It isn’t often that I read a book where the author provides such a personal and honest account of their experience. Coming to the realization that a business isn’t going to succeed is difficult, and emotionally charged. The Bankruptcy Alternative ...



Book Review: The Bankruptcy Alternative by Bruce Bowler and more

Book Review: The Bankruptcy Alternative by Bruce Bowler

It isn’t often that I read a book where the author provides such a personal and honest account of their experience. Coming to the realization that a business isn’t going to succeed is difficult, and emotionally charged.

The Bankruptcy Alternative provides the reader with an honest, unvarnished look at the circumstances of Bruce’s business demise, as well as how he was able to close his business his way.

We all know that entrepreneurship is challenging. Sometimes people enter into business with the best of intentions only to discover they are unable to succeed. This can be due to internal or external factors. While the reason isn’t as important as the decision and implementation process, Bruce provides the reader with a cautionary tale.

I think this book offers a number of valuable lessons for any business owner, even the successful ones. The details of Bruce’s self managed liquidation are deep. While you may not be interested in the more finite details of the financial arrangements and negotiations, some readers will find ideas for how they can handle their own loan, lease, or contract negotiations.

Lastly, I applaud Bruce for sharing his story. It is apparent that those years were difficult and challenging. Putting the experience in writing offers the reader an alternative roadmap they can follow if they find themselves in the same situation. It's also a good read for anyone interested in business. This really is a good news, survival story.

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Cyber Phishing Warning From Steve Giordano of TeamLogic IT

Steve Giordano with TeamLogic IT shares the following:

Cyber criminals are using a Docu Sign scam in a phishing email. This is what we are now seeing

  • A business associate of yours has their email hacked and the hacker gets the
    associates contact list and perhaps sees correspondence with you and/or your company
  • You receive an email from the person that was hacked, stating they have sent you documents using Docu Sign.
  • There is a link for you to click and register with Docu Sign so you can retrieve and sign the documents
  • The link takes you to a new page where you are asked to provide information including your email address and password
  • If you provide the information, the hacker now has your info and has access to your email and perhaps other applications.

Things to look for
  • The email may be from a trusted source but were you expecting the email ?
  • Does the senders name match the senders true email address?
  • Place your mouse of the link but do not click on the click. When you do this, the URL should then be visible in a small pop up window. In the situation I reference, the URL of the link was the following -^$%&^*#^#$^&*^&(@*@#&@^(&#^*&@#^#^
  • In this case, does not exist and the URL is suspect

Be cautious if you receive any emails regarding Docu Sign.

    * * * * 

    I am grateful to Steve for continuing to share potential dangers with us. If you have any concerns around cyber security, please reach out to Steve. He's a valuable resource for any business.


    Buyers Vs. Users

    When it comes to sales there are users and buyers. Sometimes they are the same and sometimes the buyer is not the user. An example of this is a parent buying something for their child. While the user has an interest in gaining value from the product or service, the buyer has their own set of criteria. The salesperson has to understand, and speak to both.

    One question to ask is this – is there a way to make this buyer a user as well. It can be done. A recent example is Chuck E. Cheese's. They took a look at the buyer experience and asked if there were things they could offer to the buyer that would increase the value of their product. They now offer services that speak directly to the buyer – effectively making them a user group.

    So, now they have two users they can message to, thereby bridging the gap between their buyer and their user. They figured out a way to be of value to both groups.

    This example shows the value in looking at your client base through a different lens. Identify who your buyer is, and who your user is. If they are not the same, explore whether there are things you can add to your offering that would be valuable to your buyer. Can you make them a user?

    This exercise can produce a new target market for your business. And it is something that is often overlooked. It takes curiosity and openness. One of the dangers of business is tunnel vision. We get so focused on what we already know about our target audience(s) that we can overlook something that is right in front of us.

    Consider the Chuck E. Cheese's expansion model. Review your clients, your offerings, and options for growth. You may just find you have a whole new road you can go down.

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    What's Your Leadership Gap?

    Seems like we are seeing all kinds of leadership challenges these days. From the airlines to telecommunication companies to government, we see stories daily where leaders are challenged to make good decisions. 

    Lolly Daskal has taken this issue on in her new book, The Leadership Gap, What Gets Between You And Your Greatness. Publishing in mid-May 2017, this is a wonderful deep dive into 7 leadership archetypes and their accompanying gap. 

    According to Daskal, at any given time we can experience any of the archetypes. And, we can find ourselves in the gap instead. Owning the realities of leadership gaps and learning how to overcome them can have a major impact on how effective you can be as a leader.

    I think this book is ideal for everyone seeking to be the best leader they can be - in any aspect of their life, business, and career. 

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