Seems like we are seeing all kinds of leadership challenges these days. From the airlines to telecommunication companies to government, we see stories daily where leaders are challenged to make good decisions. Lolly Daskal has taken this issue on in her ...



What's Your Leadership Gap? and more

What's Your Leadership Gap?

Seems like we are seeing all kinds of leadership challenges these days. From the airlines to telecommunication companies to government, we see stories daily where leaders are challenged to make good decisions. 

Lolly Daskal has taken this issue on in her new book, The Leadership Gap, What Gets Between You And Your Greatness. Publishing in mid-May 2017, this is a wonderful deep dive into 7 leadership archetypes and their accompanying gap. 

According to Daskal, at any given time we can experience any of the archetypes. And, we can find ourselves in the gap instead. Owning the realities of leadership gaps and learning how to overcome them can have a major impact on how effective you can be as a leader.

I think this book is ideal for everyone seeking to be the best leader they can be - in any aspect of their life, business, and career. 

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Eliminate Groundhog Day In Your Business

Do you sometimes feel like you are experiencing Groundhog day every day? That no matter what you do you realize the same result? This happens to a lot of small business owners. We get so heads down and in the weeds that we can't see the cycle we're in.

There is real value in taking a step out to analyze what's working and what isn't. If you are going through the same old steps day in and day out, that's a signal to change things up.

If your business development efforts are stalled, get out and join an organization or structured networking group. If your systems are a mess, pick one and tighten it up. Got too much to do? Hire, or enlist the services of a company that can do the things you need but shouldn't be doing yourself.

The one thing that is certain is that it is your responsibility to take a critical look at how you are operating your business. And if you're feeling stuck in a loop, change things. The great thing is you can do this at any time. 

If you are wondering what organizations and groups are out there try googling it. If you are in Northeast Ohio, visit and check out the list of networking events on the left side of the page. No matter what city you live in there are opportuntiies to connect.

So, as we experience Groundhog day and discover whether there will be 6 more weeks, or a month and a half, of winter do yourself a favor and make a new decision!

An Interesting Take On Business Growth Strategies

The folks at Eccountability have written an awesome post about the importance of self reflection. And it's more than that. It's really about identifying what matters, what you are doing, how they coincide (or don't) and what to do about it.

Read the post here and make sure to go through the process they outline. This is the kind of thing that can be done at any time in your business. So, as you move along and distractions creep in, take a step back, take stock, and adjust for the good of your business.


Customer Service Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

When you think of customer service do you think of how cheerful the receptionist is? Do you think about how your customer service department handles calls and contacts from customers? There is a basic understanding of what good, and not so good, customer service looks like.

And yet, there are times when customer service shows up in unexpected, and impactful ways. A little while back I decided to stay overnight in the hotel where I would be speaking the next morning. My goal was to avoid driving an hour or so very early in the morning. So, my expectation was that I would have a usual hotel experience. I was pleasantly surprised.

When I checked in the attendant told me that he gave me a room on the side of the hotel away from the highway. And he put the room halfway down the hall so it wouldn’t be near the elevators. I didn’t ask for any special treatment. And the desk clerk didn’t know that I was speaking there the next morning. He was simply looking out for my well-being. He wanted me to have the best experience in his hotel. And I did!

This was so nice that it made my whole experience better. I so enjoyed my stay at that hotel that I am staying there again!

The same night I went to Chick-fil-A to get dinner. The drive through line was really long so I decided to go inside to order. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw a keyboard player playing lovely music. The restaurant was packed. No kidding! How great to be able to eat dinner in a ‘fast food’ restaurant that had a fabulous atmosphere.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? I was blown away. The owner of that restaurant understood something really important – that providing an exceptional experience makes a huge difference.

Now ask yourself how much these things cost those establishments. Nothing! Or very little. And the return on investment is huge. They are receiving far more than whatever it cost.

That is what customer service is all about. Think about your customers. Think about what can make a difference for them. Then do it. It’s not an expensive venture. It’s about the experience. It’s about caring – about them.

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