t be doing your skin any favours, either. On the other hand, you shouldn’t spend too long in there, no matter how relaxing it can be. The heat will dehydrate your skin and will leave it looking red and blotchy. If you don’t want to look like a lobster when you go to work, limit your time in the shower in the morning, or turn the temperature down, at least.


Spending too long in the sun



Sun worshippers beware! Too much time in the sun can be bad for your skin, and can seriously affect your health. Not only can it cause sunburn, but it can also lead to skin cancer. To protect yourself, you should lather yourself in sun cream, and spend as much time in the shelter as you can. It’s important to know the warning signs too, such as darkened moles, so make sure you see your doctor for a mole check, etc. if you have any worries.


Squinting and frowning


To be honest, if you are squinting all the time, you probably do need to see your optician and get yourself some glasses or contact lens. And if you’re frowning a lot, it may be time to cheer yourself up a little bit. Both squinting and frowning will add to the lines on your face, so turn that frown upside down before you have to squint at further lines in the mirror.


Not washing your pillowcases


And you thought sleep was supposed to be good for your skin! As well as the dangers of unwashed makeup, you should also clean your pillowcases regularly. As well as the mascara stains, there is also bacteria from the dead skin you leave behind on your pillow. Again, this will lead to acne on your face. So wash your pillowcases regularly, preferably in bleach, and do the same for the rest of your bedding. Bed bugs do bite, after all!


Succumbing to stress


We all get stressed in life, but you do need to find ways to combat it. Not only will stress affect your emotional and mental health, but it can also affect you physically, especially on your skin. Rashes and eczema are common when stressed, as well as increased wrinkle lines and other blemishes. While you can’t permanently eliminate stress from your life, you can reduce the problem, such as taking time out to relax, with activities such as yoga and walking.


Exfoliating a little too much


Okay, so exfoliating is good for your skin, as it clears your pores from bacteria and those pesky free radicals. So, while you should exfoliate occasionally, you don’t want to overdo it. Exfoliate too much and you will dry out your skin, cleaning it of the natural oils your skin needs to stay supple. You can also leave friction marks on your skin through excessive scrubbing. Unless you have extremely oily skin (exfoliate daily), experts say you should exfoliate around 2-3 times a week.


Using your phone



Think about it. How many times in a day do you touch your phone and hold it up to your face? As wonderful as these devices are, they are going to get covered in bacteria. Every time you touch your phone, or let somebody else hold it to see your latest snaps, you are going to spread germs from your hands to your face and jawlines. While you don’t need to wear gloves 24/7 to counter the issue, you should at least carry some antibacterial wipes around with you, giving your phone the occasional clean throughout the day.


Final thoughts


Skin care is important, for health and aesthetic reasons. After reading the habits we have listed above, you may have found the answer to why your skin doesn’t always look it’s best. While clearing up the questions you may have had, following our advice will clear your skin up, too. Still, you should always speak to your doctor or dermatologist  if you have any specific concerns. It’s better to be safe than sorry.



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